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    4.5 stars Mark told me I was good, and that any family would be lucky to have me as their son Some lies you want to believe so badly you can taste them Even if it was only you that knew it was a lie Mark meant it, but I knew better This review was very hard for me to write, because this story embodies everything I normally avoid in romance the focus is not only on the MCs, it is told from multiple POVs although the main narrator is Robbie , and there is child sexual abuse.BUT, this is T.A.Webb s come back, and I just can t stay away from his writing Plus, Second Chances is one of my favorite books, sohere I am.This is Robbie s journey to healing and self acceptance I will not spoil any plot points for you But know, here be monsters.This is not your typical romance First and foremost, this story is about family The family of Robbie s heart The one that chose him, after his own people let him down The things that Robbie had to endure as a kid.I knew from Second Chances that is was bad, but it was actually far worse than I thought You stick around long enough, this whole fucking world will surprise you He nodded So plan to stay Please For you I nodded For me Second, this story is about healing Not the one that happens magically and off page, no This is done the hard and real way Right when you think that the characters are getting a hang of things, there will be a relapse People screw up Robbie REALLY screwed up, but he s young and how can I blame him after all he s been through And Jason REALLY screwed up, I don t have any excuses for him other than he s young too and hasn t been through Robbie s hell.The whole Jennings clan is back This is probably my favorite book family ever Still messy, boisterous and unpretentious They always have your back, no matter how bad you screwed up And they never censor sex talk in their house This story is about them too It takes courage to love somebody Giving your heart to someone means they can stomp it in the dirt and there s nothing you can do about it It means pain, and it means hurting, and it means no control But it also means joy and love and being cherished No risk, no reward So, I have no way to explain why this book worked so well for me and I don t care Could be the author s ability to gut punch me with emotions Or that, despite the darkness, it felt so warm and familiar Or that it just feltbigger than romance, you know And let me tell you that I m a proud romance reader, and I value this genre a great deal And don t go thinking that the ending is not happy, because it really is It is a strong HEA, all rainbows and sunshine and hope But why, WHY did it have to get so ugly to get there, you ask Well, like the author s note says life is like that sometimes Review cross posted on Gay Book Reviews

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    I have to admit I ve been putting off writing this review Why Well, for two reasons 1 I love TA Webb2 3 3.5 Star reviews are the HARDEST to write You can t only focus on the positive, and instead, have to explain why it wasn t a 5 Star read I hate that TA Webb s Second Chances and Let s Hear It For The Boy are among my favorite books, and Full Circle follow up to Second Chances is a book I ve been waiting on for a few years I was ecstatic when I saw it was being released We were finally getting Robbie s story whom we met in book 1 I was beyond ready to hear his voice While it wasn t a complete hit for me, there were some things that I enjoyed 1 Robbie I loved him in book 1 and loved him even here He was kind and gentle despite all the ugliness life had dealt him 2 It was also fun seeing The Jennings Gang 3 And the book did have a lovely ending.4 I also give the story kudos for making me cry But two things didn t work for me 1 I really, really, really, really wanted the story to begin from the moment that Robbie and Jason first met We knew that they d had this immediate connection and I wanted to be a part of that moment I wanted to see their friendship and feelings for each other grow 2 Jason I understood that he was confused, but he needed to back off from Robbie and stop hurting him He knew everything that Robbie had been through in his life, so I found his actions infuriating Part of it is probably that I felt protective of Robbie I don t know.As far as this being book 2 can it be read as a standalone I don t think so For best enjoyment, I think Second Chances should be read first All in all, I m giving this one 3.5 Stars In the end, I did enjoy it, and I would recommend it to fans of the author and the series I think I just wanted something a little different.

