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    If you don t read this series, then you re really missing out on some awesome books Sorry, but I have to say for a series by Melody Carlson, considering that not a lot happens in most of her books, it reeeeeeaaaaally rocks Unfortunately my library doesn t have the third book, but I so wanna read it It s written in such a realistic way, something you really would expect in a teenager s diary I think Melody Carlson sort of exagerated the way teen girls would write I mean, being one myself, I do NOT say like and totally as much as Caitlyn does That s sort of a stereotype, but then again, a lot of girls talk that way It s better than if she sounded like Anne Frank or something.The way Caitlin can remember long, word for word conversations is pretty unrealistic, because I keep a diary myself and have a VERY hard time remembering who said what Those details are great for a novel, but sort of took away the feeling of a diary Though clearly it would be boring without those details Meldoy Carlson did continue to create an illusion, as it were, that Caitlin is remembering these things as she writes them.Well, this review is contradicting itself left and right I guess But the minor criticism I had for it is NOTHING compared to how much I loved it READ THIS BOOK IT S REALLY, REALLY GOOD

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    Book two of the teenage girl series, I had remembered of Caitlin and Beanie s story and in all the years had kinda forgotten Jenny s subplot I actually appreciated how the book handled the many issues each character had While God did seem to work in their lives, it also showed how they had to actively make choices in their own lives to change their situation God does miracles, but not if you are not opening your heart to Him You have to allow Him to work in your life, and even then, you may have a life long battle of it The plots of this book are a little heavier than the previous book which was centered on issues of a teen sex nature and popularity OFFICIAL RATING A this book checked all the marks.AUTHOR S STYLE 10 10 This style continued the same as the first and still reads much like a diary Caitlin began using it to catch herself in negative thinking though and somewhat as a prayer journal too which both can be important to personal growth AUTHOR S CHARACTERS 10 10 Once every character seemed realistic to their issues There was also no forgotten plot from the last book when we carried into this one All storylines continued in a believeable fashion Beanie and Jenny experienced a great deal of growth in this story as well as understanding for who they were as people Caitlin s reactions to things seemed realistic and genuine PLOT ITSELF 10 10 A heavy focus in the plotting of this book is being a missionary in our every day lives I think the book really kept to that plot and showed the struggles of bringing God into everything in our lives, especially if we fear it ll cause ridicule, and how showing God as a beacon in our lives can help others find Him None of these stories felt out of place with the plot this time.SUBPLOTS TO DISCUSS HEALING 8 10 I loved seeking God as a healing method for nearly all the things within the book My only gripe with it, is it was written just a smidge unrealistically Beanie s alcoholic mother suddenly deciding to get her life together after an intervention of Godly love from Caitlin and Beanie, or Jenny suddenly having a major step forward in her anorexia just by asking Jesus to enter her life Seeing how these things tend to be in real life makes this seem a bit sugar coated Hence I appreciated, for instance with Jenny, how it mentioned her backtracking in her behavior before moving out I think it is important to realize seeking God does NOT mean you are automatically healed or recovered God HELPS absolutely But you have to work with Him as well TEMPTATION 10 10 I appreciate the author doesn t make the temptations of the people magically go away Despite working to be better, Josh falls into another fling Despite swearing off dating, Caitlin struggles with liking boys attention and possibly wanting to date again She also struggles with her own shallowness about people and pushing God away out of fear or feeling unsure Beanie struggles with her own temptations involving Zach as well Every character has their weaknesses to fight through.How original the story was 5 10 As mentioned before, a diary format is not new and also I do feel stories of alcoholism and such are often pursued in YA Christian fiction, or at least it seems to be in the authors I find It does not take away from the goodness of the story and I find it well written still.I appreciate the way Carlson handled the many issues in the book gently and realistically for the most part I also appreciate how this book emphasizes the beauty of mission trips but also how many needy people there are in the world, and how much we truly take for granted I felt some of this myself when I was giving food to the poor, being thankful for having a floor to even sweep.

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    After reading Its My Life, I decided that it was my favorite book I have chosen to rate it with four stars I did not put five because this book is a Christian book and it limits it audience The author, Melody Carlson, creates a very tense mood and makes the reader eager to read on With great details and expressions, this book makes it feel as if Caitlin, the main character, was your best friend Caitlin is the antagonist of this story Her character is created in the first book, Becoming Me I think that the plot in this story is very appealing because it does not drag on It has many problems, but not to many to where the book is confusing One example of a conflict in is when Caitlin s friend Beanie gets pregnant with a boy from her church Before the weekend, Beanie was babysitting a little boy One day she pushed him around the block in his stroller Right then, a car came around the curve over the speed limit and did not see Beanie and the baby in the road Beanies first reaction was to push the stroller out of the road and run After she pushed it, the car hit her Beanie went to the hospital and found out that her baby died All Beanie could think about was crying Now with out her baby, she thinks her life is ruined Caitlin helps Beanie solve her problems and many other ones along the road To me, the author made an amazing book that many people can read, enjoy, and connect to in many ways.

