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Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1) pdf Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1), ebook Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1), epub Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1), doc Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1), e-pub Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1), Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #1) c5ab30f83cd In The Fictional Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Sixteen Year Old Caitlin O Conner Reveals The Inner Workings Of A Girl Caught Between Childhood And Womanhood An Empty Life Without Christ And A Meaningful One With Him Through Caitlin S Candid Journal Entries We See Her Grapple With Such Universal Teen Issues As Peer Pressure, Loyalty, Conflict With Parents, The Longing For A Boyfriend, And Her Own Spirituality Readers Will Laugh And Cry With Caitlin As She Struggles Toward Self Discovery And Understanding God S Plan For Her Life And They Ll Be Deeply Moved By Her Surprising Commitment Regarding DatingFollow Caitlin O Conner, A Girl Much Like Yourself, As She Makes Her Way From New Year S To The First Day Of Summer Surviving A Challenging Home Life, Changing Friends, School Pressures, An Identity Crisis, And The Uncertainties Of True Love You Ll Cry With Caitlin As She Experiences Heartache, And Cheer For Her As She Encounters A New Reality In Her Life God See How Rejection By One Group Can Incredibly Sometimes Lead You To Discover Who You Really Are

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    ATTENTION I m adding this paragraph to the beginning of my review because I just read some other reviews Everyone seems to think the book was preachy This, my friends, is called a feeling of guilt or uneasiness when one is shown how similar they are to a character who isn t Christian You read about Caitlin pointing out her own faults, realize you are the same way, and decide you don t want to hear about it This book makes you THINK, and seeing your faults is good If you take one look at it and say it s preachy, well, then you probably need to hear what Caitlin has to say.I think this is my favorite series One Sunday in December, it snowed so much that my church was cancelled So, I needed to do something with my time My sister said I could borrow Becoming Me from her, and it looked interesting, so I figured I d start it And finish it on the same day Happiness is hot chocolate and a good book Happierness is hot chocolate with cinnamon and a Melody Carlson novel But happiestness is hot chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla, AND a book from the Diary of a Teenage Girl Series There you have it, lesson 1 in Sandy Crow s Book of Wisdom This proved to be a very worthwhile Christian book At first it seems like it s just going to be another book in which Christianity plays a small part, but only in the beginning, before Caitlyn becomes a Christian Her life up until that point is just as important as the rest it helps the reader see the changes that go on in Caitlyn, and the new man she is in Christ can be seen clearly when compared to her old self.I would recommend it for any Christian teen However, I had one problem with it One of the themes in this book is personal convictions And in one of Caitlin s entries, she decides that God wants her to abstain from sex until marriage She calls it a personal conviction.Okay, now I have no problem with the virginity vow itself But she shares her personal conviction with the youth group, and the message in the book is that this is pretty much something between you and God Basically, that God calls some people to obey it, and others are off the hook.But besides that one issue, it is a really good book The second one, It s My Life, is even better, and I haven t currently read Who I Am yet.

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    I am a Christian, and I liked the book upon the first reading, but in all seriousness, it is rather mediocre Caitlin didn t have much of a personality There was longing for popularity, dealing with parents going through marriage problems, dating problems, and teen pregnancy It was a little predictable and cliched It was also quite preachy at times I m all for not having premarital sex, but this is a subject that has been covered in sermons everywhere, and I didn t feel like the book approached the subject in a new or deep manner I felt like the author was really trying to hammer in the message rather than just TELLING A GOOD STORY Which is pretty much my problem with a huge percentage of christian fiction, especially YA fiction Hasn t anyone thought that maybe Christian teens are tired of the same messages being thrown at them, as if they haven t gotten it already Believe it or not, we aren t stupid, and there are a lot of Christian girls who are far in control of their emotions that Caitlin.I was also disappointed because the title suggests that Caitlyn was actually going to go through some self discovery stuff, something that has been important to me in my life as a Christian But alas, I didn t really feel it there.Was it an a bad book No Was it a good book Not really It did have some parts in it that were good, I suppose, but not enough to compel me to read the next one.I did read this book a couple years ago now, but I doubt it s improved itself EDIT I m actually curious as to whether the book would have been better if it had been told from Beanie s The best friend perspective

