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The Bullet Journal Method summary The Bullet Journal Method, series The Bullet Journal Method, book The Bullet Journal Method, pdf The Bullet Journal Method, The Bullet Journal Method d1d3a0a80a The Long Awaited First Book By The Founder Of The Enormously Popular Bullet Journal Organizational SystemFor Years Ryder Carroll Tried Countless Organizing Systems, Online And Off, But None Of Them Fit The Way His Mind Worked Out Of Sheer Necessity, He Developed A Method Called The Bullet Journal That Helped Him Become Consistently Focused And Effective When He Started Sharing His System With Friends Who Faced Similar Challenges, It Went Viral Just A Few Years Later, To His Astonishment, Bullet Journaling Is A Global Movement The Bullet Journal Method Is About Much Than Organizing Your Notes And To Do Lists It S About What Carroll Calls Intentional Living Weeding Out Distractions And Focusing Your Time And Energy In Pursuit Of What S Truly Meaningful, In Both Your Work And Your Personal Life It S About Spending Time With What You Care About, By Working On Fewer Things His New Book Shows You How To Track The Past Using Nothing Than A Pen And Paper, Create A Clear And Comprehensive Record Of Your Thoughts Order The Present Find Daily Calm By Tackling Your To Do List In A Mindful, Systematic, And Productive Way Design The Future Transform Your Vague Curiosities Into Meaningful Goals, And Then Break Those Goals Into Manageable Action Steps That Lead To Big Change Carroll Wrote This Book For Frustrated List Makers, Overwhelmed Multitaskers, And Creatives Who Need Some Structure Whether You Ve Used A Bullet Journal For Years Or Have Never Seen One Before, The Bullet Journal Method Will Help You Go From Passenger To Pilot Of Your Own Life

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    I first heard of this book from an insanely talented Youtuber, called Boho Berry If you have an interest in bullet journaling then you are probably already familiar with her beautiful daily spreads, extensive collections, and the gorgeous artwork and lettering that she creates with seeming ease Each of her videos exudes productivity and I watched her videos longing to emulate her success.I started my own bullet journal and promptly neglected it, finding dissatisfaction in how it didn t measure up to this BuJo master s I started again, with a simpler design and found it to work for me, but I still felt like there was something missing from it I enjoyed setting up my monthly spreads but dreaded returning back to it, on a day to day basis, viewing it as another chore that was added into my already packed lifestyle.When I saw Boho Berry s rave review for this book then I knew that reading this was the step I needed to take in making my bullet journal work better for me And I was correct, but not quite in the way I first thought.I assumed this book would teach its reader the hows of bullet journal, instead it focused on the whys On times it seems to neglect bullet journals all together, as it forced the reader to assess their reason behind all of their daily actions, and to why aspects of their lives weren t currently working for them It is only later that he introduced just exactly how bullet journals could be an aid in curing that Areas such as imperfection and control were covered and it really opened my eyes to how I had been bullet journalling wrong, all these many months.It made me realise that part of the bullet journal appeal for me was purely aesthetic I loved to view artistic daily spreads, complete with calligraphy headers and washi tape dividers For me, this didn t work because there was no why behind my wanting it Aesthetics wasn t enough and the reason I felt such dissatisfaction was that this particular bullet journal set up had no purpose in my life and so I was ultimately failing to connect with it It became just another chore I had added, without making my daily processes any easier.Bullet journalling is an extremely helpful tool but also an extremely personal one, which is why no two will look the same This life guide bullet journalling how to instructed me on organising my day, better managing my time, and transferring my dreams into goals, which is what makes this perfect for amateur and expert Bu Jo ers alike.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author, Ryder Carroll, and the publisher, Portfolio, for this opportunity.

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    I really liked this, and I am not a Boho Berry or Llamas Love Lettering fan Ryder states outright not to keep Collections or Trackers unless you are learning and growing from the information FYI there s a good subreddit r basicbulletjournals if you are into the practicality of planning journaling and not the brush pen lettering and folk art floral motifs I particularly liked his description of planning project sprints, which was the whole of Sprint usefully condensed down into 3 pages I d read it again for that alone Ryder also stresses the importance of reflection on a daily and monthly basis of asking yourself what is really useful, and actually working, and culling the extraneous.Recommended

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    4.5 It s not about how your journal looks it s about how it makes you feel and how effective it is.I ve always kept notebooks, especially for work, which I would use in conjunction with digital tools, logging every day all I did, writing to do lists, and planning projects This proved to be a life saver on many occasions and also surprisingly a source of enjoyment the one of writing with a fountain pen on quality paper When the Bujo trend wave hit me, about one year and a half ago, I was curious to see what it entailed and if it would be something for me If you ve seen all the examples floating out there, there are beautifully artistic and also very intimidating, and wouldn t work for me, particularly in a professional environment However, I could see how the basics of the system had value, especially the Index how can something so simple have such a huge effect and added them to my arsenal.Queue Now Ryder Carroll s book surprised me a lot I was expecting information on how it all started and how the method works And this is all here, in very clear writing It is after all a simple idea, easy to put into practice, and for ever adaptable What I wasn t expecting was the Why With the aim of being the most efficient and meaningful one can be, Carroll strips everything away, borrowing concepts from Stoicism, Mindfulness, and Japanese schools of thought, to name a few It all actually makes a lot of sense, in a very down to earth kind of way These, of course, you can take or leave I personally was intrigued, perhaps because I have recently being looking into those philosophies to help me deal with the stresses of every day life In all, a very interesting and useful read.

