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The Assignment txt The Assignment, text ebook The Assignment, adobe reader The Assignment, chapter 2 The Assignment, The Assignment 24c22e Series Note The Assignment Is The First In A Series Of Adventures Of Detectives Valenti And O Brian Their Story Begins With The Assignment, Followed By I Ll Be Hot For Christmas, Fireworks And Then Heart And Soul I Ll Be Hot For Christmas And Fireworks Are Only Available At Loose IdDetective Nicholas Valenti, Tall, Dark And Stoic, Has Been Best Friends With His Partner, Sean O Brian For Six Years The Two Men Have Seen Each Other Through Divorce, Disaster And Danger And Saved Each Other S Asses Times Than Valenti Can Count Exactly When He Started Seeing His Blond, Intense Partner In Another Light, Valenti Isn T Really Sure He Only Knows That He Wants O Brian In A Way That Had Nothing To Do With Friendship And Everything To Do With Possession It Is A Desire He Will Have To Hide Forever Because O Brian Is Undeniably StraightJust As Valenti Is Coming To Grips With His New, Unacceptable Feelings For His Partner Their Police Captain Puts Them On A New Case That Could Blow Valenti S Cover Once And For All He And O Brian Are Going Undercover At The Country S Largest And Most Infamous Gay Resort To Bust A Notorious Drug Lord And Stop The Shipments Of Poison Cocaine That Are Flooding The Gay Bars All Over The CityNow Valenti Will Have To Make A Choice Between Friendship And Desire He And O Brian Will Play The Roles Of Gay Men That Will Push The Limits Of Their Relationship To The Breaking Point Will Their Time At The RamJack Forge A New Bond Between Them Or Destroy Their Partnership Forever

About the Author: Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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    3.5 Stars Well, well well.wasn t this a steamy little nugget This was a perfect, quick, gratuitously HOT read Don t take anything seriously, and just go with the flow enjoying the cheesy dialogue and convenient directions the characters go in Because, by the end, you ll only have one question to ask yourself

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    So obviously looking for some spectacular plot in smut is like expecting good acting in porn And I m ok with that Heck this was probably gonna end up being a four star cause I m also very biased when it comes to GFY Yes, I have double standards No, I don t care So the problem was, this was trying to hard to have a plot I mean if you read this, you will understand Stupidity 101 It was also going for BDSM, where I, someone who cringes away from that was just laughing out loud at the sheer stupidity of these two And the sex scenes, OMG, you have to at least have decent sex scenes If all else fails, YOU MUST HAVE YUMMY SEX

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    Opening Line This is gonna take some getting used to Set in the early 1980 s which kept me visualizing Starsky and Hutch and hoping for descriptions of Magnum esque moustaches THE ASSIGNMENT is a su weet read Just long enough at 161 pages and certainly steamy enough, I can see myself returning to this story again and again Filled with suspense, random humour, genuine emotion and sexual tension so palpable it just about killed me, Valenti and O Brian are a couple so deliciously hot and manly that you simply won t be able to get enough of them Plus with cover art this good how can you go wrong Detectives Nicholas Valenti and Sean O Brian have been best friends and partners for 6 years Often teased because of their open affection, they ve got each others backs on or off duty Through danger, donuts and divorce there isn t anything one of them wouldn t do for the other including taking a bullet or giving the occasional back massage That s a good thing too because Captain Harris s latest case is going to test the boundaries of even their tight relationship Nick and Sean s assignment sees them going undercover at the infamous gay resort, Ramjack Potentially they will be busting the notorious drug dealer who s been flooding the cities gay bars with bad cocaine It s a plum job that s going to look real good on their resumes, just as long as these hetro boys can convince everyone at the RamJack they re really a gay couple that is But just how far are these partners willing to go Once engaged in their roles as the sugar daddy and his boy toy the sexual heat literally jumps off the pages Forced to fake their affections in public Valenti and O Brian s discovery of each other though soft caresses and first kisses is beautifully done And because Sean and Nick don t start out as gay characters watching their miscommunications, emerging feelings and unfamiliar foreplay unfold is also interesting and exciting Because of the way most men are, when the gentle embraces carry over into their private suite they don t talk about their feelings or what s happening between them, they just continue to misinterpret each other and wonder The sex scenes here are erotic, tender and very satisfying Eventually Valenti and O Brian are left to deal with strong emotions neither anticipated having and a very straight world to go back to.My only real disappointment would be the abrupt resolution to their big case Its just over However because I was still shaking from the previous eye popping events it just didn t matter.A bonus 26 page short story called I LL BE HOT FOR CHRISTMAS has also been included here This takes place a year after the RamJack case and involves Valenti suddenly pulling away and distancing himself from an increasingly sexually frustrated and pissed off O Brian Could it have anything to do with his new and much younger partner Sean becomes determined to find out what s going on even if that involves kidnapping Cheers