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    I loved this book I picked it up at the library and almost put it back until I saw it had christian stuff in it Then I was like heck yes I ll read it Because I m a christian and a believer in Jesus So it s written to be like a diary of a sixteen year old girl named Catlin She is struggling to fit in with the popular kids in school So she starts to put on an act, and pretends she s something she s not just so everyone will like her Then when her parents start to get into marriage problems she stars getting into trouble at parties and other things Then a friend invites her to a church youth group She learns about Jesus and she finally accepts the Lord into her heart Suddenly drastic changes start happening in her life Her parents get back together And she is filled with peace and joy She decides she doesn t need to act for the kids at school any And she is happy that way But not everything is fixed her best friend is having a major problem with her boyfriend and sex Also Catlin is having trouble with deciding if it s a good idea to date or not I think this was an awesome book for teen girls and I think every one should read it Of course OLDER teenage girls I m 14 and I think even I was a bit too young for this GOOD It shows Catlin in the situation a lot of teens are in these days It shows how Catlin was able to fix problems and over come sadness and trial It also tells about how much she was changed by Jesus and how happy it made her It has good morals and I learned A LOT from this book It totally changed my POV about dating and sex I think every teenage girl should read this But I would not recommend any one 15 or under should read it BAD There was a lot of descriptions of kissing There were parts were Catlin was at parties with teens drinking alcohol and doing drugs There was a lot of parts that talk about sex out of marriage Although it has this stuff in it, it does show it as sin And it also shows the consequences for it all later And how Catlin was able to get through it all with Jesus It was written in a special type to make it look as if it was hand written And the type made it difficult to read.

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    In Becoming Me, a newly sixteen year old girl writes about her struggles with new friends, boys, family problems, and life in general As she climbs the popularity ladder at school, gains the affection of the most popular boy in school, and discovers a secret that could destroy her family, she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings with her diary Through this book, readers gain a peek inside one teenager s heart and laugh or cry along with her.Just like her other books, Melody Carlson deals with important but touchy and often taboo topics Issues teenagers deal with on a daily basis, from the minefield of friendships and popularity to the often ignored problem of teen pregnancy, are brought into the light rather than tiptoed around Carlson writes clearly but kindly, not avoiding or celebrating the sins and struggles mentioned.The characters are easy to believe for the most part, and readers can definitely relate to them The storyline isn t dramatized past reality, but it isn t simple or flat, either In this book, realness is key Real Christianity versus tradition Real friendship versus popularity Real relationships versus using people to get what you want I give this book five stars, and hope to see the next installment available for review as well.I received this book for free through Glass Road Public Relations in exchange for this review All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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    Probably my favorite book ever Caitlyn isn t the popular girl in school, but she has a good friend named Beanie One day Jenny popular girl comes and soon they are best friends, Caitlyn just ingores Beanie so she doesn t look stupid in front of Jenny Caitlyn is soon falling for Josh Jenny s on and off boyfriend, and he has feelings for her They get together behind Jenny s back and soon enough Jenny finds out and dumps Josh and Caitylin is all alone now The Beanie comes to the rescue and is Caitlyn s best friend, but theres something different about Beani, she is totally and completly Christian Caitlyn s dad leaves the family for a younger women and soon is back with the family, but Caitlyn absolutly hates him, but then forgives him Beanie and Caitlyn go to youth group and Caitlyn is now a full believer of God and Jesus Together they go through problems like Josh wanting her back, peer preasure, and all the stuff teens go through Caitlyn now has a close relationsip with God.

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    What a challenging book I don t mean challenging in the sense that it was hard to read, it was very easy and quick However I really felt like this book challenged me spiritually, which I love Any girl can enjoy this book, especially Christians who are new to the faith I felt like I was journeying with Caitlin the whole time

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    You may be asking yourself, Why did he read a teenage girl s diary THe simple answer is that I was looking for some good Christian testimonial type of books for the kids in my youth group I worked with at the time plus I have a daughter who is now a teenager.

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    Not quite as good as the other Melody Carson books, but a good read I tell you, I read a bunch of books on vacation and can t remember what day I read Wich book,plus the vacation was over the last week in February first in March, so I don t even know what month

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    These books have a very specific target audience Outside of that target audience, I am sure they are met with a lot of eye rolling and skepticism But since I once was a part of Melody Carlson s key demographic, and hope that eventually my daughter will be part of that group as well, I can appreciate her books for what they are Carlson has an excellent grasp on the teenage girl narrative voice Her characters are believable I sometimes get irritated with them, only because I have the adult perspective to know that teenage end of the world level social drama fades I mean, I get irritated at Caitlin in the book in the same manner I look back with annoyance at my own teenaged self So to me that says Carlson does a good job at coming across like a real teen girl People who were not active in church youth groups in high school probably view these books very cynically as unrealistic preachy But honestly, I had struggles between my spirituality and sexuality just like Caitlin does in this book, and ultimately made similar choices I wish books like this had been around during my teens, it really would have been beneficial to read about girls like myself instead of the unrealistic paper dolls of SVH and Sunfire romance.3.5 stars

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    Becoming Me by Melody Carlson was an enjoyable read The characters I felt, had good development The only reason I m giving this 4 out of 5 stars, was because I had trouble remembering the story line after a while of reading This wasn t a book I could just pick up and read for hours and hours Although, finally getting into the reading, it was well wrote and great for Christian girls.

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