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Seeking Sarah summary Seeking Sarah , series Seeking Sarah , book Seeking Sarah , pdf Seeking Sarah , Seeking Sarah 69a41f98f5 From The National Bestselling And Award Winning ReShonda Tate Billingsley Comes This Gripping And Emotional Exploration Of The Complex Bond Between Mother And DaughterFrom The Time Brooke Green Was Seven Years Old, She Has Lived With The Pain Of Losing Her Mother Her Father Has Done The Best Job He Could In Raising Her, But A Piece Of Her Always Felt Empty On The Day Of Her Father S Funeral, Her Grandmother Breaks The Shocking News Her Mother, Sarah, Is Very Much Alive She Abandoned Her Family Because She Claimed She Wasn T Fit For Motherhood After Doing Some Research, Brooke Discovers Her Mother Is Living In Atlanta, Enjoying A Great Career And A Brand New Family Stunned, Brooke Doesn T Know If She Wants Answers Or Revenge Against The Mother Who Abandoned Her When She Meets Sarah S Husband, Tony, Brooke Sees The Perfect Way To Make Her Mother Pay But Her Plan For Revenge Just May Leave Everyone In Danger, And End Up Costing Brooke Than She Ever Bargained For

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    SEEKING SARAH by ReShonda Tate Billingsley is dark, twisted, and full of emotion I couldn t put this book down At what length would you go to find something you desperately wanted Would you lose yourself in the process Brooke grew up thinking her mother was dead, but 25 years later she found out the truth she is alive and living in Atlanta Brooke is in complete shock and riddled with mixed emotions from sadness, anger, and abandonment Once Brooke finds out that her mother made a whole new life for herself, having the perfect Brady Bunch family, she decides to go to Atlanta to confront her That s when things go wrong. Will Brooke finally get what she always wanted her mother s love From beginning to end this book kept me wanting Highly Recommend I want to thank NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for the ARC.

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    Absorbing and emotional but ultimately a tiny bit too soapy and hard to believe for me I d recommend it if you re in the mood for a book with an interesting story and a whole lot of drama Rating 3.5.Brooke becomes an orphan with the sudden death of her beloved father or so she thinks She s been told her mother died in a car accident when she was seven, and she s mourned her for 25 years Turns out she didn t so much die as willingly abandon her Her father believed it would be better to tell her she simply passed on, thinking it would actually be easier on her He dies telling her he s sorry and he had something to tell her, but he never gets to That shocking news falls to her grandmother She s determined to find her, willing to spend thousands of dollars she really can t afford to track he down Turns out it really isn t hard for a professional, and she soon has the info in her hands Sarah has made a completely new life for herself in Atlanta complete with a child and stepchild She s determined to go see her, even working it out with her job so she doesn t need to take a break New fiance Trent is less than supportive, but she heads out anyway She wasn t sure how she d feel when she saw her, but she s angry to see the new life she s made for herself Upset that Sarah is now this successful, loving mother after abandoning her first husband and child She doesn t understand She even infiltrates her family to get information and attempting to sabotage recent successes Her obsession soon leads to chaos, and it s unclear if she will ever have some kind of relationship with the woman who abandoned her or keep the relationships she s built with others I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley and Gallery Books, thank you My review is honest and unbiased

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    DNF 31%Look, I can put up with a lot, but once the book goes into details with someone s super funny tale about sending their boyfriends side chick s naked photos to EVERYONE she knows I quit Too much drama All the characters are incredibly self absorbed and it doesn t seem intentionalFull RTC

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    Sometimes a book is hard to read It is hard to digest It is hard to not to take it personally and think objectively And, then it is hard to write a review That is how I feel about Seeking Sarah I d read a few pages and then would need to take a break Read a few pages and then take another break This book could have easily been read in one sitting, but it took a few days because of that I rolled my eyes and angrily wiped the tears from my face There is nothing for you to say Complicated or not, you don t abandon your kid End of story I gritted my teeth You have no idea what you ve done to me Folks will learn one way or the other the damage they create when they decide to abandon their child I m not saying what is done in this book is right, but I understand Seeking Sarah will have you feeling some type of way and make you wonder about your own morals because you understand Brooke and her actions Family ties, rejection, and revenge are the perfect ingredients for an interesting and emotional plot ReShonda Tate Billingsley proves once again why she is so well respected within the literary community and why so many readers love her Well done, ReShonda

