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The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) explained The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) , review The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) , trailer The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) , box office The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) , analysis The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) , The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1) 3f2b On The Edge Of Town A Beast Haunts The Woods, Trapped In The Gray, Its Bonds Loosening Uprooted From The City, Violet Saunders Doesn T Have Much Hope Of Fitting In At Her New School In Four Paths, A Town Almost Buried In The Woodlands Of Rural New York The Fact That She S Descended From One Of The Town S Founders Doesn T Help Much, Either Her New Neighbours Treat Her With Distant Respect, And Something Very Like Fear When She Meets Justin, May, Isaac, And Harper, All Children Of Founder Families, And Sees The Otherworldly Destruction They Can Wreak, She Starts To Wonder If The Townsfolk Are Right To Be AfraidWhen Bodies Start To Appear In The Woods, The Locals Become Downright Hostile Can The Teenagers Solve The Mystery Of Four Paths, And Their Own Part In It, Before Another Calamity Strikes

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray, #1)
  • Christine Lynn Herman
  • English
  • 02 January 2019

About the Author: Christine Lynn Herman

Born in New York City but raised in Japan and Hong Kong, Christine Lynn Herman subscribes to the firm philosophy that home is where her books are She returned to the United States for college, where she traded out a subtropical climate for harsh, snowy winters and an Honors English degree at the University of Rochester Currently, Christine and her books reside in Brooklyn, along with her partner

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    Review to come Listen I know I say this a lot but I have two weeks left in the semester, I promise I m working on updating all my reviews XD

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    STRANGER THINGS MEETS THE RAVEN CYCLE.I guess life is just that unimportant thing that s happening before I get to read this book

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Four Paths had its charms, if you could ignore the fact that it was also a monster prison she apparently had some ancestral obligation to deal with This is a really hard review for me to write, because this book had some of my favorite things of all time lyrical and beautiful writing that I could nonstop highlight, an atmosphere setting that gives me goosebumps even just thinking about, a mystery all surrounding what hides in the dark depths of the forest, and a very diverse cast of characters Like, damn But if this isn t the first review of The Devouring Gray you ve read, yes, all the Riverdale and Stranger Things comparisons are all valid I kind of think The Raven Cycle one is a bit of stretch, but I can kind of see it But this debut novel really impressed me, and I can t wait to see what the author does next But The Devouring Gray follows four teens in upstate New York, all living in a little secluded town called Four Paths And in this mysterious forest town, four families are held to a higher standard, because their descendants were the reason the town is protected from the Beast who hunts them And all the descendants are able to harness the powers that should be passed down through their bloodline, but only if they survive a ritual pertaining to their ancestor But now the town is under attack, and all hope is with four teens who are the descendants that are needed for survival, yet they might not be ready to provide protection for themselves, or anyone else, just yet in eighteen forty seven, a group of settlers seeking a new life in upstate New York decided to end their pilgrimage here On this day, we celebrate the leaders of that group Thomas Carlisle, Lydia Saunders, Richard Sullivan, and Hetty Hawthorne Harper Carlisle Missing one arm from the elbow down after her ritual to harness her powers went wrong, and holding a grudge over someone who used to be her best friend but wanted nothing to do with her after her accident Also, her father is a predominant figure in the safety of the town Also, also, a warrior babe who can wield many weapons Violet Saunders Bisexual, just moving to Four Paths after the death of her sister and trying to learn to live with an astronomical amount of grief, while also learning that she has a hidden bloodline she never knew about Also, piano playing goddess Isaac Sullivan Bisexual, living on his own after the rest of his family died in an accident He is also Justin s best friend, a broody reader babe, and he has the best and most scary power of them all Also, he was easily my favorite character Justin Hawthorne The popular boy, who has the most powerful family in town, even though he feels like he must always do what his mother also the sheriff of the town wants, even though he is keeping a very big secret from her Side note, I would die for his sister, May, my tarot card reading baby Powers or not, he was still a Hawthorne He would find a way to keep Four Paths safe Yet, even though these are the four main characters, we have so many side characters, too And this, in addition to the fact that the story jumps points of view a lot, I just feel like I never truly cared about any of the characters, even though I didn t have a problem with any of them I mean, it really is a strange feeling, because I can mentally break down that these are the four main characters, but while reading the chapter switching just makes me feel like I m reading ASOIAF or something else that feels like we are given so many different points of view I feel like this was the biggest factor that kept me from loving this book I never truly got to know any of these characters because of the way the story jumps around Also, if I m being honest the Beast and the Gray felt too much like Stranger Things to me, but also with not enough explanation I obviously am here for a good mystery, but I think seeing of this parallel world, the mysterious creature and its powers, would have really benefited the story by filling in some much needed gaps and made the situation feel scarier and high risk Like, I was honestly convinced that some type of humans or other beings were going to reside in this world Or we were going to fully understand the powers and what this thing was capable and not capable of I don t know, the concept is just so amazing, but I felt really let down by the biggest risk factor of the story But I still loved watching all these teens learn how to find their powers and learn how to use their powers I loved seeing them grow, both apart and together I loved seeing all the different friendship roots both brand new and old ones healing I loved seeing how these four handled grief and trauma all very differently but still all very validly And I loved to see all of these teens realize they are worth a hell of a lot than the past mistakes of the ancestors they are forced to live up to Something inside Violet had cracked the day Rosie died There was an abscess in her chest, a gaping hole in the back of her skull A place for evil things to slip right in Overall, I really loved the ownvoices queer rep, and the atmosphere and setting were truly nothing short of amazing I do want to mention that the main relationships in this are not f f, but there are lots of hints at side f f relationships Also, even though I could never truly connect with the story, I still think there is so much good here And I think many readers will still really enjoy this one upon release But that epilogue ending made me audibly gasp that made my cat give me angry eyes for waking her Is this the start of a series Because I am totally down with reading whatever Christine Lynn Herman comes up with next, but especially with this setting as a backdrop Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and trigger warnings for loss of a loved one, a lot of talk of death, murder, grief and trauma depictions, violence, abandonment, talk of rituals and self sacrifice, and assault.

