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Adam and Eve and Pinch Me pdf Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, ebook Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, epub Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, doc Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, e-pub Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, Adam and Eve and Pinch Me e5df68d4bcc With Consummate Skill, Ruth Rendell Pulls The Colorful Strands Of This Harrowing Story Ever Tighter, Increasing The Tension Page By PageJock Lewis Was Supposed To Have Died In That Terrible Train Crash At Paddington Minty, His Girlfriend, Received A Letter From Great Western Telling Her So But, Curiously, The Police Haven T Been In Touch And Jock Has Borrowed All Her SavingsZillah Also Got A Letter From The Railway Company, Informing Her That Her Husband, Jerry Leach, Was Dead Something About The Letter Struck Her As Suspicious, But She Chooses Not To Mention Her Doubts To The Up And Coming Conservative Member Of Parliament Who Has Just Proposed A Marriage Of ConvenienceFiona, A Successful Banker, Met Jeff Leigh Before The Paddington Crash In August Although He Never Seemed To Have A Job, And Borrowed Money From Her, She Is Utterly Devoted To Him And Can T Understand Why He Suddenly Has DisappearedAs This Novel Gets Under Way, It Is Not Immediately Apparent How The Lives Of These Women Might Be Connected, Or How They May Figure Into A Series Of Vicious Stabbing Deaths That Have Shocked And Terrified The Citizens Of London With Consummate Skill, Ruth Rendell Pulls The Colorful Strands Of This Harrowing Story Ever Tighter, Increasing The Tension Page By Page

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    It would be inaccurate for the reader to classify this book as a mystery, because one can observe the actions of the characters throughout The proper genre would most aptly be one of suspense The mystery to me is how Ruth Rendell, unarguably The Queen of the Crime Novel, is able to produce such a broad array of psychopathology in her writing Bewildering, it often is, but coupled with her brilliant style of story telling, her books are compelling The stories of these characters and their actions, all for the sake of self preservation vary widely The panoply of traits that are observed are obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, gluttony, superstition, larceny, bigamy, confidence games, vanity, narcissism, arrogance and pomposity to name a few I actually failed to mention murder Of course this is all in one book Rendell, as ever, has woven together these strands of seemingly unrelated attributes, activities and people to produce a tension filled novel which sustained my interest throughout The title is enigmatic until you delve into the narrative.Perhaps when reading this, it may be deemed by some as not much of a review Yes, there are many descriptive nouns here and I have not introduced the actual characters but this book delighted me and confirmed my admiration of Rendell I hope that my enthusiasm will lead others to explore it I am elevating my rating to 4.5 4 21 2016I was saddened to have learned of Rendell s recent death, but there remain many of her books left for me to read

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    Another terrific psychological suspense drama from the author Several interconnected stories tied together by the murder of a womanizing opportunistic cad You know who and how and why, but it s still such a compelling read There is a timeless quality to Rendell s characters, sure the reader can date the time the story takes place by the outside factors, in this case movies, since there s quite a few cinefiles in the bunch, but aside from that the small sadness or sad smallness of their lives is ageless indeed Everyone does the best they can in their relatively confined and fairly bleak environments, it s the perpetual gray territory of good intentions and muddled executions So very much like real life itself This time Rendell also throws in some psychological disorders, food related ones and OCD for starters, handled in the proper British manner of polite ignoring for all the good that does This might be the longest book I ve read by the author thus far and it s great to see that the quality holds up no matter the word count Very enjoyable reading, very well done Highly recommended.

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    Among the best psychological thrillers that I have read Imaginative and compulsively readable Best of Ruth Rendall that I have read so far I don t ever remember rooting for the protagonist so much as I did with this book At least, not in recent memory Recommended.

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    This was a good read Instead of figuring out whodunnit, we are taxed with whosolvzit We have an omniscient view of the murder from soup to nuts We see the situation forming, we see the murderer and the victim do their dance until they inevitably come together and the murderer spins away to get on with life Then we wait while we wonder if the murderer will be discovered and we sort of hope not Like most cozies, the victim seems to have deserved something, if not actual death Rendell has manipulated our feelings and, in fact, one of the characters unwittingly discusses the the core at the center of the nub of the gist of this story when is murder not murder When is it not a sin When does a murderer not deserve punishment Is this even possible We also see how a murder investigation destroys the social fabric Neighbors no longer trust each other There s an amusing side story of a closeted gay MP who tries to get himself a beard but the murder affects this as well As in any good cozy, true tragedy is skirted, the gore is limited, and the world is righted in the end.

