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Snowflake Bentley files Snowflake Bentley, read online Snowflake Bentley, free Snowflake Bentley, free Snowflake Bentley, Snowflake Bentley 91a40a78f Of All The Forms Of Water The Tiny Six Pointed Crystals Of Ice Called Snow Are Incomparably The Most Beautiful And Varied Wilson Bentley From The Time He Was A Small Boy In Vermont, Wilson Bentley Saw Snowflakes As Small Miracles And He Determined That One Day His Camera Would Capture For Others The Wonder Of The Tiny Crystal Bentley S Enthusiasm For Photographing Snowflakes Was Often Misunderstood In His Time, But His Patience And Determination Revealed Two Important Truths No Two Snowflakes Are Alike And Each One Is Startlingly Beautiful His Story Is Gracefully Told And Brought To Life In Lovely Woodcuts, Giving Children Insight Into A Soul Who Had Not Only A Scientist S Vision And Perseverance But A Clear Passion For The Wonders Of Nature Snowflake Bentley Won TheCaldecott Medal

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    This is a little biography of Wilson Bently He was the first person to photograph snowflakes and understand that each one was different He loved the snow I can relate to this person He loved gathering pictures His parent spent their savings to buy him a camera and he used it to take photos no one knew they wanted to see He made little money in his life He was a fascinating man with his own passion in life He was dedicated to snow, for sure I don t think he ever made the money back he spent on the camera in his life The nephew didn t connect with the story He didn t get the importance of the discovery He gave this 2 stars The niece thought it was somewhat interesting Neither of us were impressed by the artwork here It wasn t good or bad, it just didn t stand out She gave this 3 stars.He was an interesting person.

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    I really enjoyed this picture book biography for school aged chidren.I was so reminded of how I was fascinated with snow and snowflakes when I was a kid.This is a biography of a man who was obsessed with snow from a young age and developed a technique of microphotography so he could capture pictures of individual snowflakes His interest didn t lag, even when he was scorned or dismissed for it.I was emotionally touched by this story I loved how his parents supported him by buying him the camera that he needed and how other scientists also supported his work I was struck with his life long passion for nature, especially for snow, and how he lived his passion and was generous with his photographs.The art really fit the book, although it s in a style not my favorite Edit After I read the book and realized that these were woodcuts I was impressed and also got enjoyment from them The story was not told in a scintillating manner or style, but if the reader is already interested in the subject, it suffices I was fascinated I m even considering reading W A Bentley s book Snow Crystals and especially his book Snowflakes in Photographs.What I was most hoping for was included the final page contains a photo of Bentley with his camera and shows three of his snowflake photographs I d have liked to see even , but I m glad that at least three were included.

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    An evocative and yes, magical marriage of text and image, Jaqueline Briggs Martin s Snowflake Bentley presents not only a loving and textually caressing homage to Wilson Bentley and his achievements primarily the fact that he was able to actually figure out a way to harness and retain the ethereal and generally fleeting beauty of snowflakes, of capturing their intricate and always changing geometrical images with and by photography , it is also a paean to winter, to snow, or perhaps in this era of warning trends, of the snow heavy real winters that are now becoming sadly and increasingly rare even in those areas where they are or at least were considered the norm and not the exception Graced with and by Mary Azarian s expressive woodcut like accompanying illustrations that both mirror and augment the presented narrative, showing not only historical 19th century rural Vermont in all its winter glory, but also demonstrating Wilson Bentley s love of snowflakes and his determination and desire to capture the images, the crystalline snowflake designs permanently and lastingly , Snowflake Bentley is a true and sweet gem, and as such, than well deserving of the Caldecott Medal designation that Mary Azarian was awarded for her glorious, always expressive illustrations.As a story in and of itself and as a book in and of itself , Snowflake Bentley deserves a solid five star rating Jacqueline Briggs Martin s narrative flows smoothly and engagingly, with the main textual part also never too wordy or too difficult for younger children, and older children and adults can, if they should so desire, then peruse about Wilson Bentley s life in the informative side panel details provided, which I personally think is much potentially user friendly than having this information relegated to the back of the book as it avoids the need of having to flip back and forth And really, the only reason I am not considering five stars, but four stars for Snowflake Bentley is that there should also be a list of works cited and suggestions for supplemental reading included not a major shortcoming by any means, however, an included bibliography would definitely increase the teaching and learning potential and value of Snowflake Bentley, and those who know me, also will and should by now be cognizant of the fact that especially for non fiction children s books, I ALWAYS want and pretty much demand supplemental reading lists.

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    A facinating story of a very unique person made even better by the artist s wood block prints for the graphics He spent his whole life absorbed by snowflake shapes and trying to bring them to life for others.