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    Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsIf you haven t read Second Chances, stop what you re doing and go read it right now Seriously I ll be here While this technically could be read as a standalone story, it would work much better if it s read after Second Chances as the whole cast is back and because Second Chances is just so good Full Circle takes place during the approximately year long gap between the last chapter and Epilogue of Second Chances and is Robbie s story If you don t remember, Robbie is the teen that was fostered and subsequently adopted by Mark s father While the focus is on Robbie s story the entire boisterous Jennings clan is back as are Antonio and his son Jason Second Chances is a favorite of mine I ve re read it and it never fails to bring me to tears Full Circle has of a New Adult feel to it as Robbie and Jason are the main couple It s a bit darker as the majority of the story is told from Robbie s POV Robbie s life before Hope House and meeting Mark was truly horrible and the details of that past are presented here for the first time when Robbie receives a letter from his father Robbie is struggling with revealing that part of his life and his father s current demands to his family, fearing that doing so will make them see him in a different, lesser light He is also settling into his relationship with Jason and fears what his past would do to any possible future for them as a couple When things go from bad to worse Robbie also has to deal with the aftermath of his present day impulsive decisions and the new scars they leave.I knew from the first book that Robbie s life was traumatic, but the true horror of what he went through is brought front and center here Just when everything seemed to be going good with him and Jason and with life in general, his past comes back in the form of contact from his imprisoned father and his decision to visit the man Robbie has his ups and downs after that, trying to remember that the family he has now will help him if he is honest with them and that Jason loves him When he is finally honest with his family, they rally and things seem to be handled until one day of even bad news Three strikes on one day break the fragile balance and make it impossible for him to cope and Robbie succumbs to old behaviors throwing the Jennings and Roberto clans into turmoil.Robbie s relationship with Jason is another cause of stress Robbie has loved Jason since they met Their relationship has evolved as they ve grown and while Robbie knows he is gay and is in love with Jason, it s not as cut and dried for Jason Jason isn t gay and has had an on and off relationship with Amy for years While he is honest with Robbie that he has feelings towards both of them, he isn t willing to commit to either of them until he is certain of his feelings This is a source of stress for Robbie even after it seems Jason has come to a decision and chosen him Jason is young, in his first year of college, and doesn t always make good decisions When that happens Robbie s first instinct is that Jason is rejecting him and he tends to act first and ask questions later There is always love there, but just like any other young couple, these two have to learn how to communicate.The story isn t all dark How could it be with the foul mouthed, wise cracking, sex obsessed Jennings family playing a huge part in it The story is broken into two parts and in between there is an Interlude where we get into the minds of not only Mark, but some of his siblings and his father I loved the way Tom Webb used this part of the story to shed some new light on the least likable Jennings siblings Knowing that Mark, Antonio, Jason, Patty and Dad always will be there is one thing, but Robbie finds an unexpected ally in the family who is a catalyst in Robbie learning to love himself and truly start healing from all the abuse that was inflicted upon him There is also the growth of the relationship between Robbie and Jason from friends, to friends with a little , to lovers who were meant to be.Tom Webb s stories always bring out strong emotions and mange to jerk the tears and this is another one where you ll really feel right there in the midst of it all with the characters Whether it s Robbie and Jason s coming of age tale, Antonio and Mark s continued devotion to each other or the overall love of this great big family, you will relate to something in this story There is plenty of angst and drama, but there is also so much unconditional love and acceptance and a feeling of family that shines the strongest in those quiet moments between Robbie and Dad or in the back and forth snarking and loving bickering between Robbie, Mark and Patty This was a follow up that was definitely worth the wait.

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    Full Circle is the sequel to Second Chances and it wraps the story of the Jennings family up perfectly In an introduction, Tom Webb says that this is a darker novel than the first one, but here s the thing about that you have to have the darkness to appreciate the light.Robbie s childhood has been a horror story His father raped him and then sold him to a man to cover his drug habit That man abused Robbie horribly and shared him with others to do the same Robbie was saved from a life on the streets by the man he now calls Dad, and who is his true father in the correct sense of the word Now that he has a family and his birth father and the other man who sexually abused Robbie are in prison everything should be OK, right Not so much Even from inside prison these evil men are terrifying Robbie with threats against the people he loves.Jason has loved Robbie since he was 12 years old, first as friends, later as lovers Their story has had its ups and downs but eventually they find a way to make things right for each other, if Jason can stop making poor choices that hurt Robbie and Robbie can learn to talk out their differences.There is a large cast of characters who fill out the book, and all are well developed as only Mr Webb can do There is plenty of angst, action, and drama, but this is at its core a character driven story.The ending of this beautiful book will make you weep, I guarantee Even so, it is very satisfying and a true HEA I recommend this series and this book to anyone who loves romance and family that pulls together to protect each other.

