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    Wientge has taken the subject of body hair and turned it into a delightful Blume esque tale about a young girl trying to figure out how to deal with the hairs that have grown on her lip just as she s due to start middle school Karma thinks her parents are too busy with their own problems, so she must deal with what she feels is going to be a horrifying experience all on her own It s a charming and funny story about friendship and family.Backlist bump The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera HiranandaniTune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books, All The Books

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    I don t typically read books for middle grades, but the title and cover of this one really caught my eye It was longer than I expected, but because it is, it shows Karma s story over her first year of sixth grade and middle school She has started growing a mustache yay puberty, but her family is of a religious faith that doesn t cut hair, which complicates an already difficult and awkward situation Her story is a very realistic depiction of navigating bullies, names, friendship, religious beliefs, and family.It would be a great addition to any library looking to expand diverse representation or empathy through reading Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy through Edelweiss.

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    Somewhere between our last day at elementary school and the middle of summer, an invisible rulebook had been wedged between us Sara had read the book, and somehow I was supposed to guess what was inside So much to love about this book the cover for starters, but also the story that s waiting inside Karma is about to start middle school She s sprouted seventeen hairs above her upper lip Her best friend, Sara, has changed so much that only flickers of her fifth grade self remain In fact, everything has changed for Karma Her mom is at work, her dad is at home, and almost everyone at school is being downright mean Karma is scared and feeling lost, but she s also beautifully true and kind as she finds her way There s a spiritual element to her path as well as Karma explores the meaning of her name and Sikh religion, the loss of her beloved Dadima, and how to go forward in the face of challenges, teasing, and so much change The rawness and realness of this book is relatable to anyone who has gone or is currently going through adolescence All in all, Karma charms

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    I read this book in one sitting This is one of the finest MG novels I ve read in quite awhile that truly reflects middle grade school experiences, mean girls, and navigating changing friendships and bodies Add in a wonderful family, and a winning character and this is a book you are going to love.

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    Oh, Karma You got me Half Methodist, half Sikh, I loved learning about your blended self My kids are 1 4 Indian their dad being the Kiran figure in our story and I will definitely be sharing this story with them The author really nails the discomfort of those awkward pre teen years, with so much to navigate in terms of self and others I loved how the mc had to rely on her true self to find her way.

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    I loved this What a refreshingly new, yet universal storyline.

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    Thank you so much to the author for providing KidLitExchange with a finished copy of this book for review purposes All opinions are my own as always What goes around, comes around Karma Khullar s namesake has her on a quest to fit in and stop the teasing from her 6th grade classmates, while still maintaining her sense of self Reading KARMA KHULLAR S MUSTACHE took me instantly back to middle school, to reading and identifying with ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT S ME MARGARET, and to just wanting to understand why I didn t fit in perfectly with everyone else For this generation s tweens, Karma will be THEIR Margaret While they may still be chanting I must, I must, increase my bust , they will be able to identify with Karma and her quest to rid her face of facial hair and reconcile her racial, cultural and religious identities with those of her classmates I adored Karma and my heart ached for her as she strove to understand why she was being taunted and why her best friend wouldn t stand up for her Her father s new role as a stay at home parent while her mom is working and as a university professor really doesn t help matters, either Required purchase for middle school libraries and classrooms as we fight to teach kids that.sometimes the silence hurts worse than the teasing p 161

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    This book perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to be in sixth grade It is a time of discovering your own voice and how to use it and that is what we see with Karma Khullar Karma is half Sikh and half Methodist Her home life is changing as her father is a stay at home dad and her mother works full time teaching at the local university Karma s older brother is a brooding teenager and so Karma takes it upon herself to be a good daughter and not complain about the challenges in her own life namely, she has a mustache What unfolds is a great story about friendship and choosing what is right in the face of negativity not easy to do Karma tries to live by the lessons put forth by her grandmother Karma learns life is a challenge, but that is what shapes your character I couldn t put this one down once I picked it up It is a great message of standing up for yourself and embracing that which makes you unique A good lesson for us all.

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    I was lucky enough to read a prerelease version of this story and I seriously could not put it down Karma is so relatable and sweet this really is one of my favorite recent MGs.

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    Karma Khullar s Mustache was such a fun read Just as middle school is about to begin Karma finds seventeen hairs growing on her upper lip and she loses her best friend As she deals with puberty, fashion choices, bullying, religion, and change, Karma grows a lot She manages to remain just as endearing and lifelike as she is on the very first page, which made us love her even This was a completely rewarding book to read, reminiscent of Are You There God It s Me, Margaret, but with a unique and fresh feel.

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Karma Khullars Mustache download Karma Khullars Mustache , read online Karma Khullars Mustache , kindle ebook Karma Khullars Mustache , Karma Khullars Mustache d419cadc18e0 Kristi Wientge Deftly Captures The Turmoil Of Adolescence Us WeeklyDebut Author Kristi Wientge Tackles The Uncomfortable But All Too Relatable Subject Of Female Body Hair And Self Esteem With This Sweet And Charming Novel In The Tradition Of Judy BlumeKarma Khullar Is About To Start Middle School, And She Is Super Nervous Not Just Because It Seems Like Her Best Friend Has Found A Newer, Blonder Best Friend Or The Fact That Her Home Life Is Shaken Up By The Death Of Her Dadima Or Even That Her Dad Is The New Stay At Home Parent, Leading Her Mother To Spend Most Of Her Time At Work But Because She S Realized That She Has Seventeen Hairs That Have Formed A Mustache On Her Upper LipWith Everyone Around Her Focused On Other Things, Karma Is Left To Figure Out What To Make Of Her Terrifyingly Hairy Surprise All On Her Own