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Against All Odds summary Against All Odds , series Against All Odds , book Against All Odds , pdf Against All Odds , Against All Odds 7c72058cbf It Is When Suzi Joins The American Ski Team And Competes In The Winter Olympic Games In Nazi Germany, Wins Third Place In The Combined Event, And Is Frowned On By Hitler Because She Is A Jew Years Later, She Is Recruited To Assist The Outnumbered Finnish Ski Troops In Their Desperate Fight Against Overwhelming Russian Armies Invading Finland Fighting Side By Side With Local Hunters And Farmers, Plus A Few Volunteers, She Struggles Against Horrendous Cold Weather, Backbreaking Treks On Skis Into Enemy Territory, And A Daunting Arctic Romance Tiny Finland Finally Gives Way To The Russian Onslaught Having Proven The Need For Fighting Ski Troops, Suzi And Her Team Come To The United States To Form The First Brigade Of Winter Soldiers In The American Army, A Unit That Becomes The Nucleus For The Th Mountain Division Later In The War, When Russia Becomes An Ally Of The US, She Is Sent On An Intelligence Gathering Mission To A Remote City On The Pacific Coast Of Russia Just North Of Japan S Main Islands And Becomes Involved In One Of The First Signs Of The Coming Cold War Between Russia And The US Over And Over In Mission After Mission, Suzi Proves Herself As Tough And Smart As Any Soldier In Any Army

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