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    OMG I can t believe I will read this in my immediate future 4,5 stars rounded upI have to admit I was super excited to read Full Circle by T.A Webb Second Chances, the first book in the series, is one of my all time favorite MM stories I lost the count how many times I read it, and cried, and been happy with Mark I fell in love with Antonio and hurt so much with Brian I connected with all the amazing characters the author let me met.Four years later I finally have Full Circle on my hands, you can imagine my joy but at the same time I was a little anxious Will Robbie s story be good as Second Chances The book starts in the 2010 when Robbie is been adopted by Mark s dad and he is now officially a Jenning Finally he has found someone who truly wants him, he is deeply and forceful wanted by a great family who request nothing in change The Jennings gave Robbie the love of a family, the protection of a home he never had And then there s Jason.Robbie has been in love with Jason, Antonio s son, since the first time they met when Robbie was only 14 years old and has joined Mark and Brian during a picnic Robbie is still feeling dirty and bad from when he was a whore and a drug addict, but he is working on himself and his relationship with the young Jason seems to start going somewhere, when Robbie s biological father, the one who did unspeakable things and is now in prison, began to threaten him and his sister.Full Circle is a choral story The second characters are a lot and have huge roles, important as the MCs ones It is darker than Second Chances as I was expecting it to be since from that little we learnt in book one, Robbie life hasn t been easy and light at all.I ll be honest and say I m not sure if Full Circle is good as the first one but the author still managed to make me weep than once, and the ending was very very good.There is a central part where things happen and we got everyone POV and the Jennings are a lot It can sound confusing, instead I want to thank the author for them, in that moment I m not sure I could have taken Robbie s POV, it would have been too much for me Plus it was a great chance to know better these awesome characters, some than others, and to love them a little .The only reason I m not giving Full Circle the full 5 stars is Jason, I couldn t fully connect with him, maybe because his character was overwhelmed by others, maybe I felt him to be too young and not so mature as Robbie.Anyway I want to highly recommend this series, but don t jump now into Full Circle if you haven t read Second Chances yet, you would miss too much to really enjoy the story and the people who made it great.The cover art by Author.Services is not exactly what I was expecting but of course it he is stunning.

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    Wow What a marvelous, incredibly worthy sequel to Second Chances I ve not yet met a T.A Webb story that I didn t enjoy, but book one was a favorite and I think this surpassed it I was a bit concerned I d be too weepy reading this and while I did cry, I also laughed loudly at the snark and banter and sighed deeply over cute and affectionate This is Robbie s story and it picks up after the last chapter of Mark and Antonio s story Robbie and Jason are just moving forward from friends to It s a heartwarming journey, those first steps to love but we also learn of Robbie s heartbreaking past That was tough to read but Robbie s road to adulthood also becomes strewn with hazards and he loses his way for a while Throughout it all though, is the Jennings family Mark and Robbie s blunt and caring Dad, and even the majority of the siblings Tom gives a voice and a POV, to most of the other family characters that we met before Many have evolved a great deal since book one and Mark and Robbie have support than they knew Patty is still the star, now able to taunt Robbie as well as Mark about her husband Ray s hot ass You need to read it just to hear Mark again and his filthy, unfiltered mouth Robbie s been a quick study too You could almost feel sorry for Antonio and Jason if they didn t keep up I like to think that Mark is at least somewhat of a self portrayal of T.A Obviously I adore the book and the characters T.A Webb has made this book even richer and deeply touching than the first READ THESE BOOKS, You won t regret it at all Love stories you ll never forget.

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    I jumped from Second Chances right to this one I was anxious to learn about Robbie and his past I can t believe all the things he went through Just when Robbie thinks his life is finally coming together, he gets hit with multiple issues that cause him to snap.These characters grew on me from all of Mark and Robbie s siblings to Antonio and Jason Mark s dad was so full of wisdom and was the glue that seemed to hold everyone together I could ve read another hundred pages about Robbie and Jason Loved the ending 4.5 stars

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    Voici un second tome encore riche en motion, mais qui pour ma part est tout de m me en de du premier opus Il m a manqu certaines petites choses pour vraiment tre combl e Attention lecteur, si tu n as pas lu le tome 1, je te conseille de ne pas lire mon avis, car tu risques d tre quelque peu spoli , ce qui serait dommage si tu as l envie de d couvrir cette duologie Si j ai t intens ment touch e par Robbie, ressenti tout un tumulte d motions vis vis de son pass , mais aussi vis vis du mal qu il prouve reprendre pied, du manque d assurance en lui , du mal qu il a s accepter difficile de s aimer et de se sentir int gre quand le pass nous envoi une image de nous bafou e, sale, humiliante et accepter l amour et l attachement des autres, je trouve que l auteur jou un peu avec la facilit D j , parce qu il fait avec ce second opus un retour en arri re par rapport au tome 1, de ce fait, on sait d avance que Robbie et Jason finissent heureux et ensemble M me si l pilogue va un peu plus loin dans l histoire par rapport au tome 1 et quelle belle touche finale , j attendais de cet opus qu il se d roule apr s l pilogue du premier volet, afin de d couvrir leur vie deux apr s leur union Pass e cette surprise un peu am re, je me suis dit pas grave , je vais d couvrir les preuves qu a v cue Robbie jusqu cette union et m me l l auteur a encore jou avec la facilit , car quand tout devient tragique, intense, dur, que Robbie replonge au c ur de son enfer encadr par les d mons qui le tenaillent encore tr s fort malgr l amour de sa nouvelle famille, l auteur emploi un subterfuge en faisant intervenir comme narrateur certains membres de son clan, afin de ne pas rentrer au c ur du sujet qu est la descente aux enfers de Robbie Alors oui, c est appr ciable d avoir leurs avis, car on se rend enfin compte de tout l attachement qu ils ont pour ce dernier, on ressent intens ment l amour qui transcende dans cette famille c est beau, c est touchant et mouvant Mais j aurais voulu vivre avec Robbie et ressentir ses motions, ses doutes, ses peurs, ses douleurs et ce, l instant T, au m me temps que lui Malgr ces petits points qui sont venus entacher mon d sir et mes attentes, j ai tout de m me pass un excellent moment de lecture j ai v cu de belles motions, j ai t touch e par les preuves que doivent surmonter les membres du clan Jennings , et comme avec le premier tome, j ai vers quelques larmes Kleenex va faire fortune avec moi p Vu les sujets trait s, il est impossible de rester insensible et de ne pas tre touch en plein c ur Et c est un r el plaisir de retrouver Mark, Antonio, William Ces hommes de caract re avec des c urs normes J adore la plume de TA Webb, il sait la perfection jouer entre drame et humour quand tout devient trop fort, trop poignant, il pars me toujours de ci de l , une petite touche d humour afin d all ger l intensit du r cit Il sait nous faire aimer ses divers protagonistes, ou personnages secondaires, m me ceux envers lesquels nous pourrions tre r fractaires Avec cette duologie, il nous offre une dose d amour intense, puissant, et d montre que la famille celle du sang et du c ur est un pilier solide pour se reconstruire, pour accepter nos failles et notre douloureux pass , et qu on aura en son sein, toujours le soutien qui nous sera n cessaire en cas de doute.

