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Take One summary Take One, series Take One, book Take One, pdf Take One, Take One aead6ec629 Could They Change The World Before The World Changes Them Filmmakers Chase Ryan And Keith Ellison Left The Mission Field Of Indonesia For The Mission Field Of Hollywood With A Dream Bigger Than Both Of Them Now They Have Done The Impossible Raised Enough Money To Produce A Feature Film With A Message That Could Change The World But As Chase And Keith Begin Shooting, Their Well Laid Plans Begin To Unravel With Millions Of Dollars On The Line, They Make A Desperate Attempt To Keep The Film From Falling Apart Even As A Temperamental Actress, A Botched Production Schedule, And Their Own Insecurities Leave Little Room For The Creative And Spiritual Passion That Once Motivated Them Was God Really Behind This Movie After All A Chance Meeting And Friendship With John Baxter Could Bring The Encouragement They Need To Stay On Mission And Produce A Movie That Will Actually Change People S Lives In The Midst Of The Questions And The Cameras, Is It Possible To Keep Things Above The Line And Make A Movie Unlike Anything Done Before Or Is The Risk Too Great For Everyone

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    Karen Kingsbury is perhaps my favorite all time author I think I can officially say I ve read and loved everything she has written And this series now at 4 books, is no exception They are quick light reads and reinforce Christian morality and principles.This series introduces us to a whole new cast of characters for Karen, while feeding our love for the best loved family in Christian Chic Lit, The Baxters Many of the Baxters and others from that series make appearances in the new series I love it She manages to weave in the new with the old.We spent 12 books with the Baxters and I wondered if there was any possible way for her to not just let them drop off the face of the literary earth And she did, flawlessly I expect nothing less from her, though.The Ellison and Ryan families show us so much about what it means to be Christians in a world where the choices seem harder and harder with each passing day I learned from this story even if you are not famous and do not have every move chronicled by the paparazzi, you are a model to someone You are being watched by someone, you have to choose to model Christian principles or not.

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    Kingsbury is a creative and gifted storyteller She can definitely wrap the reader up in the character s thoughts and feelings, no matter their age, background, or gender and moves from character to character fluidly.My issues with this book were that 1 It has a strong anti union message.2 It has an anti gay message though not nearly as strong as the anti union message.3 It ends rather abruptly Not because that s how the story led itself to end, but because this is the first in a series of four books, and you re supposed to read the next one It s my opinion that any good book, even one in a series, should be able to stand on its own in quality and plot.I have enjoyed Kingsbury s other books I don t plan on continuing this particular series.

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    This was a free Kindle download It s really 2.5 stars I liked it, but I probably won t continue reading the series I m writing this review for two audiences Christian and not If you re not , you probably don t want to read this book It speaks frankly about people talking to God and believing answers are coming He spoke I know from experience that this will make some people mad just to read How dare those people think God is speaking to them So if that s you, don t read the book.I read the book because it was about film making from a Christian perspective, and that sounded interesting The protagonists are two former missionaries who went to school for film making acting before their stint in the jungle They re producing and independent film with a positive moral message for distribution to the populace at large, because they believe it can change lives They ve scored some name actors and a great crew for the film But will the funding hold out They re filming it on the campus where one of the producers daughter is starting her freshman year She s a former missionary kid who wants to experience all of life and is having doubts about her faith.What I liked Two men of integrity keep their faith in a world that s trying to tear them down Their wives are supportive Real prayer and faith happens What I didn t like The daughter is an idiot You heard me She gets herself in some really dangerous situations There s innocent, then there s dumb The way she s written, you can really only blame her parents for not explaining to her why she shouldn t do some things Also, the writing style bugged me a little My only concrete literary peeve is the single sentence chapter ending paragraph You know the onethe character is reaching an epiphany Everything has led up to this We re reading some intense introspection Now, with the conclusion so very, very clear, there s only one thing left to do.Sum it up in a single sentence.That s a fine way to end a chapter, but only once in a while There were a few too many of these.

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    This was a wonderful book there was a lot in the story that spoke to my situation, even though it is set in a situation far removed from mine I certainly am not involved in the movie making business and have no aspirations to get into that field , but I suppose doubts and insecurities and faith issues are often the same or at least similar all over the world I loved the wisdom of Bailey, and the strength of Keith and Lisa s faith, the references to songs that I know especially Jeremy Camp s I Will Walk By Faith great song , some of the great promises in Scripture, and just some of the reminders of things that I know, but often forget Some of my favourite non Scriptural quotes She brushed her fingers along the beige cloth cover and in the afternoon sunlight she saw a small cloud of dust take to the air She watched it dissipate and wondered Maybe that was the problem with her life and her marriage Even her faith She d let a layer of dust build up along the surface. If it wasn t going to happen, it wasn t for a lack of prayer or because God wasn t good and right It was only because this was God s will And His will was perfect. The characters were very believable and easy to relate to, although I didn t get completely swept away in the story But I could identify with aspects of Andi, Bailey, Kelly, Chase I will look forward to continuing with this series 4.5

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    Take One is the first of a new series by Kingsbury We re introduced to a couple missionaries, Chase and Keith, who have returned from Indonesia to produce a movie It is to have a strong Christian message and yet appeal to a wide audience Their idea and plan are sound, but their limited budget threatens to end their film making careers before they can get started The book s main theme is the struggle to complete the filming amid show stopping obstacles I found the beginning to be a bit slow as I tried to get into the new characters As soon as the book started focusing on Bailey Flannigan and her relationships with Tim and Cody from the Sunrise Series , I found it very engaging This series will bring new stories and people while continuing the Baxter saga Of all Kingsbury s novels, the Baxter stories are the most popular, and with good reason This author develops multi dimensional characters who practically live in the minds and hearts of readers While one could start with Take One, I recommend reading the entire saga for maximum enjoyment It teaches how a family should care about one another and live in Christ.

