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Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2) pdf Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2), ebook Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2), epub Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2), doc Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2), e-pub Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2), Meant to Be (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim, #2) 71cb118c43b Kim S World Turns Upside Down When Kim S Mom Is Diagnosed With Cancer, Natalie Steps In, As True Friends Will Do, To Round Up Hundreds Of People To Pray For Mrs Peterson S Healing Her Health Begins To Improve, And Kim S Love Life Begins To Flourish But With A Non Christian Natalie Warns Kim To Break Off The Relationship, But Is That Just Because She S Jealous Or Is God Trying To Speak To Kim Through Natalie S Counsel When Her Mom S Health Suddenly Declines Again, Kim Blames Herself Maybe She Never Should Have Become Involved With Matthew, Especially As She S Tempted To Give In To His Pressure To Have Sex Kim S Faith Is Hanging In The Balance She Wants To Believe That Prayer Will Prevail, But The Obstacles Seem So Big Thursday, December My Dad And I Are Both Feeling A Little Torn About Mom Right Now On One Hand, We All Act Like Everything Is Just Peachy, Perfectly Normal But At The Same Time, It S Like We Re Walking On Eggshells Too Like We Re All Thinking The Same Thing Is This Our Last Christmas All TogetherKim Peterson S Mom Has Stage Four Ovarian Cancer, And Kim S Done Enough Research Online To Know The Odds Are Dismal But Kim And Her Best Friend, Natalie McCabe, And A Lot Of Other People Are Praying That God Will Heal Her Mom Kim S Mom Makes Her Promise That She Ll Continue With Life As Normal Nat, Youth Group, Violin, Her Just Ask Jamie Newspaper Column, Even Hanging Out With Matthew But How Can Life Be Normal With Cancer Hanging Over Your Head Like A Dark Cloud And Then She S Getting Flak From Natalie Because Matthew S Not A Christian, And Nat S Afraid He Ll Drag Kim Down But Nat S Dating Life Isn T Exactly Smooth Sailing, Either Both Girls Are Praying A Lot And Waiting To Find Out What S Meant To Be Reader S Guide Included Story Behind The Book My Teenage Years Remain Vivid In My Mind It Was A Turbulent Time, Full Of Sharp Contrasts Love And Hate, Pain And Pleasure, Trust And Doubt Then, Just As I Reached My Peak Of Questioning, Rebelling, And Seeking, I Found God And I Found Him In A Really Big Way My Life Turned Completely Around And Has, Thankfully, Never Turned Back Hopefully This Story Will Touch And Change Hearts Speaking To Teen Girls Right Where They Live, Reminding Readers That God Is Alive And Well And Ready To Be Intimately Involved In Their Lives Right Now Melody Carlson From The Trade Paperback Edition

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    I have read all five hundred thousand of the Diary of a Teenage Girl books Chloe, Caitlin, Kim, whatever , and Kim s stories were the only one I remembered However, I read them years ago and had no interest in reviewing then, and mostly forgot about them I picked up Meant to Be at a yard sale last month and decided to buy it for 25 cents , expecting to review it as terrible, preachy Christian teen lit that basically proclaimed, GOD WILL SMITE YOU IF YOU HAVE SEX OR A LUSTFUL THOUGHT IF YOU RE A GIRL But if you re a guy, it s okay and to be expected It wasn t like that at all Meant to Be introduced interesting, likable characters, showed the honest consequences of Natalie, a female friend of Kim s having sex without, believe it or not, forcing an abstinent lifestyle down the reader s throat Natalie s boyfriend, thank goodness, was not portrayed as idiotic, sex obsessed, one track minded, or immediately running away upon learning of the girl s pregnancy The story was honestly funny and heartfelt at times without hardly being preachy, sexist or forcible about religion, although it was clearly Christian themed That s a rarity, and I m grateful for not having to give it one star and write an enormous, all caps rant about it.And I felt sad when Kim s mom died Genuinely sad That s hard to replicate.

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    Heartbreakingbut still enjoyable.

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    It was really good Dealt with tons of mature issues, so I recommend to be read by age 15 and up But this was a very good follow up from the second book.

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    Reading this book, Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Meant To Be , confirmed that it is about a girl named Kim, a girl who had her first love, her parents divorced, and a tough spot in her life when her mom got stage four ovarian cancer Kim is a very wise and clever person She will do anything for her mom, knowing that she only has a little time left with her mom, because the medicine seems like it isn t helping to cure her cancer So it makes this novel very interesting and a good book to read Melody Carlson, the author, writes about a character s life, Kim She writes about Kim and the messages Kim gets on her computer and or phone About how she struggles with her boyfriend and her parents, not knowing how to cope with her feelings, so people online write to her about things that go on in her life to cope with her I guess you can say that people all around the world talk in this group chat, to help other people going through a heartbreak or a lifetime decision Overall, this book is really interesting and amusing to read I recommend this book to young adults because there are scenes where it might not be appropriate for younger readers.

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    I still can t believe that the Kim diaries were my least favorite when I read this series over a decade ago Upon re reading these books she has definitely become my favorite, and the ending of this one made me cry I m glad I don t remember these very well, because everything seems new to me that way.

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    Okay, since I ve read so many of the Diary of a Teenage Girl series books, I usually don t take the time to review them But on this one, I just had to put something This book helped me grieve My best friend first pointed the Kim series out to me, saying how much she was like Kim They re both adopted, feel the same way about some things Both Christians And her mom also died from cancer, almost a year ago today.I m a strange person I don t really cry or grieve when people die I didn t when my grandpa died Or when Amy best friend s mom did Even though those are two people that I was very close to Sure, I was sad But I never actually took the time to really grieve.Until I read this book When I got to the part about Kim s mom dying, I cried Yes, I really cried But I wasn t crying for the book, at least not mostly I was crying for Amy And this book really helped me, to grieve, to take a step I immensely recommend it for anybody, but especially for people going through loss.

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    This Diary of a Teenage Girl was different from the Kim or the Chloe series haven t read the Caitlin series yet.It was still good, but pretty edgy Sure, lots of girls have Maya s problem in fact I know one , but I hear about it so much that I don t like to keep reading stuff about it.Anyways, Maya s mother is an drug addict,her father s away on tour, and Maya wants to live on her own But in doing so, she gotta learn the art of being humble.It was a bit slow at times, but finishable can I make up that word Hopefully the second one, It s a Green Thing will be better.REVIEW BY MORGAN

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    This book was good, but hard to read I have not lost my mom, but I understand the pain of losing a parent you really love Also, the times of trustsing God for healing, but also accepting complete healing may only happen in heaven It was interesting to read about Maya since I ve read the books in her diary series already I like reading about how the characters come and go throughout the books It s like the real world people you interact with come and go and have large and small things to do with your life.

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    another great novel about the struggles and difficulties teens face everyday, even being a Christian This book really inspires me to be a great example to the people around me and let them know what my beliefs are as a Christain i dont need to force them to believe the same thing but give them time to figure out what i am saying or doing really makes sense when kim s mom died i almost cried

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    I think Kim is my favorit DOATG girl Caitlin, though I like her, always seems so perfect, Chloe is cool but I m not a free spirited musician, and Maya i haven t read all her books So Kim SHe s a quiet serious girl just like me, and so I find I relate to her the best And I like her parents a lot too But all these books are good

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