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Where Are You? summary Where Are You? , series Where Are You? , book Where Are You? , pdf Where Are You? , Where Are You? 792f28a475 For Fans Of Herve Tullet And Leo Lionni, Here Is A Simple, Lively Exploration Of Colors, Shapes, And Landscapes Where Are You Under The Bridge, Out Of The Pond, Through The Sandbox These Are Just A Few Answers As A Little Green Snake Follows A Little Pink Snake In A Day At The Park Sarah Williamson S Debut Picture Book Is Both A Delightfully Energetic Introduction To Prepositions And Search And Find Concepts, And A Celebration Of Friendship And Imagination With Playful Text And Fresh, Lively Illustrations, This Is The Perfect Book To Inspire Young Readers, Artists, And Explorers

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    Good interactive book good for toddlers Can they find the worm in the picture

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    In Sarah Williamson s Where Are You a green worm tries to find its friend, a pink worm It is a simple plotline that plays out like a hide and seek game On the mostly white dust jacket, hidden amongst the blades of grass, the main characters are very much representative of this hide and seek theme because the green worm is looking for the hidden pink worm Beneath the dust jacket are duplicate images, front and back, of a giant yellow sun and the worms The end pages are colorful and suggest a journey in familiar places there is nothing dark or terrifying here just joyous images Within the first opening, happy images bleed onto both the end pages The images are simplistic and happy Within the end pages, the reader can see that the perspective of the animals and humans are distorted Prepositional phrases adorned the dust in the grass and on a boat and through the meadow This relates to the storyline because much of the dialogue are prepositional phrases The illustrations relate to the text in an equal fashion The text directly relates to the images The plot is based around the dialogue between the two differently colored worms One side of the dialogue between the characters is monophasic interrogative questions and, on the other side of the conversation, the pink worm answers in mostly exclamatory sentences Most illustrations bleed across the gutter from one side of the opening to the other side Only in the final scene, the author illustrator chooses to place both main characters together This is done for purpose, showing that the story is all about the friends and their reunion of friendship That is what is important being together It matters than anything else.

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    SummaryTwo simply drawn worms, one pink and one green, play peekaboo in various locations At one point, the pink one fills the full length of a plane but is visible through every window, making it look as though it has half drawn pink shades The pink one peeks out of grasses in the flower dotted meadow and revolves around the wheel of a bike before the green one finally chases it up a light post Williamson s simple, hand lettered text is well complemented by her flat, colored gouache and cut paper illustrations They provide enough variety of composition to pose a reasonable challenge to toddlers and offer both adults and children plenty to talk about besides the worms one large fish is bedecked with painterly stripes a blackbird has one blue leg and one yellow leg, and it dangles a cherry from its beak who is driving those trucks and where are they ActivityHave the children play a game of hide and seek to go along with this book.CitationWilliamson, S 2017 Where are you New York Alfred A Knopf.

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    Where Are You by Sarah Williamson is a brightly colored seek and find children s book that features a green worm that is trying to find it s pink worm friend The book is small but perfect length for the intended audience Where Are You teaches young children how to observe the pictures and encourages them to seek out the pink worm while teaching some descriptive words like under the bridge, with the fish, I don t see you and many We got this book yesterday and my three year old loves for us to read it although, after two times of reading he has memorized where the worms are located to make it a little challenging, we have decided to have the kids find both worms still, it is quickly becoming a new favorite among the kids With the simplicity of the pictures and the words, it might fade as quickly as the love for it started but until then, my children will keep enjoying it even if the adults tire of it quickly.

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    3.5 Created with gouache and then digitally composed in Photoshop, the illustrations in this picture book keep readers searching but not in a way that overwhelms them visually One green snake is trying to find the other pink snake, who seems to be moving rapidly from place to place First, the snake is in the grass, then on a boat, and many other spots until finally, the two are reunited on a lamp post as the green snake stretches out toward the pink one Some of the images made me smile, for instance, the pink snake fills the entire area of a plane flying through the sky Young readers will have to do some thinking and looking as they themselves read and search through the pages of this book I have enjoyed this one each time I read it as I was reminded by similar books in which readers start to feel as though they are part of the story.

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    A picture book by an author with Wisconsin roots born in Milwaukee, UW Madison grad is a great addition to a classroom collection as two worms crawl through the world one looking for the other It s a great concept book that emphasizes prepositions as the worm crawls in, under, past things in the book The fun narrative is created with minimal words for young readers with ample illustrative support with the boldly colored illustrations It is a great book to read to an emergent reader as well since they will enjoy trying to find the two worms in each page This is a wonderful concept book with interactive features to help emergent readers stay engage and learn.

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    Fairly simple, but very colorful illustrations invite the reader to find the pink snake on each spread I can easily see 2 4 year olds getting very excited to find it and point it out The text makes great use of directional positional words like above, under, with This is something that preschool teachers often ask for, and this book delivers the vocab in a really fun way.This would be a good interactive choice for toddler and preschool story times.

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    It s bright and cute and fun Not incredibly magical which is basically my criteria for ratings , but the art is what makes this book, as it engaged me as a 28 year old I m sure little kids will be excited to find the snake throughout the pages, and I loved how it ended Parks Lampposts My young heart be still Also, the end papers are probably exciting than the entire book which is definitely a way to keep a kid captivated occupied

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    Nice concept there is a green caterpillar and pink worm to find on each page but too easy for Miss 4.A robot is lost, and when a farmer on a tractor, a dentist on a bike, a banker in a car, a plumber on foot, and even a little boy stop to help him, all he can say is moo Whatever does he mean, and how will he get home A charming tale kids will love to read time and time again

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    A simple seek and find game begins as a little green snake tries to find the little pink snake through his sneaky hiding places I thought the pink one was a worm This was fun Berry s a little young, but we ll try again in a year or so.

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