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Complete Works Of Aristotle chapter 1 Complete Works Of Aristotle , meaning Complete Works Of Aristotle , genre Complete Works Of Aristotle , book cover Complete Works Of Aristotle , flies Complete Works Of Aristotle , Complete Works Of Aristotle 5637a4e4d576e Aristotle BCE Was A Greek Philosopher And Student Of Plato Who Stunningly Changed The Course Of Western Philosophy He Has Gone Down In History As One Of The Greatest Philosophers Of All Time Cicero, The Roman Statesman And Philosopher, Once Called His Writing Style A River Of Gold And His Scope Of Thought And Subsequent Influence On The Study Of Science, Logic, Philosophical Discourse, And Theology Has Led Many To Dub Him The Philosopher Contents Part Logic Organon Categories, Translated By E M EdghillOn Interpretation, Translated By E M EdghillPrior Analytics Books , Translated By A J JenkinsonPosterior Analytics Books , Translated By G R G MureTopics Books , Translated By W A Pickard CambridgeSophistical Refutations, Translated By W A Pickard CambridgePart Universal PhysicsPhysics Books , Translated By R P Hardie And R K GayeOn The Heavens Books , Translated By J L StocksOn Gerneration And Corruption Books , Translated By H H JoachimMeteorology Books , Translated By E W WebsterPart Human PhysicsOn The Soul Books , Translated By J A SmithOn Sense And The Sensible, Translated By J I BeareOn Memory And Reminiscence, Translated By J I BeareOn Sleep And Sleeplessness, Translated By J I BeareOn Dreams, Translated By J I BeareOn Prophesying By Dreams, Translated By J I BeareOn Longevity And Shortness Of Life, Translated By G R T RossOn Youth, Old Age, Life And Death, And Respiration, Translated By G R T RossPart Animal PhysicsThe History Of Animals Books , Translated By D Arcy Wentworth ThompsonOn The Parts Of Animals Books , Translated By William OgleOn The Motion Of Animals, Translated By A S L FarquharsonOn The Gait Of Animals, Translated By A S L FarquharsonOn The Generation Of Animals Books , Translated By Arthur PlattPart Metaphysics Books , Translated By W D RossPart Ethics And PoliticsNicomachean Ethics Books , Translated By W D RossPolitics Books , Translated By Benjamin JowettThe Athenian Constitution, Translated By Sir Frederic G KenyonPart Aesthetic WritingsRhetoric Books , Translated By W Rhys RobertsPoetics, Translated By S H Butcher

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    Actually this is an ongoing project, but so far, I ve read the Ethics, The Physics and Metaphysics Aristotle requires, like all ancient authors, a superior translator and an excellent guide in order to give him his due With those at hand, he is one of the most inspiring and challenging thinkers, even or especially when you disagree with him Aristolte helps you form your own thought on many subjects and profound topics.This is not the perfect translation, by the way is there such a thing I supplement it with the Loeb and the Oxford, and compare it always with the Greek Not perfect, but great when you need to do searches.

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    I m giving this 1 star Not because Aristotle is bad, but because this Kindle Edition is chalk full of typographical errors It looks like someone copied and pasted a ton of webpages and then tried to do the bare minimum necessary in textual formatting It seriously increased the difficulty of getting through this book to a level that almost made it unreadable.Still, Aristotle himself was interesting enough that, when I could figure out what he meant through the typographical errors, it was edifying His views are a bit of a contradiction Clearly, he was intelligent, yet he also made some very trivial errors, given what we currently know The errors are not so much due to any fault in his intellect, to be clear It s just that there was so much they were ignorant of in science back then.In any case, if you can find a better version, I d highly recommend reading his works Just don t get this Kindle version of it.

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    Review in progress.The translation of On Interpretation which was selected for this edition is simply awful It appears to be an early or mid 19th century product, is obscenely wooden in many places, and leaves a number of Greek words untranslated This might have been excusable in the 1800s though an English translation was similarly less necessary , but it is ridiculous today I found it to be practically unreadable, and instead read Edghill s translation from a different edition It is by no means perfect but it is at least readable My recommendation for this work is Jean Oesterle s, which is part of her translation of Aquinas s commentary on the book It is an excellent translation and as a bonus one gets the brilliant remarks of St Thomas to guide him as he reads

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    This is just a great book, Now I know about all works of Aristotle one of the greatest Greek philosophers.His works on physics, soul, geology, biology and cosmology impressed me.It s just too bad how the religious people took his works on metaphysics to prove their religion, specially the Unmoved mover hypothesis.Although his works on physics weren t correct, but the way he wrote it, the way he just make it sensible to the philosophers who came after him, really impressed meAristotle will be always my favorite philosopher, I hope there s philosophers like him and like Hegel who can back science with philosophy again in one field.

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    After working through the Organon Aristotle s writing on Logic , I m second guessing if it s worth it to work through his complete works i.e his writing can become incredibly pedantic and drawn out I m thinking it may be valuable to perhaps read through his Metaphysics and Politics, leaving the rest for reference when necessary or as needed.

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    It doesn t contain all of Aristotle s works, so the title is misleading

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    Interesting but very dry read Explores the nature of well nature

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