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    What a great true story about a boy who loved snowflakes and grew up to share that love with the world I love his determination to continue with his hobby of analyzing snowflakes then the passion to persevere even though so many folks thought he was odd and try to photograph them so he could share the beautiful patterns with others This would make an inspiring read for home schoolers or anyone determined to self study the topics that he or she loves best The illustrations are wood cuttings and won the Caldecott.I m now eager to look up some of Bentley s photography There are a few examples at the end of this book and they are spectacular

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    2003, January 1If you re interested in factual picture books, this is a good one It think it ranks with

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    In this lovely picture book biography of Wilson Bentley, a Vermont farmer who dedicated his life to documenting the beauty and diversity of the snowflake in his photography, author Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrator Mary Azarian have created a textually engaging and visually arresting work Opening in the mid 19th century, when Bentley was a young boy who loved the snow, the narrative follows him through the years, as his desire to share his passion with others leads him to adopt and adapt the practice of micro photography in order to capture the crystalline beauty of the snowflake Of immense value to both scientists and artists, Bentley s work reached its fruition in 1931, when he published a monograph entitled Snow Crystals , which contained 2500 of his photographs.It s not difficult to see why Snowflake Bentley was the Caldecott Medal winner in 1999, as Mary Azarian s woodblock illustrations, colored in with watercolor, are absolutely beautiful, perfectly capturing the rural charm of Wilson Bentley s world, and the appeal of the snowflakes he adored I particularly like the two page spreads featuring cool blue panels on the sides, with snowflakes falling, as these contrast nicely with the warmer hues in the central panels The story itself is interesting, highlighting the life of a simple, self educated man who followed his passion, and thereby increased the store of knowledge and scientific understanding available to others Recommended to anyone who loves winter, snow, and snowy vistas, as well as to anyone looking for engaging picture book biographies.

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    I love this What an inspiring tale of a minor obsession Bentley didn t do anything huge like start a revolution, but because he had supportive parents he did live the life he wanted to, and make a significant contribution to science and to art.I m not normally a fan of wood or lino cut work, but the illustrations here are a good fit for the story, and sufficiently bright and cheerful for me The text is gracefully written, and the extra notes on the sides of the pages, are of interest to older readers, but can be skipped by the younger I particularly like the very last page, with the quotation and photographs And I like the descriptions of what, and how, he studied other bits of nature, like spider webs.I d appreciate a bibliography for further reading, but since there isn t one, I ll investigate further via Bentley s own texts, Snowflakes in Photographs and Snow Crystals.

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    Martin, Jacqueline Briggs Snowflake Bentley, Houghton Mifflin Company, unnumbered pages Non fiction, Biography, Caldecott Medal Winner.Description This book tells the story of Wilson Bentley, a Vermont man who devoted his life to studying and photographing snow The book focuses on his techniques and specific interests in snow.Review Snowflake Bentley does a great job of making a somewhat mundane topic seem interesting The rough, woodcut illustrations paired with a straightforward storytelling style make this book a quick read for older kids Younger kids may like to have the book read to them Snowflake Bentley incorporates a strange method of displaying the text, which does the book a disservice Most of the text appears in the middle of each page, but many pages also contain a sidebar with additional text that appears in an alternate font At first, it was unclear to me whether these sidebars were meant to be read separately from the main story I concluded that they re meant to be read as optional text boxes, providing additional information that is not crucial to the telling of the story I thought this format was distracting, however, and the book would have been better if they had been omitted.Professional Reviews School Library Journal, August 2006.This review emphasizes the charming illustrations included in this book I also thought that the illustrations were a nice accompaniment to the text Watson, Elizabeth Horn Book Magazine, Sept Oct 1998 Watson s review focuses on the book s factual accuracy and the character development of Bentley I agree that the book includes a lot of facts about Bentley and his achievements.

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    This was the January selection for the kids Magic Carpet Readers book club at the lib We bring the book home and read it together, then they meet at the lib and discuss and do crafts and projects Headed up by our superwoman librarian, Sue, this is a great reading group for my kids And since they re juuuuuust shy of being Irish twins, they read at the same level Perfect This selection was our favorite so far Wilson Bentley was the son of a Vermont farming couple, turn of the century He was fascinated by snowflakes and did his best to capture and study them When his parents gift him with a state of the art magnification camera, Bentley really starts his serious, and breathtaking, study of the snowflake My kiddos liked this book so much that we were compelled to investigate the snowflake further, and now I d say they re both snowflake experts there s to know than you d think, or at least than I had thought From here we went on to find other great books of snowflake photography, including books of Bentley s work, as well as super vivid, modern images Interesting findings snowflakes don t always have six sides They re rarely symmetrical There s lots of great snowflakes facts out there And I m just trying to cling to the last of winter here, my very favorite season, because I feel it slipping melting away Sigh I would HIGHLY recommend this beautiful non fiction book The wood cut illustrations are wonderful It was a great launching pad for us to explore books on the subject 5 stars

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