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    This was hurt it would never understand This was hurt made from love And she immersed herself in grief, embraced it, the parts of her that had been so lost and broken, so long her enemy, were now her savior I devoured this book in one sitting and it has devoured me I FUCKING LOVED IT I honestly heard a couple good things surrounding this book there wasn t much hype to it there still isn t, too some extent But what I m going to tell you is BELIEVE THAT HYPE IT S TRUE AND REAL t h a n k g o d I first heard this book pitched as the raven boys meets stranger things WTF How can two godsblessed and just perfect aspects of my favorite series be a thing Well let me tell you It fucking can Granted, nothing can come close to, The Raven Boys, for me but this book comes as a close runner up in third place In second place is Gray Wolf Island i fucking love this book so much go read it if you love the TRC like I do This book does share similar aspects of TRC and ST but I think it s equally distinctive and unique standing overtly strong on its own I don t think I ve read anything like it in any book before so that was amazingly refreshing The characters were the strongest aspect of the book And most important I fucking love Violet Granted my lease favorite character was Justin annoying but he grew on me later The writing in of itself wasn t really anything special but I think its ordinariness elevated the story itself into something better and spectacular I don t think the blurb does a good job explaining what the story is about but I think that s a good thing I expected something different and got something better instead I want the sequel Now Honestly I just really love books with little sparks of magic in a place of our world It s grounding and realistic Hidden A fucking gem Ultimately, this was a story about grief and loss, taking control of your own life and destiny, the heavy ties and core of motherhood, and broken fractured friendships.Another favorite of mine And also can we just agree that the UK cover is waayy better than the US cover 5 DEVOURING STARSTwitter Bookstagram Youtube ______ The Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven BoysThe Raven Boys The Raven Boys meets Stranger Things this almost sounds to good to be true Anxiously waiting for 2019.

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    Welcome to Four Paths Nobody would ever stay here if they had a choice The Devouring Gray is Riverdale turned magical It s also less trashy AND everyone is bisexual.I utterly adored the first few chapters of the book It s moody and creepy and totally has this sort of Twin Peaks vibe going for it Every new page smells like secrets and mystery And a little like returning to Forks for the first time in a decade Dark forests and grey clouds as far as your eyes can see.The plot was fast paced and the characters were fun but for my taste, this novel could easily have had 100 or even 200 pages A lot happened in a single book and while it was exciting it was also a little messy A huge part of the story is actually backstory scandalous events and equally scandalous relationships in the past Then there are several POVs and characters who have their own story, family, emotional baggage, etc There is a lot going on at the same time and for it all to feel realistic would have needed time, pages When it comes to the characters, they all started blending into one person at one point Sure, they have different names, hair colours, families, but character wise, there wasn t much depth Which doesn t mean they sucked, but again, time could have been spent on them It would have added to their relatability.When I first heard of this book I was super excited because it seemed like it would feature lots of LGBT characters Then people told me that it was not as gay as I thought But turns out, the bisexual agenda is strong in this book I mean, when you find out that your mother had a relationship with your friend s mother, it s quite a surprise We need representation of queer parents anyway.Totally looking forward to the sequel Thank you to Titan Books for providing a review copy in return for an honest review.Find of my books on Instagram

