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    Kristian s WarA solid 4 stars I greatly admire an author who can seamlessly blend religion and war issues into a very readable novel And this Mr Wisan has done with a pin point mastery of both items Kristian Anders lives in a world were the evil of the world is represented by men He is stuck in a unloving and uncaring marriage to his childhood sweetheart who now despises him with all of her heart because he forced her to get an abortion that not only ended the fetus life, but hers as well She withdrew further and further into herself until nothing was left She had not spoken a word in years, and when Kristian asked her if he could leave to start a journey he was called to, she told him to just leave Throughout the next several days, Kristian meets several helpers If I interpret the authors meaning correctly, and I am not sure I am, I think of these helpers as angles he manage to help him escape tight spots and danger from evil men who want him dead His goal, or mission, is to reach the King who supposedly solves all problems Kristian is secretly hoping this King will repair his marriage, which is why he agrees to the journey Interspersed with military jargon mainly to educate that plays a minor role in the plot, the MC meets a figure crucified on a cross atop a hill, along with two other men who have also been crucified The MC receives a drop of blood on his forehead that cleanses his entire body of dirt and delivered unto him a clue of what was to come Blood from the body of Christ Next, Kristian meets Ian the Immerser John the Baptist who baptizes him so his old self can die After his immersion into the water, Kristian notices his body has changed he is stronger, leaner and manages to kill his enemies with the help of his angels At last, he reaches the ocean and begins to walk into it, for he is told the the King God is somewhere out there He begins to walk into the water, expecting to sink the further out he walks, but he does not A huge wave hits him and carries him to the King The King tells Kristian to ask him what he desires, an Kristian asks to have his wife restored to her former self The King states that is not possible, but that he can make her better As I stated at the start of this review, this book seemed to consist of a blend of religion and evil, war making men who only want to kill the MC before he reaches the King The story runs on smooth rails, has very few slow spots, and is a nice change of pace in terms of a story line I commend Mr Wisan on this marvelous achievement and eagerly await the sequel.

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    Wow I am actually quite surprised by this book I wasn t sure what to expect when I started it Kristian s War is very unique Think Pilgrim s Progress retelling set in present future time, where evil takes the form of men, and weapons and tactics are necessary to fight them Kristian is on a journey to the King, and he must fight Past, Shame, Condemnation, and on the way, with help from Evan gelist and others I was somewhat confused as to why Kristian decided to make the journey, and what his past was, but about 3 4s of the way through when all that is revealed, it makes so much sense And talk about a heartbreaking backstory Wow There may have been some tears My main critique would be that it would have been better to share Kristian s backstory, or parts of it, sooner It would have really helped to grab the reader s attention sooner, and cause less confusion in their minds That and a few typos grammatical errors made me dock a star This is a profound, unique and fascinating twist on the classic, Pilgrim s Progress I would definitely recommend checking it out Recommended for ages 15 for mild violence, and somewhat disturbing themes such as abortion.

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    my blog I got a review copy of this book from the author, which was pretty cool.my review 4.5 starsI really really enjoyed this book Short as it was, busy as I had gotten, and long as it took me to finish I really did enjoy it However, when I got to the end, I had a full feeling The kind of feeling that means I didn t feel hungry for , which is both good and bad Let me explain When I started reading this book, I was fully prepared to finish it in a day Picked it up, nodded slowly, and said, Imma finish this in a few hours That didn t happen School, friends, piano, they all plotted against the finishing of this book I couldn t pick it up because I knew it would annoy me about how scattered it would feel I needed to be able to just sit down and simply read but that couldn t happen, not with tests and projects due So I waited, waited, waited UNTIL AT LAST After my tests were taken, projects turned in, papers were written I was able to sit down and read And I finished the book And it was pretty good READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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    This was pretty good The writing was done well and I really enjoyed the storyline There really wasn t any dry parts I was recently able to read Pilgrims Progress and it was neat to see how this book was similar, and yet the author put his own twist to it I read this very quickly and it definitely keeps you wanting to see what ll happen next I think any Pilgrim Progress fans would enjoy this story