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    This book popped on the side of the library s website, and I reserved it thinking that I d read it with my daughter in mind It is designed to appeal to teens, with a fakey handwriting kind of font, as if it was actually a teenage girl s diary I continually asked myself questions such as, Does this character seem real to me Do her problems and the way she deals with them seem real to me And yes, I thought this was a realistic book The young girl struggles with her desire to be popular and to appeal to boys, and she struggles with her sinful responses to situations in a believable way Among the topics dealt with are dating, teen pregnancy, anorexia, and conflicts with parents As in real life, when the main character stays close to God, she experiences the Holy Spirit s peace and guidance, but when she drifts away, she conforms to the world and loses her peace and joy The one thing that bothered me about this book was when I got to the end and realized the author has a veritable industry of novels about teenage Christian girls and their struggles Then I felt like her goal was less of connecting with and encouraging teens and of churning out books to make money.

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    This was a good book Better than the first in the series, in my opnion And I had not read it before, so I didn t have that nagging at the back of my mind.I can see how teenage girls can really relate to the characters in the story A fun read, but also makes you think.However is it really necessary to use a handwriting font for the entire story Not the easiest to read, in my opinion.

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    I don t know why I do this to myself, it s so saccharine and jesus y, yet I feel like I need to follow through.

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    Typical Caitlin Dear God, it seems I ll never get this right One minute I think I m doing pretty well, and the next thing I know I m having totally selfish and shallow thoughts How long will it take for me to really change Best friend Pregnant Second best friend Seriously sick Ex boyfriend Hanging out with someone else.Caitlin can t help but worry about all the people in her life She tries to help, but that takes up SO much time and doesn t even seem to help anyway And then her parents get all upset with her about what she wants to do after she graduates next year Seriously Doesn t Caitlin have a right to do what she feels God calling her to do Then again, is that Him speaking for sure It s My Life explores the topics of missions, dating or not , teenage pregnancies, family relationships, and The book delves deep into the thoughts of a teenage girl It s My Life is the second in the Diary of a Teenage Girl Caitlin series The first is Becoming Me the third, fourth, and fifth are Who I Am, On My Own, and I Do

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    In my opinion, this installment of the series was even better than the first, which is very hard to do This book is pretty realistic, allowing its main characters to have the limitations and freedoms that normal people their age have I m almost 17, and this book pinpointed many of the struggles I m going through as a teenager I thought this series would be cheesy, but the first book proved itself so I bought the rest of the series Highly recommend for both Christian and non Christian teen girls These books make you think about your own life The character development is probably one of the best I ve read Caitlyn is so real and actually have her own personality while still being able to relate with a variety of teenage girls I consumed this book in two days Look forward to the rest of the series.

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    I read this book a month or two ago and it was ok It really shows how God can work through someone s life and change it It wasn t that interesting to me, but I love how it explains the missions trip and how the main character couldn t get it off her mind That s really how a missions trip is I know, I ve been to Belize and the same thing happened with me and a lot of the other people on our trip If you re a girl, you will probably like this book I would recommend this book to any girl thirteen to eighteen It s a little girly and dramatic, but it s not too bad.

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    I know I read this when I was a teenager, but only remembered two of the major plot points This one DID fall into the trap the first one avoided, with tons of verbatim conversation that s just not realistic for a diary I did like that the copy I have with the bright orange cover actually shows a blonde girl, which fits Caitlin s description of herself better than the cover of the first book.

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It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2) summary pdf It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2), summary chapter 2 It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2), sparknotes It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2), It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2) 09f6f40 In This Emotional Sequel To Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Caitlin O Conner Faces New Trials As She Grows In Her Faith And Strives To Maintain The Recent Commitments She S Made To God As A New Believer, Caitlin Begins Her Summer Job And Makes Preparations For A Mexico Mission Trip With Her Church Youth Group Torn Between New Spiritual Directions And Loyalty To Beanie, Her Best Friend Now Pregnant , Caitlin Searches Out Her Personal Values On Friendship, Romance, Dating, Life Goals, And Key Relationships With God And Family Tough Choices Threaten Her Progress, And Her Year Climaxes In Her Realization That Maturity Sometimes Means Life Impacting Decisions Must Be Made By Faith Alone

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • It's My Life (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #2)
  • Melody Carlson
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9781590520536

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