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    I like Ruth Rendell She s a cut above many in her field and can write well and with a distinctive, wry and observant style This book was a fairly enjoyable read up until the last forty pages or so At some point, I just knew that while the journey was entertaining at points, I wasn t going to be too pleased with where it took me Indeed, after familiarising myself with these characters, while finding many of them somewhat difficult to believe in, the book just sort of trails off It s a bit disappointing.The book did manage something unusual we know who the guilty party is, and that the victims don t absolutely deserve what they ve gotten, but I think most readers will feel than a little sorry for her and kind of hope she doesn t get caught In the end, of course, she does, but I m not really satisfied with the method in which this was one I m not even sure the evidence against her would have been sufficient to stand up She was, after all, startled by a stranger in her home at the last moment lots of women carry knives and might use them if panicked is this really enough to definitively link her to The Cinema Killer I guess it doesn t matter Ruth was interested in the travel, the exploration of character and so on To be honest, so was i, but I still thought the wrap up was fairly bland and unconvincing.What s , as hinted at previously, believing in most of these people was a tall order, for me Jims, the gay Conservative MP living a lie, getting married to some girl he apparently didn t know all that well just for the trophy factor and the heteronormative traditional family values points Matthew, the guy with a pathological aversion to food who somehow learns to conquer his difficulties by being on a television show michelle, matthew s huge wife, who is so cross with her neighbour for not all that much that she ll never be able to view her the same way again jeff and all his girlfriends, who wanted to be with him why, exactly There was charm in some of these people and their depictions, but many of their reactions and motivations were nearly incomprehensible to me Suppose that s my own fault and not something I should lay at Ruth s door, but I felt like I was tolerant of what I viewed as potential shortcomings only to have my annoyances justified in the end The book left me with a sort of empty feeling and that s just not something I like, to be blunt.Besides the incredible characters, the book hinges on the premise that a mousey little woman was able to stab two people to death in public places without really being noticed We re supposed to believe this simply because she s crazy She s also fastidious to a near pathological degree, though I don t know if Ruth Rendell has thought much about murder by stabbings, and while I ve never born witness to one, myself, I ve known people who were the victims of knife attacks and they are anything but clean and quiet Stabbing someone to death means an arduous and protracted struggle it means noise it means lots of blood Even if you took someone by surprise, your chances of delivering a fatal blow aren t very high unless you are incredibly determined, and this would apply to someone who was experienced in wielding a knife for offensive purposes, something which Araminta Knox certainly isn t The idea that someone so obsessed with cleanliness would choose this method of execution struck me as a bit preposterous, even if she did think she was somehow slaying ghosts I usually have no trouble suspending disbelief if necessary when reading a good book, but this one started to have enough stacked up against it that by the end I was just done with giving Ruth a pass.

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    This has been my blind date with a book after a long time I had picked it up from a used bookseller in Fort, Mumbai The characters are strange which is good The plot is a good one but it fails to amaze after the midway Adam and Eve and Pinch Me is a okayish yet frustrating book at times.

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    Unread this book because I read a couple of critiques that said it was a good example of something or other and because I liked the premise that Minty sees ghosts and has a knife strapped to her hip for the purpose of ridding herself of them.It s a long book with many characters Not sure it needed so many in order to tell the core of the story, but when you think that each set of characters lives their own little story then you realise that you re getting many stories in one volume Good value for money.Minty is a nice part of these whole, but the favourite story for me was the one about the thin guy married to the fat girl Over the course of the book, he recovers from his eating disorder and starts to put on weight and she goes on a diet, reversed her weight gain and becomes the size 16 she used to be many years before I like stories like that.This is a nice book with many interesting facets and a compelling momentum to it as the end approaches but it s not really my cup of tea It s all a bit twee and contrived I think that if I read any Ruth Rendell I ll choose a shorter one next time.For fans of the author only.

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    I stopped reading this book I love Ruth Rendell because her stories are so quirky This one was just too disorganized with too many oddball characters floating around They never seemed to jell After awhile I just questioned why I was continuing to read it as there are so many good books out there for me to enjoy Not worth my time.

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    The aptly named Jeff Leach is a rogue An immoral ladies man, he finds attractive women with their own property and moves in with them, gets them to give him loans and sometimes to take out fresh mortgages on their homes and then dumps them to disappear with his next conquest In the background are the wife and two kids he s also abandoned, but who he does drift back occasionally to see even if he offers nothing in the way of support His is a complex and difficult to follow life, which touches many others and leaves a lot of bad feeling and grudges So that when he s murdered in the Odeon Marble Arch one afternoon at a showing of The House on Haunted Hill there are a lot of avenues for the police to explore.One of the best things about this highly entertaining tale of deceit and murder, is how unpredictable it all is The normal crime novel will have a brief introduction of the characters, a dreadful murder will take place, there will be red herrings and possibly other deaths, until the least likely suspect will be revealed as the killer Adam and Eve and Pinch Me differs from all of that It actually starts out as a ghost story, as we meet poor Anaminta Knox, or Minty whose sheltered life and repressed emotions are manifesting themselves in extreme cleanliness She thinks she sees the ghost of her dead fianc e, and although at first glance she d appear to be just a strange little thing in a strange old house, tragic events arise from those visions.I do enjoy a book which takes its own path, where it s impossible to predict what will happen next I also like a book which populates itself with an array of interesting characters, who are built up over the course of the plot so that they are than just a sum of their flaws and neuroses It isn t a perfect novel wouldn t, for instance, Minty have seen Jeff s face in the newspapers at least once but it is one of the most interesting and entertaining crime stories I ve read in a long while.

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    The only reason I managed to muddle my way through to the end of this piece of crap is because I am a fan of Jasper Fforde and his Thursday Next series After the first third of the book, the purpose of reading it was not to find out what happened that was fairly obvious from the beginning but rather to imagine it as a book needing Thursday s attention A book invaded by other characters in this case characters from nursery rhymes Let s see.there s Jack Sprat who could eat no fat, his wife who could eat no lean And there s Georgie Porgie who kissed the girls and made them cry There was also a group of unknown characters who mumbled around in the backgroundthe original characters these nursery rhyme rs had shoved offstage I kept checking for footnotes Thursday s method of communicating with her superiors at the Literary Detective s Division about what s going on but unfortunately found none Pity If Rendell had included these, she may have been on to something As it was, she only succeeded in embarrassing herself.

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