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Supreme Courtship summary Supreme Courtship, series Supreme Courtship, book Supreme Courtship, pdf Supreme Courtship, Supreme Courtship fe2074582b President Of The United States Donald Vanderdamp Is Having A Hell Of A Time Getting His Nominees Appointed To The Supreme Court After One Nominee Is Rejected For Insufficiently Appreciating To Kill A Mockingbird, The President Chooses Someone So Beloved By Voters That The Senate Won T Have The Guts To Reject Her Judge Pepper Cartwright, The Star Of The Nation S Most Popular Reality Show, Courtroom Six Will Pepper, A Straight Talking Texan, Survive A Confirmation Battle In The Senate Will Becoming One Of The Most Powerful Women In The World Ruin Her Love Life And Even If She Can Make It To The Supreme Court, How Will She Get Along With Her Eight Highly Skeptical Colleagues, Including A Floundering Chief Justice Who, After Legalizing Gay Marriage, Learns That His Wife Has Left Him For Another Woman Soon, Pepper Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Constitutional Crisis, A Presidential Reelection Campaign That The President Is Determined To Lose, And Oral Arguments Of A Romantic Nature Supreme Courtship Is Another Classic Christopher Buckley Comedy About The Washington Institutions Most Deserving Of Ridicule

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    I really debated about how to rate this book Quality wise it is not 4 stars, but in terms of entertainment value it certainly is I guess I would not make a good judge Regardless, Mr Buckley is up to his usual tricks satirizing all things Washington DC I have read a lot of Buckley lately see my recent reviews and this was the most enjoyable of the lot I have found, with a few exceptions, that Buckley s novels have moments of brilliance and I find myself totally engaged Then he does something uncharacteristic of his characters, or simply too outlandish, and I find myself pulled from the world of the text His inconsistency bothers me, as does his weakness for how to end his novels.Having said that, Supreme Courtship boasts two of Mr Buckley s most likable characters in Judge Perdita Pepper Cartwright, and President Donald Vanderdamp Both characters seem to reflect middle America and its values, and I for one do not think that Buckley is lampooning them The novel s best moments are theirs, and it is the subplots involving other characters that detract from this text Pepper s Senate confirmation hearing, and her moments of supreme insecurity are among the novel s best moments President Vanderdamp delivers an unintentionally moving speech in chapter 20, and one wishes for the days when such an honest and simple man could once again lead the free world He is what he is, and does not try to be all things to all people Could such a person even be elected president Mr Buckley seems to be asking the reader.Don t expect this novel to be than it was created to be Enjoy the fictional look into the secretive Supreme Court, and you will finish the novel satisfied.

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    What a strange book, but somehow entirely in keeping with Buckley s oevre the first half of the book Brilliant Scathing and funny, unique and fun The second half Disjointed heap of fail A collapse of Greg Norman like proportions The idea driving the concept of the book is sound what if a President, annoyed with the whole Supreme Court nomination process, nominated someone who wasn t supposed to win Who would that person be and what would happen if they, quite obviously, won This is a great premise and Buckley executes it deftly and with signature wit Butthen there s 200 pages The concept driving that makes sense too once you ve elected the unelectable, where do you go from there What happens when they start formulating opinions and ruling on things But here the execution is lacking Buckley takes Pepper Judge Judy Cartwright and eviscerates her, stealing everything that makes her likable, dropping her into a frankly ludicrous romance that serves exactly zero purpose plot or character development wise and falls too heavily in love with the smell of his own satire, riding an unbelievable and frankly un clever subplot all the way to the end So Four star beginning, two star second half Good thing I got it from the library.

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    Buckley is back, this time taking on the Supreme Court The set up revolves around a TV court judge who gets nominated to the Supreme Court after the President gets pissed about his two previous nominees being turned down one for a report on To Kill A Mockingbird from his elementary school days I enjoyed Supreme Courtship than Buckley s last two novels, possibly because I m just a little obsessed with the Supreme Court It moved quickly as absurd situation after absurd situation piled on top of each other Buckley is always a brilliant satirist, but he really topped himself with comments that are all too relevant to our current political climate It will be interesting to see how this book reads in 20 years.

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    Christopher Buckley returns just in time for the new session, with a charming satire on the Supreme Court and the politics of confirming a Justice Buckley is the current champ of political satire that is truly comedic His tale of lobbyists , Thank You for Smoking was pure genius, and Supreme Courtship is a great addition to his body of work The best part is that many of the far reaching parts of the book do not seem that far fetched in the current political season Supreme Courtship starts with the opposition party borking two Presidential appointees to the Supreme Court The first was denied a seat because as a twelve year old he believed the movie To Kill a Mockingbird was a bit boring in parts The second for an even asinine reason that has to be read for pure comic fun The President next sends up a TV judge from one of those programs scattered throughout the channels The book is a delight and readers who care for politics can laugh at just how broken down the system has become at the hands of political sharks Why there might not be many suggestions on how to fix the problem, Buckley adeptly describes the bigger issues This is one book to read as we start the new term of the High Court and we choose a new President, someone who most likely will have to make an appointment to this very court Read and enjoy.