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    Overall ImpressionKristian s War is, I believe, a modern retelling of Pilgrims Progress And, just as a disclaimer, I have never fully read Pilgrims Progress, but as a child I used to look through an illustrated version often so I remember many aspects of the original story.This was powerful The power of this story isn t in the characters or writing, it s in magnificent truth of the story The allegorical content is excellent and the story reflects the mighty truths of our God s lovingkindness, grace, and strength It s excellent I would recommend to families With some caution, see Warnings and single readers 14.Characters The characters in Kristian s War have the same essence as the characters in Pilgrim s Progress In many ways, the style of writing left me feeling distanced from the characters However, I understand this to be greatly due to the fact that with the way the story and characters are SUPPOSED to be written, you do end up feeling a bit disconnected Kristian was a good lead Most of us would prefer to think of ourselves as like Jack Consistence, who seems so steadfast in the faith But, the truth is, many of us are Kristian Kristian who fears, doubts, grows despondent and lax in his efforts He struggles with lust, self condemnation, and fear He is HUMAN Evan, or Evangelist, serves the mentor purpose quite well He is a great picture of an ardent Christian with their heart set towards the Lord Jack Consistence was my favorite Just so steady Lol, I suppose the name gives that away, though, doesn t it Christi is a great picture of self wallowing hate, hurt, and sorrow I look forward to seeing what Peter does with her character Shame, Condemnation, Influence, Past and all the others were good allegorical baddies They were so evil It was portrayed quite well Plot The plot of this story is pretty much just Pilgrim s Progress from what I remember, that is , but with many details, motivations, and truths fleshed out Kristian s War is a long journey, constantly going from hardship and victory to hardship and victory Such is the way of life There are many places where Mr Wisan s writing could be improved, but it didn t stop the power of the story He conveyed it so well Also, I loved all the technical terms Mr Wisan included in this book I will never forget what a mike is or a bc They greatly enhanced the story without making it unintelligible to the typical non military marine person Wrap Up In conclusion, this was powerful story Poignant messages, strong truths, and magnificent allegories While I do believe Mr Wisan has room to grow in his writing skills, he has written an amazing book that reflects the Lord quite well.I greatly look forward to seeing what becomes of the other characters in The Searchers Series Warnings Language Profanity NoneViolence Frightening Scenes Gore There are quite a few fire fights in this book and quite a bit of violence Someone has their eyes gouged out, you hear about executions and beheadings, people are shot point blank in the skull I was fine with it all, but I would advise caution with parents of children under 14Sex Nudity A married main character is seduced by several females who represent, lust, porn, and cheating The aforementioned is not just sensational there is a very good purpose for it And it s non graphic There is mention of reproductive system in a non gross, non sensational way Other A character has an abortion It is considered a bad thing While I would not advise handing this book over to a kid who hasn t had the facts of life presented to them yet, or is very uncomfortable with violence, nothing in this is unnecessary or majorly graphic It all serves a purpose. I received this book free from the author for promotional purposes No reviews, positive or otherwise, were required All opinions expressed are purely my own

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    3.5 Stars I didn t know what to expect from this book and I was stunned, yet confused I looked at other reviews and found that other reviewers are saying it is similar to a book called Pilgrims Progress, but I haven t read it and that kind of makes me even confused.The journey he took made a lot sense later in the book, as we get to know his backstory better, but I just don t get it I m just considering the story as a spiritual journey for Kristian so I can kind of get a grasp on what the story is about. Although it was never made clear whether this is a christian other religion story or not, since it referred to the one that Kris was searching for as the King and I suppose the King is the God in that world The main character, Kristian, certainly felt a little emotionless at times and I just didn t connect with him as much as I wanted to Oddly, to me, Christi was probably one of the only MCs that actually showed her emotions.I really liked Jack Consistence for some reason. he was just likeable DWhen I first read characters names specifically the ones chasing Kristian , it made no sense to me I literally was like this is not realistic the author should ve picked different names I m certain you ll think that at first too, but it makes a lot of sense later in the book.A pet peeve I had for this book was the grammatical errors I totally noticed a few typos I also think it would ve been better to share Kristian s backstory much sooner, or at least some parts of it It certainly would ve helped me, since it didn t grab my attention right away and I was super confused actually, I still am I wasn t particularly a fan of the way the book was written most sentences were spaced out way too much This book touches on touchy subjects, not descriptively per se, but enough to make people uncomfortable I would recommend it for probably 15 16 because it touches on disturbing topics, such as abortions.Content Warnings A married main character is seduced by several females who represent, lust, etc It s non graphic and there is a good purpose for it violence such as killings, beheadings, someone has their eyes gouged out, etc I received this book from the author many thanks Peter in exchange for an honest review.This review was written in my own words and opinions.

