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  • Hardcover
  • 215 pages
  • The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives
  • Cheryl Jarvis
  • English
  • 03 August 2019
  • 9780345500717

10 thoughts on “The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives

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    This would have worked better as a piece in a magazine that I never came across.

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    Well this was different A woman talks a dozen friends into chipping in for an expensive diamond bracelet, which they then rotate among themselves, each keeping it for a month at a time They form a social club and eventually a philanthropic and community service group around it The book devotes a chapter to each woman s background and her reactions to the project As one of the other reviewers on Goodreads said, the writing is People magazine ish, cheerleading for the group and making excuses for the periodically nasty group dynamics near riot over someone s attempt to draft 30 page legal agreement about how to share blowup over whether loaning it to outsiders to wear at their weddings would detract from the specialness of club members daughters getting to borrow it for theirsIt was not a great book nor really a riveting story, but some of the individual women s profiles were interesting, and I also enjoyed it from the anthropological standpoint of trying to understand why wearing this bracelet would be so meaningful to people even some of the people they loan it to for a day rhapsodize about how it changed their lives etc It s a beautiful piece of jewelry, but so what I tried to think of some object that would have an equivalent effect for me leather basketball once used by Larry Bird Bill Rodgers old running shoes but came up empty Maybe if I liked cars or something The writer and her interviewees consider a couple of times whether men could would do something like this, usually concluding they wouldn t share as well Might be interesting to find out.

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    Ohthis book It was just so cheesy to me I mean, the premise itself is a little flimsy 13 women sharing a diamond necklace, and wonderful transformations occur I was suprised to hear their story got all the way to the Today show It s an interesting ideabut come on, worthy of a national show But I held out some hope for it Basically, each chapter introduces each woman her experience with the necklace Since there are 13 women, you get to know one, then you move on the next You barely hear much about the previous women, and when you do, you have to flip back to keep them straight This is not entirely the author s fault 13 is a lot of women, but her writing still could ve connected it better I feel, and lenghthed the book so we really got to know them But, I guess the book couldn t really be lengthened because there is not much to the story It also bothered me how the author wanted to tie everything together in a neat little package As I said, each chapter told us all about each specific woman Well, she gave each one a character type such as the hopeless dreamer I don t know if that s really one the book is back at the library Well, I think it s a little offensive to both the women AND the audience to try to reduce each woman down to a few key characteristics Most women could be all of those 13 types at some time in their lives We as the audience should be allowed to get our own idea of them through skilled and descriptive writing, not by having it spelled out for us Then you could tell she tried to shpe her whole chapter of that woman around said description I needed an author that would ve given us the real deal I am all about women friendships my friends are important to me But even when there were women reluctant to join or women fighting, she felt the need to tie it all together with a positive note of rainbows sunshine She was so glad to have joined in the end And you know, maybe some of the women truly did feel that way and that s fine But I just felt her writing was so overly sentimental and not very sophisticated There were better ways to describe some things and situations It s not even the superficial aspect of it that bothered me as it did some other reviewers It just truly seemed pointless to turn into a book Yes, they do some kind things because of the necklace, make new friends, add spice to their marriage, etc Great for them But book worthy No, at least not the way it has been written here Possibly in the hands of a talented writer.

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    You can read the full review on my blog.In Cheryl Jarvis book, The Necklace, Jonell McClain convinces 11 other women to band together with her to bid on a 37,000 diamond tennis necklace The 13th and most reluctant member is the jeweler s wife They hold regular meetings, they set up guidelines for sharing the necklace everyone gets it for a month , they talk about where the necklace has been and what they ve done while wearing it everything from trips to the gynecologist to sky diving There are rules about when you must have the necklace if you are going to Paris and what you must do while you have it you must make love wearing only the diamonds, which is how one woman convinces her husband to sign off on the project The women are very different from each other, they have different reasons for getting involved, but they all find it a novel and exciting experience and they take different things away from it.Perhaps it s because I m not a big fan of jewelry that I cannot imagine a necklace changing my life, or so many women being moved by the power of some diamonds Patti, a personal shopper and a woman with a huge wardrobe and closets full of accessories, finds that owning the necklace changes her whole perspective on being a consumer, so perhaps it s possible It was interesting to see the different ways the women connected I m not sure that it has anything profound to say about our consumerist culture, but it says a lot about how women form friendships and the value of those friendships I also found that necklace gave the women something to talk about with other people and a reason for people to take an interest in them This seemed to make them blossom, far than you could credit to pretty jewelry.

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    A friend asked me if I would be interested in joining her book club this was the book After looking it up I was hesitant I decided to give it a go was totally surprised that I read it in one day To find a book totally find bits pieces of me in everyone of these woman was amazing I laughed, cried also felt their pain frustration A must read for all woman For me even though I didn t get to wear the necklace I can say it transformed me also without the living experience.

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    This book is about 13 women who bought a diamond necklace together so that they could all experience a little bit of luxury in their life The 14 chapters in the book each visit one of the women that was involved in the experiment, with the final chapter a reflection of how well things worked The book stated that this was a political experiment, but personally I think that it fits better as a socio economic experiment I thought the best part of this book was being able to see how having a diamond necklace changed the lives of these women it was a different sort of change or transformation for each woman and it was a great way to show multiple perspectives One thing that I also found to be fun was that even one of the husbands of the women was changed by the fact that this diamond necklace had found its way into their lives This book made me think about if I would ever become involved in an experiment or investment like this my answer is probably not It sounds like fun, but I just don t know that I am spontaneous enough to do that I might do it IF it was with a group of women that I knew personally I know for sure I would not do this if there were friends of friends in the group This book definitely made me think about some things and it also made me consider what it means to have true happiness in my life.My mom and I read this book aloud together on a car ride This book was so entertaining and it was so much fun to read with my mom As we were reading it out loud we were also able to discuss it with each other It was also very interesting to hear my own opinion with that of my mom s and to hear the difference in our generational gap Overall, a very fun and light book that is perfect for any woman of any generation.

