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Escaping the Lion and the Leopard pdf Escaping the Lion and the Leopard , ebook Escaping the Lion and the Leopard , epub Escaping the Lion and the Leopard , doc Escaping the Lion and the Leopard , e-pub Escaping the Lion and the Leopard , Escaping the Lion and the Leopard c9fa1d99873 Escaping The Lion And The Leopard Is Based On A True Story Our Hero, Ghabriela, Who Was Raised In An Orphanage In Eritrea And Later Came To This Country, Told Me, Honey, You Can T Believe The Things I Ve Been Through I Can T Believe Them Myself You Know, In Ethiopia, There S A Story About The Lion And The Leopard That I Used To Hear When I Was A Small Child The Story Goes That You See A Lion And You Run Away From It, As Fast As You Can, And You Nd The Rst Tree You See And Run Up It For Shelter You Are So Happy You Nd That Tree, You Don T See The Leopard On Top And It Jumps On You And Eats You Up In One Bite She Sat Back And Sighed Sometimes There Are Just No Good Choices You Do Whatever You Got To Do To Survive The Story Of The Lion And The Leopard That S The Story Of My Life After She Escaped From That Life And Tried To Leave It Behind, She Eventually Realized That She Needed To Nd A Way To Incorporate It Into Her New Life In She Went Back To Eritrea During The Ethiopian Eritrean War And Adopted Two Babies From Asmara They Were So Little When They Left Eritrea, She Said, That They Don T Remember About Hunger, About Wars And They Don T Know About My Life Before I Raised Them I Think I Decide I Want Them To Know My Story The Day They Whine They Don T Have The Right Designer Sneakers I Feel Like Saying To Them Be Glad You Have Any Sneakers Actually, I Think To Myself, Be Glad You Have Feet ELLIE PORTE PARKER Is The Author Of Six When He Came To Us And Is A Contributor To The Chicken Soup Books She Is A Licensed Psychologist With A PhD In Cognitive Educational Psychology And Is The Mother Of An Internationally Adopted Child She Is Interested In Understanding And Giving Voice To People S Stories And Was Introduced To Ghabriela Donnelly, On Whom This Book Is Based, By A Mutual Friend

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    The author chose to write the story of Ghabriela in the first person This works well.Ghabriela is born in a rural village in Ethiopia She has a tough childhood after becoming an orphan and is unloved and unwelcomed by her extended family As a teenager she is raped, loses a son, is ill, poor, hungry and then goes into prostitution to be able to survive Her early life echoes the story of hiding in a tree to escape a lion only to be eaten by the leopard who was sleeping in the tree But she is determined, patient and always kind She immigrates to the US and so escapes the brutality of the Eritrean Civil War She finds happiness in kindness and being able to help others What a lady.

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    This is an absolute must read and a quick read Porter wrote Ghabriela s story so authentically in first person, that is sounds like Ghabriela is sitting on the couch in your living room telling you her story herself Surviving neglect, abuse, and this is a the real life story of Ghabriela s fight for her own survival in poverty and war stricken Ethiopia Eritrea and then her fight through U.S Congress, returning to Ethiopia, with intent to save her infant twin great nieces from the famine and war, as well This story puts struggle and survival in perspective It s a lesson on perseverance and resilience.

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    This book engaged me from moment one Parker captures Ghabriela Donnelly s voice and shares her story in an immediate and vibrant manner This book illuminates the lives of Ethiopian immigrants for American readers Donnelly s story will stay with me I am grateful for this glimpse into the emotional life of an amazingly resilient woman Donnelly s relationship with her brother who told her you want to be remembered as doing the kind thing is particularly touching p.31 That day my brother made me think about something I have never thought, about the person I want to be His words stay in my head forever Really, that conversation changed my life As I grow up, I think about what he said, about how I want people to remember me Readers will remember Ghabriela s story and be inspired by not only her courage, but her ability to leave behind a bitter childhood to forge a life of meaning and love.

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    This is an AMAZING book I have had the pleasure of meeting Ghabriela a few times, as one of the young girls in the book married my cousin Before this book, I knew a little bit about everything that Ghabriela went through, but never could I have imagined all of this Such a beautiful, strong, amazing woman with a bright soul despite having every reason not to She shares her story with the world, and gives so many life lessons to along the way Definitely recommend

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    A story of resilience 3,5 stars.

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