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    Kristian s War is a short but innovative and gripping exploration of one man s struggle to find the one True King who will set him free from the demons of his past In the same vein as Pilgrim s Progress Kris Anders a poverty stricken farmer with a distant and ailing wife who lives in an evil land plagued by Janissaries that control the region sets out on a journey to find forgiveness and acceptance Hunted by soldiers under a ruthless leader who s determined not only to kill Kris but his guide Evan a skilled warrior serving the King, the two set out on a path encountering the darkness of iniquity including lust, jealousy, doubt and fear that for centuries has lead humanity astray Blending action and emotional intensity as Kris battles his demons and the Janissaries who relentlessly pursue him, the story also follows his wife Christi s struggle to find love and forgiveness in her heart so she can overcome the infirmity that keeps her bound to a wheelchair.Beautifully crafted with names of characters indicative of their attributes and augmented with Peter Wisan s military insight, the plot is absorbing as Kris endures hardship and pain but also the healing power of the Prince s blood Rich in allegories of faith as Kris struggles to find his salvation, Kristian s War kept me enthralled from beginning to end and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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    Wow.Wow.A Pilgrims Progress retelling Yes please This wasAmazing I admit I was skeptical at first I m not one for spiritual y fictions I loved the Circle Trilogy, but it had been recommended and gifted to me by some friends I really respect When Peter reached out to me about writing a review, I was iffy I didn t know if I would be able to read it through, if it would be to graphic, or too supernatural, or just sort of heavy for being a war story But I m so pleased It was so well written, so refreshing and clean, so wonderfully portrayed and expressed The darkness and despair was so well done, and the contrast when Kristian reached the cross, such difference I appreciated the foes being told as an enemy army, which is really what it is I also appreciate the fact that Kristian was fighting Shame and Past and Condemnation, rather then demons and minions and Satan It made is relatable And I loved the There is no condemnation for Prince finders cries that verse was so powerful to me in a very hard part of my life and I clung to it and seeing it expressed as such a life saver in a book was just amazing The world building was maybe slightly lacking, but there was so much going on that I didn t really have time to see if anything was missing The journey and the events were so crisp and clear The characters were so touching They reached right in and got hold of your heart and made you feel exactly what they needed you to feel For Kristian it was devastation, depression, pain, dead end hopelessness Then it was hope, determination, fighting strength, courage, despair, then restoration and valor until he reached the end And the beards were like, dude, wow, that looks good on you For Evan I screamed Of course it was Evangelist I knew it was, but when I read it in the end I still screamed when I saw the connection And when he died it was like a bolder just got dropped on top of me, but knowing he went down with the hope of Christ and the boldness he had when he went into the city knowing he would die there sobs Christi left a bitter taste in my mouth for most of the book, but when we got to see inside her POV just a bit, it gave me an empathy I won t be surprised if book to is about her Katy was just this fat blob that I hated Sage was a curious fellow, I want to get to know him Shame, Past, Condemnation and all the others were so well done I appreciated that their blood was black And I also enjoyed the way that the allegorical terms were used so uniquely that they fit into the story as then just an allegory And the effects they had, such as the syringe of REGRET And the ruthlessness of the officers It was so well woven Content Lust there is nothing inappropriate that made me uncomfortable Captain Lust a gorgeous lady lured Kristian off the path, and there was mention that he was already a married man , but it was so clean The temptation presented itself, but there was no desolate of yuck Violence there was quite a few deaths, murders, public executions, stabbing a, many many guns and gun descriptions BUT It was not graphic to any degree Yes blood is mentioned, but any book that has the feel of war and fighting for your life will have blood Yes there was death Life ends in death For me personally, it was very very clean, however I don t recommend readers under 14 just to be safe Language Clean I think the worst thing I came across was the word hate if that sort of thing bothers you and one of the officers asked a man to shut his whine well Which made me laugh.Highly recommended for all readers ages 14 and up DDid I mention it was well done Another 5 star book for me D I m getting a paper copy for my bookshelf.

