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The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me pdf The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me , ebook The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me , epub The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me , doc The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me , e-pub The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me , The Not So Absurd Quest of You & Me 48910251f19 This Story Is About You As Reader, You Not Only Take Part But Also Become The Hero Heroine Whichever You Prefer And A Millionaire, To Boot Unlikely Absurd It Gets Even Absurd Dante, Your Seemingly Incompetent Author, Needs Your Help In Almost Everything, From Persuading His Ex To Come Along For The Ride, To Reading Him The Book Blurb To Avoid Constructing A Plot This Turns Out To Be A Quest To Ancient Babylon To Purloin Two Priceless Cabinets From Under The Nose Of A Mad Murderous Monarch, Nebuchadnezzar II But When It All Begins To Go Horribly Wrong, The Finger Of Blame Is Pointed At You You, In Turn, Point It Firmly Back At Your Author Immersed In Ceaseless Disputes And Endless Cock Ups, You Find Yourself At The Mercy Of Dante S Mind Boggling Imagination And Perverse Pursuit Of Drama Being Sacrificed In Its Name To Entertain, Well, Yourself As Reader BLURB Do You Want To Take Part In A Story Be A Hero Heroine A Millionaire I Cast You, The Reader, To Play The Role Of Hero Heroine Whichever You Prefer In A Comic Quest To Ancient Babylon A City Dominated By Grotesque Gods, Overwhelming Superstition And Weird Taboos To Rescue Two Priceless Antique Cabinets Before Its Coming Destruction While You Threaten To Snap The Book Shut To Avoid What S Coming Next And I Try To Re Ignite A Failed Relationship, We Are Plunged Ever Deeper Into A Mind Boggling Plot, A Desperate Race To Negotiate Its Eye Popping Twists And Turns And Make It To The Last Page In One Piece Can We Avoid Being Cast Into The Fiery Furnace By Crazed King Nebuchadnezzar What S The Perfect Hiding Place In A Story And Why Does A Serpent Want To Break With Its Typecasting

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    This book is weird, and revels in it In fact, Chapter One has to be one of the most bizarre chapters I ve ever read, but, as it says, who wants to read a novel where the decidedly ordinary takes place I loved it It s funny and full of unique ideas, from the place it claims is the safest place in the novel to be holed up in, to the original way in which it got its title Without giving the game away, it features a number of firsts I ve never encountered in a story before, an environmental warning from an extraordinary source at the very beginning of history, and a final twist in my role as hero heroine reader which came as quite a relief Highly recommended

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