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    Tom Webb, you ve done it again happy dancing here how I ve missed you and your stories 3 Reading one of Tom s stories is almost a rite of passage for us M M readers, and I m dead chuffed to say I ve read nearly everything he s ever written so yes, waiting a little longer than usual to read the sequel to Second Chances was a pain in the arse and sucked donkey balls but nothing comes before Tom s health and well being anyway The wait Totally worth it 4.5 stars rounded up.You cannot possibly read this sequel without having read the first story, Second Chances, which was Mark s story, and I suppose in a way, this was also a second chance storya second chance for Robbie, Mark s adopted brother, to live the life he chose and deserved instead of thinking of himself as a druggie, a whore and worthless The whole of the Jennings clan appeared in this storyeven characters that I didn t particularly like in book 1, but boy, have they grown up as adults and mellowed since Mark and Antonio s story thank goodness The sisters that breathed religious fire and brimstone on Mark s arse have toned down their hatred of all things gay, and have grudgingly accepted Robbie into their family with a good telling off from Dad for their non Christian attitudes , and Robbie Well, life is sweet for him and things are going well with Jason, his boyfriend , until things start unravelling when his hated father contacts him from jail No, I refuse to call that sperm donor Robbie s father again, it s a insult to Dad Jennings, so we ll just name him SD.the SD who sold Robbie to his drug dealer at the age of 10, and then took part in raping his son and threatened to force Robbie s younger sister Angela down the same route unless he did what they told him Oh yeah, what s that saying Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.enjoy your comeuppance boysLots of things get in the way of Robbie and his right to true happiness, but get true happiness he eventually doesalthough at some personal cost I adored being wrapped up in the warmth of the Jennings clan again, feeling the love oh, and I suppose I should include the Roberto s here tooMark and Antonio and Jason Antonio s son and Robbie Well, they made one particular Christmas extra special for everyone Many thanks Tom

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    Robbie Jennings childhood was a nightmare of abuse and neglect Now, he has a chance at a good life with his adopted family, and a boyfriend he dearly loves Funny thing about life, it always throws a wrench in the works when things are going well This is a beautiful, warm, complex story about that multifaceted thing called love The reader is maneuvered through the fears, the disillusionment, and the triumphs that Robbie endures to achieve his understanding of what love and family really mean This story is an ultimate tribute to what love can be and should be.

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Full Circle download Full Circle, read online Full Circle, kindle ebook Full Circle, Full Circle c50bc3bec91d The Funny Thing About Circles Is That, To Draw One, The Curve Must Go Down Before It Can Go Up AgainRobbie Jennings Knows All About Ups And Downs Used And Abused As A Teen By Those He Should Have Been Able To Trust, He Almost Gave Up On Life Then Someone Stepped In To Offer Him A Second Chance Robbie Took The Lifeline And Ended Up With A New Family Who Wanted Him And A Boyfriend Who Loved HimNevertheless, Robbie Knows The Downs Can Make A Man Crash Faced With The Perfect Storm Of Woe A Painful Voice From The Past, A Loved One S Grave Illness, And A Heartrending Betrayal Robbie S Not Sure He Can Close The Circle One TimeHis New Family Must Join Forces To Show Him That, Together, They Can Always Come Full Circle