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    The first half of this book was filled with potential it was supposed to be the rom com for SCOTUS nerds But the second half fell completely flat It is worth a read because although it was written in 2008, it presents a scary parody of the state of our country and presidential election today reality tv stars, hostile congress, Supreme Court vacancy, and all.

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    What better way to prepare for the upcoming Supreme Court nominee hearings than to indulge in the ironic humor on every page writing of Christopher Buckley This book imagines that political polarization has reached a point where it is impossible for anybody nominated by the president to be confirmed by the Senate Then through a surprising twist of fate only possible in the context of American politics, a popular but enormously unqualified woman combination of Judge Judy, Sarah Palin, and yellow rose of Texas is confirmed to the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court It s then Katie bar the door with hilarious fun breaking out in all directions in the midst of Constitutional, international and personal crises A chapter devoted to the new justice s first case on the court stretches legal Latin beyond the limits of credulity Since the author s name is Buckley, I m pretty sure it s all good Latin However, the cases referenced surely must be fictional I think the point being made is that the justices are concerned with one upping each other with their inflated knowledge of cases and legalese than with justice it was a clear cut case of interrebus quod aspecto and that it had absolutely zero bearing per res sciatica When the new justice interrupts the arguments her mind goes blank, and she can think of only two words to say, Quasi modo She is then asked, do you think Quasimodo v Notre Dame Bellringers Guild has application here Buckley shoots one liners and modern day proverbs out with such rapidity one can t help but wonder what sort of mind generated them Is it a clever wit at work Or a demented mind Here are some examples On the virtues of procrastination Short of nuclear warheads that have already been launched, there is no situation that cannot be met head on with inaction On the political temperature Nothing raises the national temperature than a VACANCY sign hanging from the colonnaded front of the supreme Court Man speaking to woman I Googled you, Sounds almost indecent, doesn t it The nominee telling the Senators what the viewing public is saying about their hearing wake me up if they find public hair on any Coke cans The response to the preceding comment above Nineteen senators stared mutely at the nominee The following isn t exactly a one liner, but I love the historical associations How many times had those awful words I know what I m doing been uttered throughout history as prelude to disaster The night before Waterloo in Napoleon s tent In the Reichschancellery before invading Soviet Russia Before the cakewalk known as Operation Iraqi Freedom There s even a quotation of William F Buckley Jr cited in the text by this disinterested author I ve decided not to repeat the quote here You can find it yourself Not only is Buckley lampooning all three branches of the federal government, he takes pot shots at reality television, the writers of The West Wing, and the uninformed populace Hmmm, that includes you and me He even has the court deciding the outcome of a presidential election How far fetched can a novel be We know that could never happen in real life.

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    Another very entertaining skewering of contemporary politics from Buckley, this one tackles the Supreme Court The president, stung by the rejection of two eminently qualified jurists nominates a judge judy type character, the Texan Pepper Cartwright She turns out to be unexpectedly popularand near bullet proof in the confirmation hearings A modest sampling of this silliness Hanratty of Massachusetts had tried to nail Pepper for her atheism, to which Pepper had calmly replied, Well, Senator, perhaps if you d seen your momma get zapped by the Good Lord when you were nine years old, you might feel the same way Bouscaran of Delaware, a former judge himself, had tried to trip her up on technicalities, only to have Pepper correct him on the actual wording of Leegin Creative Leather Products vs PSKSHarmookian of Wisconsin wanted to know if she would have granted certiorari in Gretchen s Frozen Pike vs Milwaukee Block Ice Pepper cited three precedents, going back to 1956, where the court had refused to intervene in similar cases, on the grounds that decomposing fish was simply too revolting to contemplate Buckley is, as you may know, the son of conservative icon William F Buckley, lately cast out of the National Review for endorsing Obama If he weren t really funny, you might want to read the book just on those grounds But he s pretty funny, too.

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    Supreme Courtship is Christopher Buckley at his witty, laugh out loud best The hilarious tale involves a president, frustrated that his two previous Supreme Court nominees were rejected by a petty senator for venal reasons, nominates the popular TV judge star of a Judge Judy type show.The characters personalities are vivid, and readers will have fum deciphering which real DC or pop culture characters are being spoofed Buckley has a spare, short chapter, heavy dialogue pacing style that keeps things moving The combination of his wit, as well as his insider knowledge of his subject, makes plot twists that would seem too forced in weaker hands, appear as if they they could really happen Examples are a distraught chief justice whose wife leaves him for another woman after he casts the deciding vote for gay marriage, a reality TV producer with hit shows that involve secret cameras, bridge suicides and the morbidly obese, and a senator who takes a 24 type TV role just so he can make believe he is president of the U.S.If you love Buckley or haven t tried him, buy the book It s a gem.

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    U.S President, having had two candidates for the Supreme Court torpedoed by politics, chooses a spunky TV judge as his third candidate Pepper Cartwright then becomes the prevailing vote in a unbalanced Court for a number of cases, including reduced term limits for the incumbent President Light, but amusing.

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    Great concept but too fluffy Even though it s satire, it would have been great with substance and depth.

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