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    Another one that I think would be of a 3.5 than just a 3 I really enjoyed this I didn t know what to expect going in, but this read exactly like a season of the Vampire Diaries or Riverdale and I am not mad about it Also, I just can t help but to love a book with a whimsical setting and realistic bi rep Definitely glad that I branched out of my contemporary comfort zone to give this creepy fantastical book a try.

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    Mark my word This will be the fantasy breakthrough of 2019 This is the next Harry Potter When I grow old, I talk to my grandkids about this book I ll ask them if they ve ever read The Devouring Gray and when the answer of course they have Who hasn t, I ll show them my rare first edition, ARC They will be speechless.This book has ruined me for any other fantasy novels It was so well put together.The book follows Violet, Harper, Justin and Issac who all live in the mysterious town of Four Paths But Four Paths isn t any old town It harbors a deep, dark secret Within the town lies a great evil known as the Gray which holds a great beast I have to admit that when I read the synopsis I assumed that the Gray would be a discount Upside Down from Stranger Things It was and it wasn t It definitely had its differences and its similarities I honestly wish that it had been focused on a little in the book Even though the title is The Devouring Gray, the Gray didn t get much action which was a bit disappointing As a long time sci fi fan, I was ready to sink my teeth into the weird science of a magical realm While I got enough to leave me semi satisfied, I left the book wanting Hopefully, I ll get that in book two Violet For me, reading a book is like making a new friend And just like making a new friend, you have to spend time with them, get to know them before you truly get comfortable with them It s that way with book characters for me It took me a little bit to connect with Violet s character because I was worried that she would just be a depressed new girl cliche Fortunately, she wasn t Overall, even though she was a bit bland at times, I enjoyed Violet s character.Justin To be completely honest, I really did not like Justin at first He was whiny and a bit stuck up Because of this, I was constantly rolling my eyes every time his POV rolled around Towards the end I was finally able to forgive him for his annoying ness.Harper Harper failed her ritual and hates Justin I don t blame her I was mainly frustrated because it took forever for me to learn why I hate when books allude to things but don t actually straight up say them I know that it s a way to keep a reader reading but for me it just annoys I did enjoy reading Violet and Harper s friendship It was very heartwarming to see two girls be friends in the midst of chaos I wish I could do that.Augusta Oh my god I hate that b tch.Everything else Of all the books I ve read and I have read a lot , only a few do mystery well Of course, that opinion is obviously subjective for each book Different books need different styles The Devouring Gray had a very intersting style of mystery With a very slow build up for the first 75% but then the last chunk was just plot twist after plot twist I felt like I was getting slapped in the face I loved it.I really enjoyed the Beast as a villian The book didn t delve into what the Beast is or where he came from but I still was fascinated I m not sure if it was intended but the beast almost reminded me of my own insecurity The voice that whispers lies while I m trying to rest or socialize.All in all, I really great book I really enjoyed it I can t wait for book two.Bottom Line 4.5 StarsAge Recommendation 14 Cover 3 5 Plot 4 5 Characters 4 5 Buddy read with megs_bookrack Many thanks to Disney for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit Buy

