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    A really interesting take on finance the main point here is to 1 get out of debt, and save until you have a financial runway of 10K or so, 2 identify your major areas of spending primarily housing, transportation, and food , and find ways to save money there especially house hacking, or renting out part of your living space so you can effectively live for free, until you have saved up about 25K 3 take that 25K and invest in real estate preferred or at least index funds, while you continue to work your 9 to 5 job Never touch the principle, but continue to add to it until the money invested generates enough to support your substantially frugal lifestyle Then you ve achieved financial freedom Of course he goes into a lot detail than this, and when he says it, it all seems quite obvious But it goes against a lot of conventional wisdom If you don t want to house hack or otherwise get into the real estate game, the book still has some nuggets, but most of his recommendations center around that I do appreciate his logical analysis of where to focus one s efforts to get the biggest bang for the buck, though.

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    This book s primary audience is people 30 and under who are just starting their professional lives post college I would highly recommend it to those folks I cannot recommend it for anyone who is already deep in their career and looking for ways to make a transition out into a self directed lifestyle The author doesn t acknowledge people in the latter circumstance, so I wish the focus was made clear in the book description.That being said, I m one who can always find nuggets of truth in any book I found the sections on time utilization helpful where he talks about the day job taking up so much of your day My job, including commute time, takes up 12 hours of my day Finding a job with a shorter commute could get me 6 hours of time back a week that could be spent on earning money There are other truths that I picked up as well, but not enough to recommend to my peers.

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    It s about financial freedom, but it is really only applicable to those in their 20s or early 30s, living in an area of the country that s not terribly expensive NYC, SF etc folks will find a lot that doesn t apply Takeaways 1 Get rid of your commute by living close enough to work but not in a pricey neighborhood to bike or walk 2 Buy a duplex in an okay but not great area, fix it up and rent out half, plus maybe some of the extra bedrooms in your half 3 Live on 1500 month and save the rest until you have 25K This should buy you one year of financial freedom runway so you don t have to work but can still pay your bills for a year 4 Don t bother with retirement accounts for now because you won t be able to access them for ages Better to stockpile cash and invest it 5 Don t pick individual stocks or day trade Invest in index funds Do all of this until you get 100K in net worth Retirement accounts, home equity, car equity etc does not count as net worth 6 Continue to add rental properties and or build a business.

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    Financial FreedomThis books starts with the basics such as cutting spending and tracking and managing expenses, so you can save to invest since a dollar saved is greater than a dollar earned after tax It reminds us that house hacking, that is buying a multifamily property and living in one unit and renting out the rest, basically living for free is one of the fastest ways to achieve savings towards financial freedom, with investing in income producing assets It takes us from negative to neutral cash flow to positive and financial freedom It s a good read for anyone who wants to attain several years of financial runway and retire early, doing what you want with your time rather than wage paying labor.

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    This is THE best personal financial book I have EVER read I first read Dave Ramsey s Total Money Makeover a couple years ago and got all the way through each baby step to step 5, still working on step 6 Now to read this I m going all in after reading this book Even if you don t adopt every principle it talks about, if you are interested in real estate or stock market investment and working toward early financial freedom, this book is a MUST READ Don t wait to see me be successful, retire early, and never have to worry about money again and then say, I want that lifestyle, too join me NOW.

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    I really wanted to like this book but the real estate investment bias just paints an unrealistically rosy picture Take the example on p188 where Megan clears 75k on her duplex after four years What about the 6% sales commission and costs related to sales If you assume shes loses 7% that s 21k of her profit Nowhere is mentioned the 9k yr lost to interest Nowhere are the yearly maintenance costs mentioned Also, somehow the property magically appreciates 50k but nowhere are the costs of these improvements mentioned Assuming these improvements are free, basically she nets 18k over 4 years on 65k invested 10k down plus monthly payments on the loan Assuming she put in 1% a year to maintain the property and that 18k is down near 9k You can argue that she needed a place to live anyway but that should be the comparison, not a magical example of clearing 75k Compare what she would make in rent to get a realistic picture of why house hacking can make sense She ends up making a decent return a little hard to calculate because of the timeline If you simply said 14% based on clearing 9k for the 65k put in, how much was her time and energy worth Again, this example would have been a great rent vs house hack but the author missed that and instead went for an impressive number I m not saying that house hacking and real estate investments are not great ways to become wealthy but these overly simplistic examples leave a terrible taste in my mouth There is also a throwaway line on p190 Recognize that real estate investing has bankrupted many people This concept, or the idea that real estate has any risk at all, is never explored The author does talk about avoiding bonds because of the risk that they will not give good returns but can t this apply to real estate as well How many landlords that bought in 2007 are just now 2018 getting ahead on their formerly underwater mortgages, provided they didn t file bankruptcy P211 save earn aggressively invest the difference Re read this carefully I think the author meant spend less than you earn aggressively invest the difference In the former, I think you are investing the money you are living on Yes, I am nitpicking, but a self help book should be a condensation of knowledge and should be well edited Because I want to end on a high note, I think this quote on p220 sums up the author s position succinctly There will be no other major financial decision that can make as much impact as buying an investment property as an owner occupant That said, you should go in with eyes wide open instead of covered in rose colored glasses.

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    Highlights 1 Do the big things right Biggest expenses are areas that need to be reduced 2 Save 50% of income Build 10 25k this is the grind 3 House hacking buy duplex and rent the other half Fix it up as you live there 4 Income Performance based pay No limit.5 Put yourself in high achieving environments Be around people who are truly great 6 Continuously improve in personal productive and leadership.7 Life Long Learner regular habit Blog, online course, podcast.8 Develop up to date skills for tomorrow Keep improving to keep up 9 Instantly make trivial decisions 10 Clearly defined goals Put self in position to have exposure to others Be ready for luck.Remove from your life TV Netflix sports entertainment eating out regularly Night life music during work Shopping comparison get in get out Snooze button Try to do everything mentality causes shallow experiences in a lot of areas.

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    I would highly recommend this book to anyone in their 20 s or 30 s especially those looking to boost their wealth and find a path to early financial freedom I only wish I had read this when I was 18 years old The author, Scott Trench, has some very wise advice on how to start investing in real estate by first saving money rather than trying to earn money In addition to reading this book I highly suggest checking out Scott s podcast on biggerpockets.com as well as all the other great resources that site has to offer.

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    This should be a required read for anyone looking to get ahead financially especially early in your career.

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    EDIT I came back and upgraded my ratings I was shocked to see I had only given this 3 stars It has stuck with me and finds its way into most conversations about money It is by far the book I recommend most to people You can even ignore the last paragraph because I fit that description and still found a way to change my life and apply the principles from this book I also noticed Scott is like one of those friends you don t know how to take at first, so you take them the wrong way This was the first I had ever really read anything Scott had written and I m not sure I d even listened to the BP Money podcast at this point I don t think I m alone in reacting to Scott the wrong way the first time But I ve grown to enjoy him quite a bit he s right too often not to ORIGINAL Three stars relative to others books I ve read If you re in high school, college or have yet to get married and or have kids, it s a must read The author can come off preachy and worse by preaching down to you But the principles and ideas are solid If you ve already bought a house, have kids, etc there are better books for you to read, though you can still get something out of this read.

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