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    first, some blathering it is, after all, mei understand why writers like carl hiaasen and james patterson and them are now writing books for younger readers, after having already established themselves as writers of adult fiction with considerable staying power get em while they are young and then when they grow into the adult section, they already have the name recognition friends for life, paying their electricity bills but why do authors like this one and suzanne collins write exclusively for the teen audience and this opinion may be untrue in a post potter, post twilight world, but fewer adults are interested in teen fiction than teens are interested in adult fiction for teens, it is something of an intellectual triumph to cross over into the growed up section of the library or bookstore, but many adults scoff at reading books for children so why choose the teen path if you are an exceptional writer is this how writers slum this book is just wonderful it is about a high functioning autistic kid who is forced by his father to spend a summer working for him in his law firm to prove that he can function in the real world and doesn t need to be in his safe school surrounded by other kids who are less likely to be able to integrate successfully during this summer, he questions loyalty and trust and sex and god and a hundred other great things, and he is such an easy character to fall in love with and be thankful that he was written into existence.just a real charmer of a book that doesn t sacrifice realism for shock value.this would have been a five star book except for two complaints, only one of which is an actual complaint.i don t know why the characters spoke the way they did it seemed like this took place in a town where contractions had been banned it made everyone sound very stiff and stylized had it only been marcelo, it would have made perfect sense, because of his rigid formality across the board, but the rest of the cast had no such excuse those are free.secondly, chinchillas look nothing like long, skinny rats who you calling skinny but i loved this book it is sweet and very naturally written a real gem of a teen fiction book that i would never have read except for this class.thanks, grad school oh, and another thing i have felt mildly guilty reviewing these teen books because i have a tendency to curse like a racehorse, and i felt that that might not always be appropriate for the poor innocent teens who might be reading the reviews, and greg has even gotten internet scolded before for the same thing HOWEVER, if teen fiction itself is going to drop the f bombs, then why should i be any different thank you francisco x stork i mean, fuck.come to my blog

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    I actually finished this book a few days ago, and aside from a general glow of well being and happiness, I wasn t sure what I thought of it Was it really a five star book to go on my goodreads page But then, after recommending it once every single day since then, I ve realized yep, it is It s a quiet book, thanks to the subdued narration style on Marcelo s part, but it s a good one Marcelo is a very high functioning autistic so high functioning that even the label Asperger s doesn t quite fit him He has been coddled , to a certain extent, all his life, by being allowed to go to a school for autistic children His father, a high powered lawyer, thinks it s well past time for Marcelo to join the real world, as he could ve years before In preparation, he has Marcelo get a summer job at his law office a crash course in the real world As someone who knows a handful of people very like Marcelo people with autistic tendencies than anything else I found this book very true and earnest and sweet Some reviewers have complained that the narration is inconsistent for an autistic narrator, and yes, it would be if Marcelo was truly autistic But as is mentioned several times in the novel, he really could be out in the world functioning if he hadn t gone to his specialized school I found the inconsistencies to be intentional, showing how Marcelo is making strides towards becoming normal and then sliding back, and then stepping out again.I found Marcelo a perfectly wonderful narrator kind, principled, and very, very honest with both the reader and with others Watching him grow up in the cutthroat atmosphere of the law office was at once heart breaking and satisfying I definitely have been recommending this quiet book to all the introverts in my life wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew.

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    Marcelo Sandoval is 17 and has a mild form of autism which makes him well, different Knowing that he is often perceived to be mentally challenged, Marcelo prefers to stay close to the circle of his friends and people who know that there is nothing wrong with him intellectually He is planning to spend his final school year at Patterson, a specialized school where he is surrounded by the students just like him, he also has a summer job lined up working with horses in his school s stables However Marcelo s father, Arturo, does not approve of these plans He wants his son to challenge himself, to learn how to function in the real world better, to be prepared for the life outside Patterson s walls Marcelo has no choice but to surrender to his father s wishes and learn about the real world he doesMarcelo In The Real World is a part story of self discovery, part criminal investigation, part love story and is definitely one of the strongest examples of quality YA fiction The story is told from a unique POV of a person whose thought process is different from ours and although I personally do not know any autistic people and can t vouch for accuracy of Marcelo s portrayal, his voice sounds authentic Marcelo s journey through the real world is a compelling one, albeit frustrating and infuriating at times It is almost unbearable to see him insulted by people who have no understanding of his condition and often treat him as if he is mentally handicapped Yet Marcelo s experiences are not all bad Along the way he meets people who help him to get a better understanding of what is good and evil, what is love and, most importantly, that being in the real world is as much satisfying as it is painful.The only reason I knocked down 1 star from my rating was that some parts felt a little slow or too introspective, but overall Marcelo In The Real World is a remarkable YA adult novel.

