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    WOW This author REALLY hit home I think she stalked me and took my life as an example for this book At least the first part of it Most certainly one of my all time favorites.

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    I hate to say this, but I actively disliked this book If I wasn t reading it for a class, I would have put it down after the first page I was really trying to keep an open mind since I don t read much Christian Inspirational fiction, but I just couldn t ignore the poor quality of writing The dialog felt soooo forced and stiff and unnatural And I really didn t buy Chloe s narrative voice It felt too much like an author trying to fit certain themes into a character s mouth rather than the words situations arising naturally from the character.Like, as an example, Chloe is joking with her parents about how the look of her band is not mainstream enough to attract a certain kind of fan, i.e older people Her dad responds by joking, Hey, who you calling old And then what does Chloe do I patted him on the back No offense, Dad, but you guys are my parents You re supposed to be a little out of the loop That s how we play the game, right 193 That s how you play what game What are you talking about Argh This book is just full of little phrases like this that come off as odd and totally unnatural Ugh, it bugged me so much I actually didn t mind the religious theme that much I mean, Carlson does make an attempt at a sort of acceptance of differences since Chloe s band consists of her in her grunge rock look Laura, an African American preppy girl and Allie, a Wiccan from a poor family But then, oh wait, they all become Christians So never mind, I guess they re not all that different after all It just bothers me in the Christian fiction that I ve read which I ll admit is very little and possibly not the best example of the genre that after a character gives her heart to Jesus, as Chloe does, she immediately starts praying for everyone she knows so that they too will see the truth and become Christians Conversion becomes a central theme, and as a non Christian reader it comes across a bit preachy and pushy And it was also a little unbelievable that Chloe s rebirth immediately flipped a switch and made her completely happy and totally different in her approach to life Carlson goes out of her way to show that Chloe still has problems in her life even though she s Christian But apparently she was seriously depressed, like suicidal, self destructive depressed before her rebirth, and the day afterwards she s immensely happy and back to normal I just don t know how realistic that is.

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    Review also on AwesomeBookNuts.blogspot.com Being a Christian who doesn t read many YA Christian themed books, I thought I d give this a try I maybe shouldn t have.For starters, this book is really, very poorly written It was cheesy and forced Characters in this book didn t speak like normal people and just about all dialogue felt unnatural The whole thing kind of felt like an after school special put on by a local preacher Hey kids, it s cool to be Christian Just ask this punk rocker girl who speaks like a 30 year old And it s all written in diary form, right So everything is from Chloe s perspective And I just didn t buy into Chloe s personality At all She didn t read like a teenage girl She read like a middle aged woman trying to act hip.There were a few different plotlines going on, which I appreciate, but a couple were just stupid The bullying storyline was ridiculous I guess stuff like this can happen, but really It didn t feel legitimate It was cliche and corny and just dumb.The music aspect of the book was nice I liked all the scenes where Chloe played at the coffee shop and the battle of the bands thing I m a sucker for music, though.Conversion was a main theme here Chloe got converted to Christianity and was instantly happy with herself I don t deny that feeling the presence of God in your life will help you feel better about the world in general but it s not a solve all that will fix all your depression and whatever other problems you have Conversion is a process that takes time and does not just make everything perfect And then, once Chloe is converted, she begins to pray for everyone around her to be converted, too It s almost like saying, Hey, I like my friends for who they are, even though they re all completely different but if they were all Christian like me I d like them a whole lot What kind of message is that to send That we d only like other people if they were the same as us Not cool And her friend Allie who does end up converting from Wicca to Christianity just so flaky And dumb Allie, grow a pair and do what you believe in, not whatever your friends are doing at the time just so you can fit in.Caitlin bugged just because she was so, so far to the right I mean, she didn t date, didn t talk about anything unrelated to religion and pretty much only contacted Chloe to bully her into accepting God into her life I Just Can t.So I couldn t get over the after school special feel this whole book had Hey, kids, we Christians enjoy diversity but pray for everyone you know to become Christian and we can all be the same And we ll all be happy, too It kind of felt petty, to be completely honest As a religious person myself, I just can t get over the way the Christians in this book pushed and nagged those around them into thinking about becoming Christian Yes, it s a lovely thing to accept in your life But only if you want it in your life And not everyone accepts Christianity and that should be fine This book made it seem like everyone who was prayed for accepted Christianity pretty easily Unrealistic I felt like the kids in this book were kind of bullied into religion That s never a good thing Religion is something that needs to be discovered for yourself Yes, learn about what s out there if you re interested in religion but someone else can t just pray for you to become Christian and BAM you re Christian Doesn t work that way.To wrap up, this book was simplistic, unrealistic and kind of dumb I was hoping for something uplifting but it kind of made me a little downhearted about religious people in general.Sexual Content NoneLanguage NoneDrugs Alcohol NoneViolence None