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    I was in two minds about this book from the outset, and I wasn t sure what to expect from it So is it really fair to say that it disappointed me Probably not, but in any case, I came away nonplussed The book is split into five sections Preparation, System, Practice, Art and End.It started well with an overview of the method and I learnt a lot I should say that I ve been keeping a BuJo for over two years now Or at least I thought I had My method was a long way removed from the official one probably because I jumped straight in with all those fancy layouts and trackers peppering the internet Mr Carroll does not like fancy it seems as others have pointed out He doesn t quite go as far as to dismiss them but there are numerous phrases that leave you in no doubt about his opinion if it works, great, but don t just make it pretty, and what s the use of tracking what TV shows I ve watched, etc The system section gave me a number of valuable insights and I have a few sticky tabs flagging things to go back to and implement or try.But then it all seemed to fall apart for me as Mr Carroll spend a very long time labouring over self improvement in the third part Practice Now, don t get me wrong, we can all do with bettering ourselves But this section just goes on and on For a system where Mr Carroll stresses simplicity and brevity, he seems to fall off the rails here Others may relish this section but not me I am jaded of all the self improvement systems and encouragement that wight down bookshelves Sometimes we are the way we are and have to live with it Also, the focus of me at the cost of others is too much In a world of self idolisation, it would be nice to see a system that encourages selflessness Sure, the BuJo is flexible enough for you to track acts of kindness or word of encouragement given to others, but Mr Carroll seems to advocate self f0cus, analysis, and praise Not for me not at this length anyway I lost interest in this section and had to slog through to get to the bit I really wanted to read case studies, examples, creativity, etc Art.Unfortunately, the section on Art was far too short And it was oddly pretty having been prefaced with warnings about function over form, style without substance I think this is where I finally became disappointed I really wanted to like this book Really I did But what I learnt I could just have easily acquired from searching the web I didn t need so much self improvement I wanted case studies from both those who were minimalist and those who were fancy pants creatives.So, in the end, a reluctant 2 stars from me Sorry, Mr Carroll.

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    A useful compilation, but this book doesn t provide anything you couldn t already learn online on

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    For me, needed David Allen and less Oprah Skimmed the Oprah, really enjoyed the David Allen Worth a read.

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    This was a very mixed bag Ryder Carroll is the man behind the original bullet journal idea and in his book, he describes the tenets of his bullet journal system At its core, bu jo is a very simple method, consisting in making lists of to do tasks, planning in a format that makes sense to you, and supplementing it all with collections which, in Carroll s description, are mostly detailed projects requiring involvement from you Add a few buzzwords such as intentionality or mindfulness and you are good to go There were points in this book where I was nodding along sure, breaking projects into smaller components makes sense Sure, it s better to make your tasks tangible e.g don t eat sweets instead of lose weight , this sounds very sensible But there were moments concerning intentionality and paring down your bullet journal and, along with it, your life that just felt like too much While reading, I had the distinct feeling that Ryder Carroll really, really, really doeesn t like those prettified bullet journals with stickers and pictures and calligraphy because they take away from the main point of simplicity and mindful reflection, but he can t say that because the people who prettify their bujos are the ones who will buy the official merchandise.If you want to find out what bullet journaling is about, watching a youtube video seems a much better investment of your time.

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    I ve been BuJo ing for 8 months, based on a 1 hour workshop I went to where I learned Ryder Carroll s basic system I can safely advise readers to stick to the YouTube videos as this book is completely unnecessary Unless you are in crisis and have never heard of mindfulness or UX and could use some inspirational quotes from a few hundred sources.Remember writing essays as a college freshman or maybe even high school freshman and writing in an extremely sagacious way quoting Socrates and making grand statements about life while knowing nothing Just a peek at Ryder Carroll s index should have you LOLing art, Buddhism, Chinese proverbs, Dalai Lama, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, emotions, energy, Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Ghandi, Greeks ancient , impermanence, insight, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Marcus Aurelius, meaning, memento mori, Bruce Lee, memories, minimalists, Mother Teresa, Friedrich Nietzche, Barack Obama, passion, perseverance, pleasure, The Road Not Taken Robert Frost , The Thinker Rodin , David Foster Wallace, zen rabbits, Mark Zuckerberg.Sheesh I thought I was learning about how to set up charts and calendars Not what I was in for.

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    Good introduction to Bullet Journal method Analogue approach for digital age Slower speed of handwriting migration idea encourages reflection Adopt in 2019

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    4.5 Highly recommend to anyone A self aware self help book that miraculously contains concrete useful examples for you to implement into your own life TODAY I received a proof copy and will definitely be adding the final finished version to my home library to return to again and again.

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