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Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) files Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) , read online Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) , free Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) , free Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) , Surviving Desert View (Kids vs. Nature, #2) 3e3911a1a Josh And Three Of His Sixth Grade Classmates Find Themselves Stranded In The Wilderness, Again Surviving In A Forest Was One Thing Can They Survive A Desert Too Their Situation Takes A Turn For The Worse When They Realize That Their Previous Wilderness Adventure Was Not An Isolated Experience Not Only Do They Need To Complete Another Mission To Get Back Home, But They Need To Find A Way To Prevent Any Missions From Happening

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    Once again, my kids and I got caught up in another exciting outdoor activity, this time on the desert with Josh, Tyler, Melisa and Katie in Karl Steam s Surviving Desert View We re really liking this Kids vs Nature book series, mostly because of the trove of information we learn from beginning till the end of the story.For the second day in a row, the informative magical nature app had given the four unlikely friends another mission to accomplish But this time, it s even dangerous than ever From moose lake, now the classmates were sent to Desert View where they need to get a Bird s Eye View Imagine being squirted with a lizard s blood, or facing a tarantula or worse, attacked by a rattlesnake OMG This had Survivor 101 written all over it The illustrations were also helpful providing visuals to my kids active imagination.And we all loved this Another great lesson or lessons learned from surviving the wilderness teamwork and caring for each other s welfare, even if they weren t really friends to begin with We re so psyched up with the next adventure in the series

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    Another great action and adventure story This is another exciting outdoor tale of survival This time Josh and his friends find themselves in the desert It s an exciting story that also teaches significant life lessons like teamwork and caring for each other.Surviving Desert View Kids vs Nature Book 2 was a very enjoyable read not only for my grandkids, but also for me Author Karl Steam writes in a wonderful style that will guarantee the attention of young minds I also thought the text and illustrations by Joshua Lagman worked very well together We ll be looking forward to seeing what s coming next Five stars from us Well done Karl

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    Wow, what an adventure mission I am amazed and appreciative of how descriptive Josh, the main character, is of his surroundings, feelings, thoughts, just everything Josh really paints a picture that we can see in our mind, like we are there with the 4 classmates Throughout the mission, we learn survival skills of being in a desert Never know what that may come in handy Surviving Desert View, is the 2nd book in a 7 book series Fantastic series to get young readers excited to read or others just to enjoy the adventure I am looking forward to the next mission.

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    The four kids who stumbled into a mysterious app that transported them into the wilderness find themselves stuck in the app s web in author Karl Steam s latest novel, Surviving Desert View, book 2 of the middle school book series Kids vs Nature Here s the synopsis Josh and three of his sixth grade classmates find themselves stranded in the wilderness, again Surviving in a forest was one thing Can they survive a desert too Their situation takes a turn for the worse when they realize that their previous wilderness adventure was not an isolated experience Not only do they need to complete another mission to get back home, but they need to find a way to prevent any missions from happening The mystery of the app and it s ability to transport these children into harrowing situations grows in this second novel The character development ramps up in this second outing, with the protagonist finding his specific knowledge coming into play throughout this novel.The novel does a great job of bringing the visuals together with the story in a natural way The story flows smoothly and makes the book a quick yet engaging read The magic or power of this app and it s mysterious origins bring this story to life in new and exciting ways, and by book s end you will be eager to jump into the next book.Overall this was a wonderful read Full of adventure, knowledge and an amazing hook that brings middle school readers into the study of survival in a new and inventive way If you haven t yet be sure to pick up your copies of book two in the series, Surviving Desert View by Karl Steam today

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    Thoughts This book is extraordinary I love, love, love this book I appreciated how Karl Steam seamlessly combined Surviving Desert View and Surviving Moose Lake, the previous book in the series, so it seemed like just one book I also liked how the four sixth graders play their roles perfectly For example, Melissa, the smartest kid in the grade, studied about nature and how to survive in the wilderness A final thing that I enjoyed about Surviving Desert View is Melissa and Josh s relationship The reason I enjoyed Melissa and Josh s relationship is that two entirely diffrent people have a spark Overall, I love, love, love this extraordinary, exciting, flawless book.NOTE I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review All thoughts are my own.

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