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    A likable hero Valenti paired with a not so likable hero O Brian hot, kinly M M sex scenes silly plot with big, jarring holes Dina was disappointed The premise of this book is simple Nicholas Valenti and Sean O Brian are two straight but not homophobic Homicide Detectives who, for whatever reason, are asked to work in a Narcotics Division s undercover operation to catch a big drug lord The glitch They have to pretend to be a gay couple in order to infiltrate the drug lord s headquarters, that happens to be located inside the RamJack, the biggest gay resort in the country Needless to say, Valenti and O Brian engage in a series of PDGA Public Displays of Gay Affection while they re at the resort just to fool the drug lord and his cohorts, of course BTW, my favorite PDGA was the Wankathon Yowza Anyway, don t you mind the silly plot It was nothing than an excuse to have Valenti and O Brian falling in each other s arms and bodies and discovering the inner gay man that lived undisturbed inside them That worked for me partially The entire story is told from Valenti s POV, so it was easy to connect with him and understand his uncomfortable new feelings towards his long time friend and partner On the other hand, I was never let inside O Brian s mind and that prevented me from understanding him I didn t doubt he loved Valenti as a friend, but I needed to see him working things out in his mind Considering his background O Brian was the ultimate Irish Catholic Bostonian I had a hard time believing the easy way he embraced his newfound sexuality.The ending also left a lot to be desired, IMHO I know this isn t romantic suspense and the drug lord storyline was secondary to Valenti and O Brian s romance, but having the whole drug case wrapped up while Valenti was asleep literally was too much All in all, this wasn t a bad read Valenti s character was well written, but O Brian s was lacking I ve heard that there s a sequel of sorts to this book, a short story where O Brian gets to voice his POV I intend to read it and, hopefully, I ll finally get him and believe his love for Valenti is real EDITED TO ADD I just finished reading I ll Be Hot for Christmas, the sequel I mentioned above, and I m sorry to say I m still not happy with O Brian.

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    4.5 Second time around read on this and I must admit I d forgotten what a fun sexy read it was Two straight cops, Valenti and his cocky partner O Brien best friends and partners for years, have to go undercover as a gay couple at a gay sex resort to bust a drug lord Valenti has been married but over time has become secretly in love with his partner so obviously the temptation is excruciating and as the guys are put in so many steamy positions were they have to prove they re gay, the sexual tension racks up to boiling point Three guesses what happens Its not something that hasn t been done before and yep, its pretty far fetched but these two are so endearing you can t help loving them and their exploits and it is hot Its one of those stories that I could read again because its such an easy feel good at times quite sweet read Earth shattering No Enjoyable Absolutely I really like this one.

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    I really enjoyed this book a lot I have had it for a while, however I put off reading it for some reason, and Im not sure whyThis is a story about two cops Nick and Sean They are exceptionally close friends There are even some rumors going around the station that they are lovers however Nick and Sean know better They are just friends Right Their Chief asks them to go undercover at a gay resort in order to catch an extremely evil drug dealer who dabbles in murder on the side Sean and Nick have to be completely convincing as lovers, otherwise their lives will be at stake Pretty soon, the lines are blurred between what they are doing for the job, and what they are doing because they can t help themselves Their friendship has definitely turned into something , but will either Nick or Sean admit it The sexual tension in this story is unbelievable I could tell right from the beginning that there was a serious attraction between the men that neither one was willing to admit I loved seeing Sean coax Nick into some of the compromising positions they had to put themselves in, and I loved the uncertainty from both men about their sexuality and weather or not things had changed between them The sex scenes were smokin hot and the newness of everything really ramped up the heat factor I highly recommend this book