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    It was a good book but I have liked her other ones better I might continue this series tho because I m acquainted with all the people in the book As always her closeness to God is shown throughout the whole book

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    What to say about Take One Scrolling through the reviews, I see I m one of the few guys to read it.ProsAt its heart, the novel has a good message It teaches reliance upon God and it offers good moral lessons Some of the main characters are first years at college and the story explores the tension between being obedient to God and wanting to step out in freedom and excitement through relationships, partying, etcI think Karen Kingsbury s strength is in writing about the relationships between the characters While the Bailey Tim Cody love triangle is the most intriguing for Bailey, Tim seems like a perfect match but he s safe and she s not sure if she truly loves him the same way she loves Cody , Kingsbury also writes fondly about the marriages between the characters and the commitment, sacrifice and service they make towards each other.In the novel, the producers of The Last Letter, the film the main characters are working on, believe God can use the movie to bring others to Jesus I appreciate that Kingsbury thinks things like movies and her own books can be used by God evangelistically.ConsThere are some aspects of Take One that I grated at The production crew for the movie is working at below the line wages which they agreed to because Hollywood was on strike Eventually the union gets involved and threatens to shut down production The union is portrayed menacingly and vindictively but unions can be incredibly positive organizations if run well.Both of the major Hollywood stars on the film are hedonistic and sexually aggressive Don t get me wrong, I think Hollywood resembles Babylon far than the New Jerusalem, but Kingsbury was too heavy handed in her treatment of the Hollywood stars.Although the army doesn t play a significant role in the book, besides providing the background information about Cody s service in the army and how he lost his leg, I wince at the conflation of American patriotism and American faith It s too simplistic What would John Howard Yoder say this also reveals a simplistic theology behind Kingsbury s story theological questions are raised, such as God s goodness and His will, but they are elementary questions at least The Shack dwelt on theological issues .The novel is insufferably upbeat The Christian families are portrayed as nearly perfect I admit, this is the only Kingsbury novel I ve ever read so perhaps she addresses this elsewhere, but with so much focus on relationships and marriage among the characters, what message does it send to those Christians who have had to endure a long period of singleness or those who make themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom Finally, the novel is poorly written Kingsbury tells but doesn t show The primary plot revolves around two friends, Keith and Chase, making a movie and throughout Kingsbury keeps telling the reader how outstanding the movie is without SHOWING how it is outstanding The novel is rife with sentimentality, preachiness, and melodrama.I would certainly recommend this book over so many harlequin novels, but there are much better novels written by Christian authors out there.

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    Filmmakers Chase and Keith are excited to start filming their first major film The catch is that the film has a Christian theme with minimal financial support So begins the story of these two former missionaries making their own film in a largely non Christian business They are filming this venture in Bloomington, Indiana This is the same hometown where the Baxter family, from author Karen Kingsbury s Redemption, Firstborn and Sunrise series, live There are quick glimpses of the Baxter family woven into this fast paced story Along with the making of the film and the hardships the directors encounter, you also follow the story of two young college girls trying to find their place as Christian s in a secular college If you have read any of the authors other Bloomington series you will recognize one of the girls as the best actress in the Christian Kids Theater, Bailey This book follows her relationships with her new roommate Andi, high school sweetheart Tim, and war hero Cody As you read how the Lord leads each character to trust Him and follow His leading you will be encouraged in your own walk with the Lord This book is a must read for any Karen Kingsbury fan.

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    Take One is part of a series called Above the Line It is the first book in the series, and the first book from this author I have read Personally, I loved this book It is very well written and there is nothing confusing about it The point of view is in third person, but each chapter follows one or two different characters around in their life However, the reason I loved this book was because of the fact of how inspiring it was than because it was well written The Above the Line series is a religious series that follows the lives of several Christian families as they try to stay close to God while at the same time walking through the world, which is full of temptations The book follows lives that could be any person s life They go through the same things and have to face the same choices that each and every person face However, by staying close to God the families show the reader s trials, faith, hope, and miracles that will stay with the reader s and bring smiles as well as tears Take One is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone who would like a faith boost, or would just like to see real life choices in action.

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    This is the first book in Karen Kingsbury s Above the Line series I enjoyed the book and the story kept me entertained especially the on going storyline involving Bailey and Cody It was fun that she tied in characters from previous books to check in with them I suppose some may find the book cheesy and predictable, but I find Karen Kingsbury books relaxing, refreshingly innocent and easy to read.

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