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One for the Road (Road #1) pdf One for the Road (Road #1) , ebook One for the Road (Road #1) , epub One for the Road (Road #1) , doc One for the Road (Road #1) , e-pub One for the Road (Road #1) , One for the Road (Road #1) 7af1762028f Adaline Sharp Has Crossed The World To Be Anonymous She S Put Thousands Of Kilometres Between Herself And Those Who Need Her, And Joined Forty Seven Others On A Group Tour Through Europe Freedom Is Bliss Acting Her Age Is A Novelty And The World Away From Home Is Wonderful But Her Low Profile Is Not To LastIntrigued By The Wide Eyed Girl Who Can T Seem To Get Enough Of The World, Fellow Tour Mate Rory Frost Adjusts His Priorities He S Going To See Everything, But He S Going To See It With HerExcept Adaline Didn T Come Here To Make Friends Friends Equal Obligations And Expectations, And Adaline S Learned That To Need Someone Is To Bind Them Rory Must Show Adaline That The Right Relationships Can Empower Her If He Is To Have Any Hope Of Seeing Her Again After The International Departure Terminal

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    Reviewed on behalf of the Book Boyfriend Addict www.bookboyfriendaddict.com A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Ads, don t push me away because you don t like everything going on in your life right now No one ever likes everything they re doing Gives us a chance He grinned Dare to believe Dream big Adaline Sharp has been forced to grow up very quickly becoming her mother s sole care giver leaving her no room to take for herself Adaline finally decides to do something for herself and take a trip to see the world for 2 weeks She expects to have anonymity and enjoy time not having to care for anyone s feelings or wellbeing As Adaline starts to open herself up to having friends and getting close to people she goes through a whole transformation knowing that she has to take charge of her life if she wants it to be better.Wow let me just say that this book was a journey that was amazing, it had everything a YA should capture really showing so many struggles that you or I could go through The insight this book provided was able to put you in someone else s shoes to see the world through their eyes I think Elise was able to put such genuine feelings into characters it made you fully vested in each one not just the main characters There is so much that happens in this book in terms of personal growth, friendship, self respect, independence, travel and love Adaline Ada has a very complex relationship with her mother to say the least, she has been taking care of her for so long always putting herself second that when you first meet her you see how negative it has affected her I often found myself wanting to just hug her or shake her hoping that it would make her better Seeing her gradual growth was so uplifting that you can t wait to see how to grows next Now Rory Frost is the complete opposite of Ada, he gives freely, jokes easily and smiles without effort Ada is immediately drawn to him just like everyone else but she just isn t ready to be carefree and open like him Rory made me fall in love with him right away he was so sweet and patient with Ada knowing that there was to her then her closed up demeanor of when he first met her Watching their friendship and romance grow was very endearing you just want it to work out even with the obstacles they will face once the trip is over I m here to do whatever you want and give you whatever you need He swallowed I know you re freaking out right now, but please don t send me away Now it would be fair if I didn t talk about the secondary characters because their own enjoyment, struggles, and growth are what made the book so great and relatable I think everyone would be able to relate to at least one of them but I don t want to give any details away because each day on the trip is really something you should experience They all play apart in Adaline coming into her own and wanting to make positive changes in her situation when she gets home All and all I though this was a wonderful young adult book and I would highly recommend it I think that Elise has a wonderful way with words and amazing insight into real struggle we all might face I am really looking forward to her new book in the series that will be coming out later this month.

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    This was an interesting read for me Not among the kinds of books I usually go for, as the last travel centric book I read was for a college class I took maybe four years ago, but reading it certainly threw me back to those times without even really trying Not that that s a bad thing I enjoyed those novels and college was a great time for me Unfortunately, it wasn t quite up my alley, and while I enjoyed the story and characters as they were, I didn t really connect at all with anyone and, despite having been to Europe myself, wasn t really enthralled with what was happening for our main character, Adaline or, as she goes by in the story frequently Ada Ada does, however, have a lot going on in her world than just the trip we re taking with her as we move through the story She s got a background plaguing her, and it plays a pretty key part in what happens to her.For me Not the most enrapturing story, but I wasn t quite the key audience I chose to give it a go regardless, just in case I ended up loving it my tastes are so wild sometimes, it s hard to predict , but I think this is of a book for those that love to read about traveling the world and discovering yourself along the way, because that s exactly what this is.If you like travel, spontaneous love and friendship with side characters that really have to them than just being on the side , or living through hardships that just keep trying to catch up to you even when you re running away, this might just be the book for you, and I suggest you give it a read It s part of a series, so there are two maybe three judging from Goodreads books to go with this first one.

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    One For The Road is addictive I found that I couldn t pick which path Adaline would take It made me want to keep reading, and I would fight sleep to read just one chapter late at night So many times I wanted to pick up and keep reading instead of doing the daily life duties of being a parent Elise writes in a way that transports you to the world she s creating, and I really enjoy reading her works Can t wait to order and start reading the next book in this series.

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    One For The Road is a gorgeous new adult story Adaline is smart and gentle, but also so brave Her home situation is extremely difficult and seemingly intractable, and I totally felt for her I loved accompanying her through Europe, meeting new people and seeing new countries The romance that develops is sweet and believable and FUN A delight to read I believe this is the first of a series of new adult romances centred around group tours As someone who never joined one of these, being able to live this very particular experience vicariously is an added bonus.Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review.

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