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    I found this book in the gay bdsm shelve, which is really an insult to somebody who, like me, is actually into gay bdsm The Assignment was the second Anderson book I read the other was Slave Boy and it was a big, big mistake to give her a second chance Basicly Anderson wrote the same book in two different settings, The Assignment for guys who are hot for cops and Slave Boy for sci fi fans, so both books suffer from the same almost painful to read flaws In both stories two men who secretly feel attracted to each other are assigned missions that bring them into circumstances which intensify their desire The cops have to investigate a mafia boss who resides in the biggest gay resort in the country, where every sponsor has his boytoy or the two pseudo Jedi s have to negotiate with the emperor of an alienrace which still upholds slavery, so the younger one has to be the Slave Boy In both stories the bottom of course is the lil blond one, who has to wear all the arousing costumes you can think of Slavetrading emperor and drugdealing godfaher are in both cases suspicious of the heros and the way to verify the sincerity of the roles the heros are playing is of course sex Thats the only bdsm you will actually find in the stories, the two heros are forced by the curcumstances and the villains of the stories to have sex, which is in itself rather vanilla with a few exceptions in Slave Boy and the voyeurism of the various scenes Combined with the secret emotions involved, the forced sex turns both tops into huge drama queens and emotional masochists, guilt ridden Augustine sytle And thats my big problem with Mrs Anderson So far as bdsm is involved, she portrays it as something antagonsitic to the love the heros have for each other, as something foreign, something impelled by villains That a top can genuinely love a bottom and non the less wants humiliation, voyeurism and pain as part of their common sexlife seems to be something that Mrs Anderson isnt able to comprehend Her stories make it obvious that she simply doesnt understand male bdsm Thats why she has to come up with such ridiculous and twisted storylines, she needs a substitute for tops and bottoms who actually know that they want bdsm and like it Thus the bizarre holier than thou, innocently childlike and almost masochisticly conflicted characters, who overcome the villains and overcome bdsm in the end The latter is perfectly depicted by the last sex scene of The Assignment in which the bottom of the story fucks the tops Mrs Anderson doesnt write gay bdsm stories, she writes ridiculous, stuffy anti bdsm propaganda in form of slightly kinky stories.

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    A really popular M M romance story, The Assignment , this is I can see the appeal It s a quick, mostly light Valenti ignored the memo sometimes and good read with great sex talk.The time setting for this story could not be perfect, early eightiesI felt like I was reading a written cheesy eighties porno scene Guy 1 Oh no, I don t know how that penny got down there, let me lube my asshole and bend down on all fours, butt naked and see how that penny fell to the floor Guy 2 Hmm looks and grabs his hard dick, then pulls it out his pants Maybe you ll need some help Guy 1 thrusts willing ass in the air Only if you want toI m sure we can find it, together.Guy 2 bends down to help and accidentally penetrates Guy 1 s ass Oh myhow d I get in here Well since we re on the floor commences with ass pounding YeahThankfully the entire book wasn t like my fictional scene, there s some really good moments and I adore this author s work She doesn t take her self too seriously, usually delivers steamy erotic work and will give you a couple of good laughs along the way.My rating THREE A HALF STARS

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    I really wanted to give this book the benefit of the doubt but there is only so much I can look past in the books I read I must say, I am all for crazy and over the top story lines where I have to suspend reality for a minute, but The Assignment went a bit too far for me I LOVE friends to lovers story lines and especially when they are both straight and inexperienced but Sean and Valenti did not do it for me For one, there was miscommunication galore Seriously, if your best friend kisses you and sucks your dick just to make you feel better and to comfort you , then he has feelings for you and is most likely not doing it out of friendship Seriously, these two grown ass men are tender as fuck with each other and find any way to be intimate with each other all the time soooo.why was there any confusion BAH It was frustrating to read Besides the miscommunication, the story line was something I couldn t just looks past There were so many eye roll moments that it played like a bad porno with scripted talk and stereotypes I just couldn t connect with this book and felt it was a bit cheesy On to the next

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    This was a very sweet story and I loved both characters This book brought me in from the first page and kept me there until the end I laughed at times during this book, then I worried about the characters and their relationship The fact they were friends before the book started was nice Nick and Sean were so meant for each other, even when they were figuring themselves out, I knew Really great book

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