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    Just brilliant from start to finish Hildebrand always gets me to see things deeply or to see things for the first time I am still thinking about what he had to say.The two essays by his wife Alice von Hildebrand were also brilliant I had read her biography and her biography of her husband, but never one of her own works in philosophy I was always impressed by her, but even so now.

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    A difficult read for its language and concepts, but a solid, intellectually stimulating collection about faith, morality, and living fully One, I think, that would be beneficial after a second or third read.

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    A delightful introduction to Hildebrand s work a good summary of some of his larger thoughts Also, as Kreeft says in the introduction, Alice von Hildebrand s two essays are worth the price of the book.

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    Good book, but I really enjoyed the 2 chapters written by Alice As Peter Kreeft says in the foreword, Alice was a fine philosopher in her own right.

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The Art of Living download The Art of Living, read online The Art of Living, kindle ebook The Art of Living, The Art of Living e91fe1edf546 A Book Of Everyday Ethics By A Man Whom Pope St John Paul II Called One Of The Great Ethicists Of The Twentieth Century, The Art Of Living Is Dietrich Von Hildebrand S Essential Guide To The Moral LifeIn Just Over One Hundred Pages, Dietrich Von Hildebrand, With His Wife Alice, Presents A Distinctive View Of The Virtuous Life That Begins With Reverence, The Mother Of All Virtues, And Includes Chapters On Faithfulness, Goodness, Hope, The Human Heart, And Many OthersThe Essays That Make Up This Book Began As A Popular Series Of Radio Lectures In S Germany, And Their Conversational Tone Comes Through In This New Edition, Which Maintains Alice Von Hildebrand S Original Translation, And Updates This Beloved Work For A New Generation Of ReadersThe Art Of Living Promises To Provide Clarity, Hope, And Fresh Insights For Those Seeking To Live Life Fully, Faithfully, And Beautifully