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Caged summary Caged, series Caged, book Caged, pdf Caged, Caged 08531e0d79 Palin Leads A Well Ordered Life, Needing Peace And Quiet After Spending His Days Working As An Information Broker, Reading Minds For Money Which Is Why Tigre Seems Like Such A Strange Choice For Him As A Lover Tigre Is A Slave, A Bioengineered Creation, A Man With No Life Beyond A Cage When Palin Sees Vala Tigre In One Of His Mindreading Forays, He Knows He Has To Have Him, Despite The Fact That The Man Has Been Created For Only Two Purposes Fighting And Pleasure Together They Build A New Life, One Of Pleasure And Pain, Of Love And Discipline When Life Threatens To Tear Them Apart, They Fight To Keep The Home They Ve Created, With Danger Coming From All Directions, Including Palin S Job, The Difficulties They Face Become Almost Insurmountable Can They Find Any Common Ground Between Them In A World Where Tigre Can T Understand The Rules Palin Lives By, And Palin Can Only Relate To Tigre In The Most Physical Way Sean Michael Creates A Fascinating World In Caged, One That Thrills And Amazes, Where The Heat And Emotion Run High You Don T Have To Be A Mind Reader To Know That This Book Will Delight The Senses

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    lD Bs.I have concluded, after many, many attempts, that BDSM fic isn t really my cuppa with some exceptions.This is one such exception.There s a kind of hypnotic rhythm to the prose, here, even where the author s editor fails him and some repetition creeps in.I love me some Tigre a gorgeously submissive big man and I loved the world this was set in, and the novel dynamic between little Dom and Big sub works beautifully.Also This book was hot I committed the Sin of Onan five different times, despite the quelling effects of my antidepressants.That s saying something.I will be reading of Sean Michael in the future BDSM or no.

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    Fuck it I confess I want to be Sean Michael I admire her ability to continually turn out a consistent level of storytelling to a large and voracious audience, and I am envious as hell of her self confidence in calling her own work a classic

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    Interspecies Master slave love story Shocking only got you immediate obedience, not devotion, not willing submission This is the story that never was, but could have been There was a really cool premise to this that made me excited and really looking forward to the story, but after the first 10% it just stopped The plot was abandoned for an unrelenting sexathon were Tigre s training to be devoted and submissive to Palin after abusive training upbringing was center stage It was fine and emotional Yet, I feel like a beautiful promise was abandoned Seriously, Palin is an information broker that can mine data from others by consciousness jumping from a known contact He gets paid well, but as you can imagine not everyone is thrilled with his abilities or profession Suspicion is rampant Loneliness guaranteed Danger omnipresent I still want to read THIS story The one that plays off all this cool shit It s a Sean Michael book so the sex was erotic Between the whipping, bathing, sounding and fisting there was a smorgasbord of goodies and Eiba and Tigre were trademark SM with the Mine , Yours , and Need Usually, I m all up for that and don t mind the plot being missing, but here, because there was the seed of a really fun idea planted, I wanted the story I really wanted them to stop fucking around and get somewhere with all the cool unrealized potential Sigh Overall, PWP that could have been so much .2.5 StarsFavorite quote Pleasure and need were offered up without question, Tigre s obedience complete.

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    The summary was promising cocktail of sci fi,mind reading, lot of sex, lot of D S action and just peppered with right amount of violence How I was wrong, yet again some attempt to make something from mere porn story Palin, the mind reader to hire, lived his nice life in the perfectly organized world until he decided to purchase bioengineered dildo aka slave who was fit for two things fucking or fighting Tiny Palin named his muscular possession Tiger and started to train the brute to the perfect sex partner in his little world The parts where the sex is described are routinely written and do not expected anything saucy or too unconventional It was just some mild bondage and spanking for kiddies I gave it three stars for one reason the complete different personalities of Palin and Tiger Well, perhaps the plot can be taken to mercy, but well nothing spectacular.