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    I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this book.The good It s a fast read and an interesting story There s shades of gray, interesting moral dilemmas, attention to detail that makes situations and characters come brilliantly to life, and a main character whose situation is way intriguing An autistic teenager who s gone to a school for disabled kids his whole life, and now suddenly has to adjust to working at his dad s law firm for the summer There s a lot of inherent conflict and story in there, and for the most part, the book delivers.I actually really loved reading about his work at the office, as I ve been exactly where Marcelo was autistic teenager brought into the office because of her personal connection with the boss who goes from simple copying to much complex tasks I appreciated the detail with which Stork described his work the challenges, his strengths, the way he could do the work but needed time for it, his enjoyment at organizing, everything I was really excited about this book for several reasons, primarily a autistic protag b Latino autistic protag, which is great, as the usual portrayal of autism is very, very white, c Latino autistic protag who ponders issues of religion and ethics, rather than making the entire conflict about his autism, and d I ve seen a lot of good things about the book s portrayal of autism and how it immerses you into Marcelo s PoV Unfortunately, that leads me into the bad, as d is where the book started chafing at me I particularly struggled with the writing style and how it conveyed Marcelo s thoughts This is a difficult thing to criticize, because it s entirely possible that many autistic people do think this way, but to me, his point of view came across as distant, almost mechanical It read like the book was spoon feeding autistic reactions as if for a neurotypical audience to digest explaining everything for the abled gaze, if you will.By this, I m referring to the way the book is chock full of lines like, I like strong smells and This is an unexpected response and I like this question and I do not know what to say to this I want to believe Marcelo s reactions, rather than be flat out told about them It kept me from connecting emotionally And as an autistic person who reacts to some things in a very similar manner to Marcelo I really, really wish I could have felt that connection.This autism voice would probably not have bothered me as much if I hadn t already come across it so often Again, I m not saying autistic people don t think that way that d be preposterous, and I refuse to speak for autistic people as a whole but I do take issue with how common it seems to be in fiction, as I don t feel it s representative.Some other autism related parts made me wince, too, like a friend s reaction to hearing about the internal music Marcelo has heard in his head for a long time, but has stopped hearing now that he s working at the law firm This ability you had before, that was out of this world A special gift, I don t know What if it was impossible for you to have it and be a regular person You don t hear the music any, but now you can be flesh and blood like me, for instance Another quote Marcelo has never felt confusion before It is painful There is no peace No certainty In both cases, I don t think I need to explain why it bothered me.An interesting note that I haven t seen mentioned often Marcelo seems to be written as asexual On one hand, I am pleased with this, as we strongly need asexual representation, including within the autism spectrum On the other hand, his asexuality never seemed to be explored as being a legitimate sexuality that exists separately from his autism I ended up unwillingly reading it as being a side effect of his autism, rather than him simply happening to be both autistic and asexual The fault may be with me, but I would have really appreciated a sign that the author was aware of the pitfalls and stereotypes with regards to linking those two together.As usual, the bad takes far explanation than the good I do think this book does a lot of things right, including about the autism it never portrays Marcelo as ill or wrong it respects his point of view and reactions it doesn t demonize or infantilize his experiences at his school he makes genuine friends and connections he has hobbies and interests he is very aware of his privilege as being able to function in a way that s somewhat acceptable to society at large, unlike many of his classmates et cetera So I would cautiously recommend this book it s an interesting, quick read but with reservations For a positive look at the portrayal of autism in this book, check out s.e smith s review at Disability in Kidlit.

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    Absolutely stunning I haven t read a book worthy of five stars in a while, and I am so grateful to my friend for recommending this to me.Marcelo hears music that no one else can He has been diagnosed with an impairment similar to autism, but higher functioning he can process things but it takes him time, and he is able to adapt to social situations through learning and experience However, this is not enough to satisfy his father, a powerful and persuasive lawyer His father decides to have Marcelo work in the mail room of his law firm for the summer, giving him a taste of the real world He meets Jasmine, his beautiful and no nonsense coworker, and learns of the greed, jealousy, and beauty of mankind.This book touched me There are many words to describe what Stork has achieved created with Marcelo in the Real World poignant, profound, glorious but when it comes down to it, this is a book that reveals the truth of human nature in its darkest and most illuminated form.Protagonists like Marcelo only come once in a blue moon so perfectly toned in voice and dialogue, yet flawed enough to make the reader empathize with him He has a mental illness similar to Asperger s, but it provides him with an even secular view of the world Thought provoking, inspiring, and even humorous at times, readers will cheer for Marcelo throughout this book and beyond it.Want to read of my reviews Follow me here.

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    This book is so good I may have to take a break from reading anything else wouldn t measure up It s so good I m consumed with despair that I will never write anything as beautiful or as important It s so good I can t review it properly any words I might choose wouldn t do it justice.

