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Sprouting Into Greatness chapter 1 Sprouting Into Greatness , meaning Sprouting Into Greatness , genre Sprouting Into Greatness , book cover Sprouting Into Greatness , flies Sprouting Into Greatness , Sprouting Into Greatness 9f8ceab646196 Thea Long White, A Revolutionary Life Legacy Coach, Delivers Pages Of Entrepreneurial Wisdom, Spiritual Enlightenment, And Powerful Principles Of Personal Goal Achievement That Will Transform Your Life Launch You Into Your Destiny The Sprouting Lifestyle Is All About CHANGE, GROWTH, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Have You Ever Felt Stuck In A Rut Or Resistant To Making Positive Changes In Your Life Have You Ever Been A Place Of Personal Or Professional Stagnation Or Unproductivity If So, Then Sprouting Into Greatness Is The Perfect Book For You This Motivational Business Resource Will Inspire You To SPROUT UP And Take Control Of Your Life By Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself And Creating Success In Every Area Of Your Life

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    I read this book as it was suggested to me because I am starting my own business and need to be encouraged I was inspired by the book to sprout up to my next level in life I am looking to make positive changes in my life and I know that reading helps me with that I need to be productive and fruitful as this book says if I want to get to the next level It s the DOERS or as this author explains it, the SPROUTERS that make moves I am making moves and this book was a great inspiration.

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    This is a amazing book and i highly recommended anyone who wants to push towards success to read this book As a previous FAMU graduate and future home owner, this book is the push that I needed to get me on the right path to success One thing I can say about this book is it evacuated me out of my comfort zone to try new things because if you don t have the courage to try new things, you will never succeed in life I appreciate your positive encouraging words.

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    I read this book, it is amazing As a future home and business owner, it gave me that push that I needed to boss my life up as a young adult I m inspired to step out of my comfort zone and make change happen This is what sprouting is all about, change, growth and personal development I recommend others to read this book, it is truly life changing.

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    This book was very instrumental in pushing me to do the things that I have been putting off If you have been sitting on your talents, letting people get the best of you, or just feeling like you are at a plateau this book will give you the spunk that you need to make it happen.

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    The most compelling thing about this book is its honesty and transparency We see a young woman grappling with the realities of her own circumstances and purposing to push beyond her limits This heart to heart talk with the reader inspires us to change our perception of ourselves and take charge of our own lives A must read for those who are struggling to come out of a rut

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    I am so very proud of me Next Keep Sprouting

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