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Pershings Crusaders pdf Pershings Crusaders , ebook Pershings Crusaders , epub Pershings Crusaders , doc Pershings Crusaders , e-pub Pershings Crusaders , Pershings Crusaders 43b0a4e213d The Great War Caught A Generation Of American Soldiers At A Turning Point In The Nation S History At The Moment Of The Republic S Emergence As A Key Player On The World Stage, These Were The First Americans To Endure Mass Machine Warfare, And The First To Come Into Close Contact With Foreign Peoples And Cultures In Large Numbers What Was It Like, Richard S Faulkner Asks, To Be One Of These Foot Soldiers At The Dawn Of The American Century How Did The Doughboy Experience The Rigors Of Training And Military Life, Interact With Different Cultures, And Endure The Shock And Chaos Of Combat The Answer Can Be Found In Pershing S Crusaders, The Most Comprehensive, And Intimate, Account Ever Given Of The Day To Day Lives And Attitudes Of The Nearly Million American Soldiers Mobilized For Service In World War I Pershing S Crusaders Offers A Clear, Close Up Picture Of The Doughboys In All Of Their Vibrant Diversity, Shared Purpose, And Unmistakably American Character It Encompasses An Array Of Subjects From The Food They Ate, The Clothes They Wore, Their View Of The Allied And German Soldiers And Civilians They Encountered, Their Sexual And Spiritual Lives, Their Reasons For Serving, And How They Lived And Fought, To What They Thought About Their Service Along Every Step Of The Way Faulkner S Vast Yet Finely Detailed Portrait Draws Upon A Wealth Of Sources Thousands Of Soldiers Letters And Diaries, Surveys And Memoirs, And A Host Of Period Documents And Reports Generated By Various Staff Agencies Of The American Expeditionary Forces Animated By The Voices Of Soldiers And Civilians In The Midst Of Unprecedented Events, These Primary Sources Afford An Immediacy Rarely Found In Historical Records Pershing S Crusaders Is, Finally, A Work That Uniquely And Vividly Captures The Reality Of The American Soldier In WWI For All Time

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    Richard Faulkner, with the University of Kansas Press, published Pershing s Crusaders in 2017 The book is well documented with over 100 pages of notes and bibliographic references Faulkner s focus is on the individual soldier his war experiences from the time of enlistment through training, combat, rr and ending with his discharge The book presents comprehensive research about the harsh realities of trench warfare, military logistics, and disease and their impact on soldiers moral behavior, health, religious thought, sexual proclivities, and esprit de corps It is an important read for students of The Great War.

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    A very complete history of what our fathers faced when drafted, trained, shipped over, time in France, and then returning home, sometimes months after the Armistice Every moment of the doughboy s life detailed Uniform, rations, training, combat, medical, Chaplains, the Hen Flew End Ways read the book, or say it fast the spiritual and personal care by the YMCA My dad used their facilities, as I did, the Salvation Army s Red Shield Club and the USO and the return home 100 yrs ago.

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