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    It s not really a three, but wasn t quite a four Seventeen year old Marcelo Sandoval is different He hears music no one else can hear, his social development is stumped, and his special interests include religion, classical music, and therapy ponies Marcelo is looking forward to a summer of working as a stable boy at Paterson, a school for kids with special needs, when his father tells him that he must get out of his comfort zone and join the real world or else he won t be able to go to Paterson for his senior year The real world in this case is his father s law firm s mailroom where Marcelo will have to learn how to get along with Jasmine, his beautiful and quirky boss, complete tasks on time, and wade the truth out of all the corporate muck.I was a tad disappointed in this book It wasn t Marcelo I loved him I could read books in his voice all the time and never get sick of it It s blunt, but honest and insightful Marcelo was a great character, and the topic of autsim didn t deter me either I was quite excited to see how he would survive in an average person s reality I also liked Jasmine and Arturo, as well as Marcelo s fluctuating relationships with them I didn t like Wendell, but I wasn t supposed to He was the designated douche What I really didn t like was practically the entire middle part which consisted of the legal thriller There was nothing thrilling about it It was dull, and I found the discussions, both internal and external, to be dull too I just felt that out of all the paths that this book could have taken, why this one I would have rather liked to see it spent on Jasmine and Marcelo s stay in Vermont, or with the Rabbi or something I just didn t like that part Marcelo was a great character though, and overall the book was a worth while experience I recommend it to anyone looking to get into the head of an autistic kid Oh, and the author s name is epic Francisco X Stork Sounds like a James Bond character I really hope it isn t a pseudonym.

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    I loved Marcelo The struggles he faced as a not so normal guy in the real world were truly touching I can t say the same for other characters, the only likable character we actually get to know being Marcelo s co worker Jasmine There s nothing much to say about the plot of the book, given that it is what the title suggests Marcelo in the real world, away from his comfort zone how he struggles, makes mistakes and learns.One of of the many things I looked forward to in this book was the music aspect Marcelo hears music Although no one has been able to tell the exact cause, the Doctors have classified it as closest Asperger s a condition in the autism spectrum I was intrigued by that, but once I started reading I felt there wasn t enough of this particular facet and my interest lowered significantly Anyhow, it was a pretty good book Not something that worked perfectly for me, but I m sure some of you contemporary lovers out there will adore this a lot .

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    3.5 5pl o l u ol marcelo can be a bit naive, but not in an annoying way he s naive in the way that makes you wonder how the hell you turned out so bitter and question why the world can t be as simple or straightforward as someone like marcelo sees it marcelo is just a great person and anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend many of the people marcelo encounters at the law firm treat him like crap or act as though he s stupid so being marcelo s friend would probably lead me to an aggravated assault charge or two, but marcelo is constantly running into people who need to get bitch slapped fya megan crane some notes the relationships were not fully fleshed out, but that was fine i wasn t really that interested or invested what i read about that anyway in any of the other characters parents, jasmine or the rabbi for example , but i appreciated them nonetheless marcelo was an endearing literary character, i was glad i had the opportunity to meet.his thoughts on religion, his internal music, various other opinion pieces and bible passages he discussed with the rabbi were the most enjoyable for me to read about navigating love autism nyt article borrowed view spoiler Sandra j ggli 03.2016 hide spoiler

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    UPDATE 2 8 09My initial impression still stands Although I liked the way the author had the main character Marcelo speak, and how he added certain quirks that were realistic, Stork was unable to keep it consistent. and some characteristics were not compatible w someone w Aspergers..such as speaking in literal terms only and then suddenly speaking understanding metaphors, for example The plot was sort of intriguing but I thought kind of trashy too.Oh, I am not sure I like this book A goodreads friend gave me a copy recently and while I do enjoy the interesting writing style the author writes from the point of view of a 17 year old boy with Asperger s who refers to himself and his parents in the 3rd person strange but interesting I m not sure I like the story line at all It is a bit painful to read, how this boy is forced into working at his father s law firm for the summer, where he is vulnerable and subject to manipulation and exploitation I ve seen positive reviews of this book, with comparisons to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time. I liked that book not sure of this one. I m on p 131 as of now, I will try to finish it and see if I feel the same way.

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Marcelo in the Real World summary pdf Marcelo in the Real World, summary chapter 2 Marcelo in the Real World, sparknotes Marcelo in the Real World, Marcelo in the Real World 270ab81 Marcelo Sandoval Hears Music No One Else Can Hear Part Of The Autism Like Impairment No Doctor Has Been Able To Identify And He S Always Attended A Special School Where His Differences Have Been Protected But The Summer After His Junior Year, His Father Demands That Marcelo Work In His Law Firm S Mailroom In Order To Experience The Real World There Marcelo Meets Jasmine, His Beautiful And Surprising Coworker, And Wendell, The Son Of Another Partner In The FirmHe Learns About Competition And Jealousy, Anger And Desire But It S A Picture He Finds In A File A Picture Of A Girl With Half A Face That Truly Connects Him With The Real World Its Suffering, Its Injustice, And What He Can Do To FightReminiscent Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time In The Intensity And Purity Of Its Voice, This Extraordinary Novel Is A Love Story, A Legal Drama, And A Celebration Of The Music Each Of Us Hears Inside

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Marcelo in the Real World
  • Francisco X. Stork
  • English
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9780545054744

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Francisco X Stork was born in Mexico He moved to El Paso Texas with his adoptive father and mother when he was nine He attended Spring Hill College, Harvard University and Columbia Law School He worked as an attorney for thirty three years before retiring in 2015 He is married and has two grown children and three beautiful grandkids He loves to discover new books and authors His favorite bo