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    3.5 stars Sawkill Girls met Strange Grace They quickly fell in love and had a baby They named it, The Devouring Gray.BRANCHES, STONES, DAGGERS, BONESWelcome to Four Paths, New York Violet Saunders is new to town but her mother is not Riddled with grief after the loss of her sister, Violet is forced to move to Four Paths and start her life over Not great.Violet s mom, Juniper, has a very strong connection to Four Paths In fact, she is a member of one of the founding families The founders are treated like royalty in town quite literally revered as deities Why, you may ask Because they were the ones to capture the monster, trap it in the gray and continue to protect the townsfolk from it Duh.There are a lot of details that go into this story The history of the town, the history of the founding families, the rituals, the powers, the secrets, the betrayals It s a lot.Basically, the monster trapped in the gray is no longer as dormant as he used to be and teens that are each a part of one of the four founding families come together to fight back There are familial and friendship dramas, secrets and investigations, love gone awry all the stuff It s in here.At times, I felt like I should have been taking notes, which decreased my ability to relax into the story Additionally, there were a lot of rapid perspective shifts that tended to knock me out of it as well While the content was quite interesting, the flow seemed a little off for me.It was definitely dark, which is one of my favorite things, and the characters and history of the town were compelling I loved the ending It gave me chills and I will definitely read the next book in the duology I even feel that I could reread this one It may be easier the second time round as I have a better handle on what is going on.All of this being said, however, for a debut, this is impressive and I hope a lot of readers pick it up Thank you so much to the publisher, Disney Book Group, for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to hearing what other readers think of this one.

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    3.75 STARS For the first time in his life, there would be a real member of every founding family in Four Paths He would be a part of that He would have a chance to change things, to help Justin believed this He had to The Deck of Omens had told him so, and unlike the Hawthornes who used it, the Deck of Omens couldn t lie My first book of 2019 that s giving me quite the challenge in reviewing it Hooray In all seriousness, I ve been sitting here for days wondering just how to talk about this book, and not even because of spoilers or ruining the plot Our most anticipated reads can be difficult to wrangle sometimes trying to rein in our thoughts isn t as simple as I liked this book or I did not like this book I knew this book sounded like everything I could ever desire on paper, but I haven t read The Raven Boys series yet, and upon finishing this I don t really know that a comparison to Stranger Things is accurate, as the feel here is so different While reading this one, I kept getting hardcore Sawkill Girls vibes, and if you enjoyed that novel as much as I did, I think you ll enjoy The Devouring Gray as well.There are many POVs shared throughout TDG, and many side plots as well, but I never felt it was confusing or difficult to follow We have Violet, who has moved to Four Paths with her mother Juniper, and is part of one of the four founding families, although she has no clue what that means Justin has recently failed his ritual and is masquerading around town to hide the fact that he has inherited no powers His mother is the sheriff of the town and his sister has inherited powers, making him the weak link in this founding family Harper is a member of founding family 3, and former best friend of Justin s until an accident during her ritual left her stranded in the gray for 4 days and missing her left arm from the elbow down Isaac Sullivan is the only remaining member of founding family 4 in the town of Four Paths, and arguably the most fascinating and appealing character in the story although Harper is a close second for me We get to see pieces of the story, past and present, from each of these characters, which makes for a well rounded view of the strange happenings in their tiny town Here s the deal I actually struggled for the first 100 pages due to the massive info dumping amongst the characters and lack of action of any kind While I wholly respect the world building and characterization that went into the intro, I think it could have used a few flashbacks or suspenseful inserts to keep the reader engaged and stave off the stale feeling inserted However, once things get going, it s impossible to put the book down I found myself desperate to find out what was going on, and while my focus was such that I expected the giant lead up to be to the night of the equinox, I was pleased to find out that it was a minor portion and a greater emphasis was placed on things happening beyond that All said, this was a solid, well written debut, and while at times it felt like a giant prologue to the real start of the series, I m appreciative of the time and effort put into making this story feel so developed and intriguing The ending was superb I m dying to know what happens now that all the pieces are in play And that s all I m gonna say about that. Thank you Disney Hyperion for providing my review copy.

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    I was a bit confused at the beginning because you are thrown into the middle of things without much explanation But as the story went on, I thought the reveal of information was well paced The end had a few surprises and left me invested and wanting I love these characters, how they interact, and the small town lore Their powers are unique Would recommend to readers who enjoy a mix of real world and paranormal.Audiobook review 2 stars The best thing this audiobook does is that the narrator sings the song and a couple of parts mix other voices in for ensemble singing Her voicing for male characters was not great, they either sounded childish, or gruff and cold My biggest annoyance was that there was no pause between section breaks She just kept reading and I wouldn t realize that we d switched points of view I don t regret listening to this one, but I wouldn t recommend it to casual audiobook listeners.tw death, monsters, cults, possession, reanimated corpses.

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