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Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) files Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) , read online Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) , free Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) , free Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) , Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature, #1) f6da209fc Getting Placed In A Lousy Group For A Class Assignment Is Bad Enough, But It S A Thousand Times Worse When You Get Stranded In The Wilderness With That Group Will Josh And Three Of His Sixth Grade Classmates Have The Skills They Need To Survive The Wilderness Will They All Make It Home Alive Surviving Moose Lake Is The First Book Of The Kids Vs Nature Series It Provides An Entertaining Mixture Of Danger, Adventure, Factual Information, And Life Lessons That Are Best Learned In The Great Outdoors Far Away From Adults And School Classrooms

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    I let my son read this book to his brothers and the first thought that came to their minds was Jumanji Only, instead of a video game appearing on an old tv screen, this story has a magical wilderness app on a phone that took four unsuspecting kids to an outside adventure Josh, Tyler, Melisa and Katie we re magically teleported to the forest and had to do something to survive Moose Lake.This was an interesting read My boys collectively asked me to jokingly download the particular app mentioned in the book so they could join in the fun too with Josh and company My littlest one was a little serious though When I asked him about the characters in the story, he said he liked Melisa because even of she was a know it all, she seemed like a good girl Both my two older sons liked Tyler because he was funny and and seemed like a caring friend.My kids loved that the book also featured about wildlife and nature Reading a fun story while learning is a big plus to them.Now they can t wait to read the next book adventure that awaits the new four friends.

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    Very imaginative and quite the adventure Author Karl Steam writes in a wonderful style that guarantees the attention of young minds If you ever wanted to bond even with your children or grandchildren, this would be a lovely read to share with them I read it with my grand kids and they loved it It seems to me that this book has been created with a lot of love and joy and it s apparent that the author really enjoys creating such wonderful stories We ll be looking forward to seeing what s coming next Five stars from us Well done Karl

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    I was contacted by the author, who provided a review copy I do not accept all review requests, but this one piqued my interest sixth grade students are pulled out of the classroom and into nature I am a retired sixth grade teacher who loves being outside and recognizes the importance of kids outdoor play and exploration Review Surviving Moose Lake is narrated by sixth grade Josh He and three classmates have the task of identifying various leaves during a science lab When one of them downloads a free phone app in order to cheat on the task, the app magically transports them out of the classroom and into the forest They are tasked with finding and shooting a moose before the app will return them to the classroom After a rough start, the children learn to work together, observe their surroundings, and take a shot of a moose they find with the camera feature in the app They are returned to the same moment they left the classroom, and the book ends with a setup for the subsequent installment in the series.This middle grade novel has short chapters and several pictures, making for a comfortable reading experience for those adjusting to chapter books The premise reminded me somewhat of Hero.com, but this is believable and uses current technology, so will likely have high appeal the use of conversational tone make for easy reading while presenting some information about moose Further factual information is included in the back I mention that I found this believable I could easily imagine some of my former students confronting the difficulties as the characters did, overcoming preconceived notions, thinking critically and creatively about their problems, and working as a team to achieve a goal.This is a fun adventure, though there were two aspects that I wasn t keen on an overweight student is bullied and called the Blob as bystanders watch, and the term spaz is used derogatorily Both instances are authentic to grade school, and perhaps I am being overly sensitive, but I would have liked to see a defense of the bullied child, and I am not keen on normalizing epithets derived from medical conditions On the other hand, this would be a good starting point for a very positive conversation about bullying and respect for physical differences Despite my discomfort with those two small items, I enjoyed reading the book it s fun and funny, and the adventure is exciting while remaining believable if an app could actually transport you, that is.

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    Four middle school students who couldn t be different find themselves stuck together and forced to learn how to survive in the wild in author Karl Steam s Surviving Moose Lake, the first in the seven book Kids vs Nature series Here s the synopsis Getting placed in a lousy group for a class assignment is bad enough, but it s a thousand times worse when you get stranded in the wilderness with that group Will Josh and three of his sixth grade classmates have the skills they need to survive the wilderness Will they all make it home alive Surviving Moose Lake is the first book of the Kids vs Nature series It provides an entertaining mixture of danger, adventure, factual information, and life lessons that are best learned in the great outdoors far away from adults and school classrooms.The book reminded me of a middle grade version of Jumanji, with an educational, learn survival skills element to it Middle school kids will find themselves able to relate to these characters with ease Each student brings a specific part of the school social hierarchy to life, and the book does a great job of breaking down the barriers that separate these students in an effort to survive together The mix of realistic and animated photos with the developing plot made the story flow smoothly, creating an engaging yet fast read that middle school children will enjoy The author also did a great job of including educational facts about survival and the animals they encounter in the story at the end of the book, providing an interesting way to get reader s attention and educate at the same time Overall the first book in this series began strong It drew the reader in quickly, and by books end the promise of a growing series of stories makes this a truly marvelous series that parents will want to get their children If you haven t yet be sure to pick up your copy of Surviving Moose Lake by Karl Steam today

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    Thoughts This book is fabulous I loved, loved, loved this book I loved how Karl Steam was able to craft a story with such polar opp0site characters, but make them work together and eventually like each other For example, in the beginning Josh and his friends were picking on a classmate, however near the end of the book Josh and the classmate were great friends I also loved how this book was hilarious An example of this is when when the kids thought they had to shoot a moose and then later realized they only had to shoot a picture of a moose A final thing I loved about Surviving Moose lake is the moment the kids are back in the classroom they go back to the way they were not friends with one another Overall, I loved, loved, loved this fabulous, funny, exciting book NOTE I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review All thoughts are my own.

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    I liked it, was easy to read You did learn some things about nature and what not One thing that bugged me a little was the fact not one of the character was opposed to the idea of shooting a moose they figured it out, that it wasn t shooting a moose but take a photo I don t know just didn t feel right If someone told me we had to shoot a moose to go home, I would fight them on it But that my own opinionThere were plenty of pictures to break add to the story Overall it was an interesting read Disclaimer I received a free copy from the Author Does not affect my review

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    Fun little Adventure bookI was almost expecting Dragons to aooear when the story took off, but I think it was just as interesting sticking to nature.Nice short read, and I definitely recommend it for the suggested age group for the book.

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    I think is the best book I ve read this year great bookLike I said it is a great book for kids to read so year of you read this you are lucky.

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    Alphabet Reading Challenge S Sometimes, I just gotta check out a book to see of it s any good for one of my ten grandchildren This series is rated for ages 7 11 years and grades 2 6 It is a really good adventure series that s a bit modern, and they learn a few things about nature At the back of the book, the author includes a few brief facts about what was discovered during the adventure It has real photos with drawn, cartoon like, characters inserted into the photos.While in school, the kids secretly downloaded a nature app on their phone that was suppose to help them identify their leaf But, when they clicked on the app, and clicked on the I agree button, the app transported them to some unknown place in the woods by a lake The app gave them one assignmentto shoot a moose How were they suppose to shoot a moose without a gun Ended up, they needed to find and shoot a moose with a camera When they fulfilled their assignment given by the app, then they would be transported back to their classroom as if they had never disappeared They tried to remove the app from the phone, but it couldn t be removed, so now it s set for the next adventure in the series.

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