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    After the death of her father, Brooke discovers her family s dirty laundry has been piling up for years and the mother she has long thought dead is very much alive and living her dream life only hours away What started as a journey for answers and to reunite with the mother she so desperately needed growing up will turn into a nightmare of epic proportions as one woman s pain becomes an explosive trip to self destruction and vengeance.SEEKING SARAH by ReShonda Tate Billingsley is a dark and painfully twisted journey that will unravel the threads of one woman s fabricated life, while taking another down a path of darkness and emotional brutality and despair Who knows how any of us would react to the news that our mother wanted than us to be happy ReShonda Tate Billingsley s tale is told with raw frankness, no sugar coating or dressing up Her characters are not superheroes, they are people in pain Brooke had no clue what to expect or what it would cost her when she discovered the lie she had been told for years Once she set the wheels in motion, she veered out of control and lost than she had hoped to gain Her quest for love became a journey of deceit as her jealousy at the life her mother had created without her tore her mind to shreds.From start to finish, a tale that screams of believability, especially when one woman grasps desperately for the fantasy life she had dreamed of, only to find that her imagination was lacking the flawed human factor, both hers and that of the mother who didn t want to be found Magnetic reading, as we are compelled to follow this journey to its final conclusion Highly recommended drama reading I received an ARC edition from Gallery Books in exchange for my honest review.Publisher Gallery Books August 15, 2017 Publication Date August 15, 2017Genre Contemporary Fiction African AmericanPrint Length 304 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    Revenge That s what I think about when I think about this book I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either so I m giving it 3 stars.

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    I received this e book from NetGalley for a honest review I had a difficult time enjoying this book Brooke discovers her mother is not dead, but alive after her father passes Sarah, Brooke s mother walked out on her and her father when she was 7 years old Her father in a rash misguided attempt to protect Brooke from knowing her mother abandoned her, instead tells her that her mother died Brooke is a complicated woman, I kept trying to like her, the I read it became difficult She made some choices in deciding to take revenge on her mother for abandoning her as a child I tried to understand why she made the choices that she did in seeking revenge, I understand that she was hurt and just striking out, but still the majority of them, I couldn t get Brooke decides to upend her mother s life Which in doing has a ripple effect on everyone involved with both Brooke and Sarah Brooke in her need for revenge, ends up having devastating consequences Another thing with this book that made it a difficult book to like we re the characters I only liked it think two characters in the book, and unfortunately neither one had very much of a story line 3.5 raringThank you NetGalley

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    Seeking Sarah is an interesting look at just how far a person is willing to go to get answers and a sense of personal justice I started out fully empathizing with Brooke, but I quickly ended up shaking my head at her antics and decisions Brooke is a thirty two year old grown woman and is way too old to behave in the way that she does If she had been in her early twenties I would have attributed her bad decisions to being immature and unprepared to deal with some harsh truths that were kept from her Brooke should have been able to think past her knee jerk reactions to her mother s betrayal and the hurt that she was feeling Brooke never seemed to take seriously how her actions would affect other people Not her fianc , not her grandmother, not an innocent little girl, nor even a young man who ultimately proves to be not only unstable, but dangerous Unfortunately, there was not one adult in this story that I liked Everyone had either ulterior motives or selfish priorities I did not, however, have any trouble finishing this book in just a few sittings The writing is well done and the pacing is good, I just didn t like any of the characters I was even annoyed at Brooke s father for staging and living a lie that was in no way necessary Seeking Sarah is full of people who should know better, but still act against common sense, family drama that is messy with a resolution that leaves no one satisfied, and has a twist that made me say What the what at the end And yes, I will be reading from Billingsley I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review You can find me at Monlatable Book Reviews Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram readermonicaFacebook Monica Reeds

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    I am a fan of ReShonda s writing She makes the storyline and the characters seem so real One thing that really stood out to me while reading this book, is that Revenge is a confession of Pain and that is so true You hurt me and I will hurt you back, not realizing that there is always a chance of innocent people getting hurt as well Parents be honest with your children so they don t have to grow up and deal with unresolved grown up problems

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    After a full hour of listening to this soap opera ish story, I still know almost nothing about the main character who is telling this story We hear all about what happens to her and what she says and what annoys her And she s annoyed A LOT But this mystery I guess is almost entirely plot driven, spending all its time on setting up the story s big events Then the stupidly unrealistic medical drama happened, and I simply lost patience with this story DNF 14% Audiobook, borrowed from my public library Janina Edwards does a fine job on the performance but is unable to rescue the source material.

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