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    Another really great book This book is about a young girl who is sort of a rebel She does what she want s and doesn t care for anything but herself Chloe is a great guitar player, she plays and it s sort of her passion Her friend does witchcraft, really scary, her friend believes that the witchcraft will make her life better, but so far she s snot doeing so good One day when Chloe was walking in the cemetary she fell to her knees and asked God for forgivness and asked Christ to come into her heart Every sence then she goes to church and tries to do the right thing all the time But one day when these sgroup of girls come up to her and start hitting her , Chloe swings her backpack and hit one girl in the nose, which was now broke Chloe now want s her friend to get out of witchcraft and ask God for forgivness, but it s not going so well, then one day her friend came up and said she is now a Christian Chloe and her friend and another girl got a job at a resteruant to play music, they re band is called Redemptation So far Chloe is a not quite so much a rebel and she has a strong relationship with God.

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    After reading the Kim series I decided to pick up a Chloe book Chloe looks like your average rebel she s got piercings, dyed hair, and those black clothes She freaks her mom out and makes others keep away She likes being different, but now all she wants is a friend and some answers.But after a close encounter with God and meeting up with some different liking friends, wouldn t you know it Chloe Miller is starting a rock band but where is it going All the way to stardom or just the neighborhood Though I didn t enjoy it as much as the Kim books, I could really relate to Chloe about being different not that I dress like a Goth but to the point where no one meaning teens not parents understands you I thought it was great reading about someone who you can relate directly to REVIEW BY MORGAN

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    this book is probably the best book I have read all year, I choice this book because I was browsing though the library and found this book, I was attracted to the front cover so I read the back and I could help myself, it is about a girl named Chloe who has gone though so much, lost everything and as soon as she is about to give up she is confronted by god, with her guitar in her hand she is determined to spread the word of god to other people who were in her shoes before god came alone and saved her life This book has many twists and turns one minute everything is perfect the next it is complete chaos That s the thing I loved about this book its just so exciting, sometimes it was a bit slow at points in the story but it was overall amazing I would recommend this book for any girl who is 14 and above it does contain some minor violence so maybe no one younger then this age.

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    Did not like it at all. Talks about religion way to much, I felt like it was trying to shove it down my throat That the book wanted me also to convert into a Christian A girl trying to figure out where she belongs She lost all her friends, but then found a new crowd Started a girl band and thinks Jesus god is living her life. That with Jesus in her heart Her life would be better.Blahblahblah, boring.

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    This was a really good book Seriously, just like Who I Am, this book is written in diary form It s really, really good.The book sorta starts with Chloe..this teenage girl who has gone through alot of hurt and she s seen as rebellious Through the help of her teenage mentor Caitlin O Conner who is Chloe s brother s ex girlfriend , Chloe eventually becomes a Christian and decides to start a sort of punk rock band with her friends Well, I ll stop there, but this is a really good book.

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    It is a very good book I read two capters in school, then i started reading it when i got home, and i couldent get my eyes away from it I finished it that night I was very dissapointed when my school library did not have the second one

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    I thought this book was really good it spoke alot about Chloes life as a christian and how it can change you and make you a beter person i read all of the Chloe series and fell in love with them all the books by melody carlson are really good

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