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    After I d first read the book I gave it 4 stars because of the BDSM elements and one of the MCs being a slave both my huge kinks Now Dec 2016 , I downgraded it to 3 stars because since then I ve read so many better books which got 4 stars from me that it wouldn t be fair to them But The storyline is too simple for me It feels like the author interlinked the juicy, intense BDSM scenes with sth that needed to go in between for it all to become a real story I don t mind that but I normally need sth to enjoy the reading I didn t feel the tension, the danger looming over the other MC Nothing was explained the world of valas, Kelmes and Eibas the bomb attacks and, above all, why the MC was in danger and threatened Maybe I just missed some earlier book from the same universe In general, Sean Micheal at their best in terms on BDSM but not very challenging plot.

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    BDSM, when some hear this they say, I can t read that I would challenge you to read this You will see how the fear of one and the lonelyness of another comes together to have sweet love How does submission of one turn into the submission of another I love reading about a Master and his sub and how their relationship developes and how much love they have for each other You do sort of get tired of all the scenes By the end of the story you realize how you have to go though all that to get to the end It is truelly a wonderful love story.

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    The background and idea for this novel was rather interesting Unfortunately, Sean Michael reverts quickly into the large and slow, but charming character for Tigre Reading it for the first time is cool but I ve read a lot of his novels, and by now it s just kind of tedious, and makes this novel sounds almost exactly like some of his others.

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    Touching story of love and devotionWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS The circumstances surrounding Palin and Tigre s meeting and subsequent development of a relationship are great Every other character in the story warns Palin that buying Tigre is a bad idea, but Palin just ignores them all and does what he wants The blossoming of Tigre is just beautiful I loved the scenes from his POV because he starts out so timid and confused, and once he begins to believe that he belongs to Palin for good, he loosens up and embraces his roles as both Palin s protector and Palin s lover Hot sex with some BDSM flavoring It s not anywhere near as severe as I ve seen, and many of the BDSM scenes are told from the bottom s POV, so although he s experiencing pain, the reader can see that his enjoyment is foremost Interesting setting I say this about most fantasies I read because I don t read many, but I really enjoyed the combination in this story of normal elements from the real world like watching TV and going to the supermarket to pick out fruit and unusual fantastical elements unique to the story I worried when I started reading that I would get annoyed with Palin s stuttering, but it s used to good effect throughout the story Without ruining anything, I ll just say this there are certain circumstances under which Palin loses his stutter altogether, and I loved that There s also a particular word he never has trouble saying CON Pretty big plot hole s toward the end of the book Palin gets attacked at one point, and we re never told who ordered the attack or specifically why it happens And then very shortly after that, Palin has to prove himself in a particular way which he does swimmingly , but I didn t understand WHY he had to do it I ve convinced myself that the two events are related, but I don t remember the book connecting the dots.Overall comments The holes in the plot are on the serious side, but I liked the romantic element so much that I m pretty happy to overlook them There s a lot of sex, as is common to all of Michael s books, but this story portrays a deeper emotional connection than most of this author s works.

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    This one has a very unique voice, conveying the psyche of slave character, Tigre, fully than I imagined possible.Michael left me curious, though, about the world building details that got left out or edited out There was a great deal that could have been done with this setting, these characters, but wasn t.I appreciated the effort and rationale behind creating a svelte top with a selective speech impediment It humanized Palin and made him seem real.Michael also did a commendable job of drawing the reader into those qualities of a balanced D s relationship and the benefits of sadomasochism for those that choose such an avenue Not everyone grasps that psychological need, and Michael shows the intimate nuances of it beautifully.One of my other issues with this story had to do with the final scene, involving anal fisting Granted the top was slight in frame and likely had a small hand, compared to the large build of the bottom But for the entire hand to just slide in from knuckles to wrist without any effort involved I question the realism of that It shattered my suspension of disbelief, unfortunately.A few niggling aspects kept me from giving this a full five star rating, but there was definitely lots to like about this one.

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    OMG When they had the contest about Doms that are shorter than their subs I should have remembered this one It is another of my all time faves by Mr Michael I love the characters, the complexity yet simplistic men that they are Tyger s sweet, adorable innocence contrasted by the strength and brutality he can reek yet submits so sweetly to his Master Palin, a small statured bespectacled man with the power to read minds and a stutter yet able to bring his Tyger to his knees I have read this one over and over and over.

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