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    I must admit that when my Goodreads friends said they found the women in this book shallow, I thought they were just being a bit harsh Then I read the book and I don t think they were being harsh enough While I admit that it s a quick read, and that my eyes welled up a few times although I m a notoriously easy weller , this book actively annoyed me These women weren t just shallow, they were self centered and unpleasant There was not a single one of them that I would want to know or be involved with in any way Now, I know that part of this is based on the writing style, which annoyed me Really All the women were beautiful and stylish and young looking and kooky and larger than life and THE BEST EVER All in all, this struck me as a case of an author and her subjects attaching a lot of meaning where there just wasn t any These women weren t doing a grand social experiment, they weren t stickin it to the man, and they weren t upending years of thinking on race, class, and beauty They just wanted an expensive necklace and they bought it This didn t deserve a book.

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    This book was a huge disappointment The experiment sounded pretty interesting, but the book itself ended up as a superficial, boring account of a necklace timeshare The importance of the necklace is ridiculously overstated and, worse, the most intriguing issues were unexplored i.e., the juxtaposition of disposable wealth and expressed charitable purposes the reasons several women left the ultrafabulous group the group s annoyance with one member for seeking media attention, but their contradictory excitement about a People Magazine interview I wish the author had taken a neutral tone, instead of the annoyingly Teen Beat one she used Really, I wish I hadn t wasted the time it took to read it.

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    I came upon this book while browsing the library s new releases I was curious about the story 13 women go together in the purchase of very expensive diamond necklace So I am thinking Ok, this is like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for the baby boomer generation I was also thinking that even at a little over 1,000 per person this is still a pompous think to do Very much like The Sisterhood this book promises that the necklace weaves in and out of each woman s life, reflecting her past, defining her present, and making promises for her future As I read the book it became about the women, and their lives, and less about the materialistic purchase of an expensive necklace As each of the women have their turn with the necklace they find that their lives have taken on positive changes.This story is told by the author from each of the women s point of view so that it reads a lot like a novel because you are drawn into the character s lives A quick enjoyable read.

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    I really enjoyed this book and read it quickly The idea that 13 women could own and share anything was what caught my attention, but to own and share a 28,000.00 diamond necklace just didn t seem possible But they do and the story of how that works is amazing especially considering the diversity of the women Rather than share my thoughts of the book here I d like to share a couple of quotes that will give you a feel for what the book, the women, and the necklace are all about The book begins with this quote of Jean Shinoda Bolen not one of the women Here we are, women who have been the beneficiaries of education, resources, reproductive choice, travel opportunities, the Internet, and a longer life expectancy than women have ever had in history What can and will we do Near the end of the book is this quote from the woman who brought the thirteen women together in an adventure and experiment that transformed their lives and many others along the way Ownership is overrated We should elevate sharing wealth is individual sharing is collective We are not what we own We are what we do, who we help, and the difference we make in the world At the beginning, the group was so narrow in its concept of sharing We think that by sharing we give up something, that we get less But the we ve shared the necklace, the profound the experience has become By sharing, we ve gotten so much If we share, there s enough on the planet for everyone Sharing really is the way to happiness I encourage all of my women friends to read this book to see the hundreds of ways these women found to share this necklace among themselves, their families, their friends, co workers, and total strangers, including a homeless woman and numerous fund raisers to assist charitable organizations I pretty certain you ll laugh, smile and be shocked at times This is a true story.

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The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Livescharacters The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, audiobook The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, files book The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, today The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives 6d55b The True Story Of Thirteen Women Who Took A Risk On An Expensive Diamond Necklace And, In The Process, Changed Not Only Themselves But A CommunityFour Years Ago, In Ventura, California, Jonell McLain Saw A Diamond Necklace In A Local Jewelry Store Display Window The Necklace Aroused Desire First, Then A Provocative Question Why Are Personal Luxuries So Plentiful Yet Accessible To So Few What If We Shared What We Desired Several Weeks, Dozens Of Phone Calls, And A Leap Of Faith Later, Jonell Bought The Necklace With Twelve Other Women, With The Goal Of Sharing ItPart Charm, Part Metaphor, Part Mirror, The Necklace Weaves In And Out Of Each Woman S Life, Reflecting Her Past, Defining Her Present, Making Promises For Her Future Lending Sparkle In Surprising And Unexpected Ways, The Necklace Comes To Mean Something Dramatically Different To Each Of The Thirteen WomenWith Vastly Dissimilar Histories And Lives, The Women Show Us How They Transcended Their Individual Personalities And Politics To Join Together In An Uncommon Journey What Started As A Quirky Social Experiment Became Something Far Richer And Deeper, As The Women Transformed A Symbol Of Exclusivity Into A Symbol Of Inclusiveness They Discovered That Sharing The Necklace Among Themselves Was Only The Beginning The They Shared With Others, The Profound This Experience And Experiment BecameOriginal, Resonant, And Beautifully Told, This Book Is An Inspiring Story About A Necklace That Became Greater Than The Sum Of Its Links, And About Thirteen Ordinary Women Who Understood The Power Of Possibility, Who Touched The Lives Of A Community, And Who Together Created One Extraordinary Experience

About the Author: Cheryl Jarvis

Cheryl Jarvis is a freelance journalist whose articles and essays have appeared in a wide range of publications, including the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Woman s Day, Reader s Digest, and Writer s Digest Her roller coaster career includes stints as a magazine editor, newspaper editor, TV producer, and full time mom A member of the American Society of Journal