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    Blog very weird That s not a bad thing The way it written is very very intelligently done Won t lie the book made me feel like an idiot It took me about half way through before the light bulb clicked in my brain Then it was a oh now I get it All the character s names all hint at the story Not the story that is written, but the hidden meaning to the whole thing Once you figure that out and what the inner story is about, the book is enjoyable Your not sitting there reading going WTF is going on Like I said before it done very intelligently and a little crafty Sneaked in there on me before I realized Or I am just really slow shrug The whole way it is done is very simple, yet very effective.Fight scenes are good in places and then in others it s a bit like, seriously You got away way too easy Could have gone into details with the fights too, just to make the characters badass I am very lucky that I am a nerd I used to play ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 with military based gaming units Plus I still play some shooter based games So all the military lingo I could understand very easily I could see how that would confuse someone who not got any background involving any of that lingo The information before the book starts, does help with that.I am still sitting here slightly confused Running the story through my head again just to catch what I missed the first time I have to bow down to the author, he got me outside of my box of how I think about things.Would I recommend it Yes Very highly, you really do need to pay attention though Or not that s your choice I need to go to sleep, my brain hurts.

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    I liked this post apocalyptic, Biblical allegory My rating 4.25.Kristian lives with his estranged and injured wife, Christi Christi is in wheelchair, is very bitter and blames Kristian for her condition The society they live in is restrictive and evil A neighbor, John Dappler, who is always looking at a new health fad runs, through his farm and hands Kristian a wrapped book that he must hide John is captured by Sergeant Major Shame and sentenced to death.Shortly after the execution, an imposing stranger approaches Kris and offers to show him how to reach a distant King who can bring peace and love back to his live Although it is forbidden to go beyond their home territory, Kristian decides to take the risk to make the dangerous journey to find the King Evan tells Kristian that he will meet up with him soon, but that Kristian must stay on the straight path even when things or people try to knock him off.Kristian sets off from Comfort County to the Land of Genuine Experience with a friend who does not last Along the way, Kristian comes upon forks in the road and faces obstacles such as Discourage, Staff Sergeant Past and others He also gets help from Grace, Pastor and his daughters, Hope and Faith The journey is full of danger as Staff Sergeant Past pursues him relentlessly.While Kristian struggles along his journey the author shares manipulation that is influencing his wife Christi at home About 75% in the author reveals the events that crippled Christi.As I began to recognize the allegory this story made me think of Pilgrim s Progress Here there is a realistic military force and battle that Kristian must escape The story line and action moved the story along at a quick pace I found this entertaining and I found myself shaking my head and smiling at different stages I recommend this to readers who would enjoy a Biblical allegory.I received this title from the author through a Goodreads ARC group.

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Kristian's War summary pdf Kristian's War, summary chapter 2 Kristian's War, sparknotes Kristian's War, Kristian's War 7f2fc06 Kris Anders, A Dirt Poor Farmer, Lives In A Land Where Evil Forces Take The Form Of Men The Sins Of His Past Weigh Heavily On His Mind When A Stranger Directs Him To Take A New Path, Kris Begins The Journey Of A Lifetime Towards A Distant King Who Is Rud To Solve All Problems But Then A Ruthless Soldier Is Dispatched By The Ruler Of The Dark Land To Capture Or Kill Kris Everything Leads To One Final Fight, Where Kris Must Defeat The Demons Of His Past Or DieMarine Corps Veteran Peter Wisan Delivers A Gripping, Tactical Take On The Spiritual Journey In A Blend Of Heart Stopping Action And Heart Rending Loss Order A Copy Now If You Have What It Takes To Join, KRISTIAN S WAR

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Kristian s War.Born in California, Peter has never stood still for long.He loves the thrill and skill from new experiences He has worked as a legal assistant, studied biology, certified as an EMT, commissioned as a Marine Corps officer, and has crafted worlds as a screenwriter, film director, and novelist.He has traveled to five of the seven continents He loves the sights and sounds of new lands and the inspiration that accompanies adventures.His favorite stories incorporate unguessed twists built from premeditated bread crumbs by skilled writers.Peter has always thought that a dog may be a man s best friend, but that books are a close second.