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Godless files Godless, read online Godless, free Godless, free Godless, Godless 5feff6506 Why Mess Around With Catholicism When You Can Have Your Own Customized Religion Fed Up With His Parents Boring Old Religion, Agnostic Going On Atheist Jason Bock Invents A New God The Town S Water Tower He Recruits An Unlikely Group Of Worshippers His Snail Farming Best Friend, Shin, Cute As A Button Whatever That Means Magda Price, And The Violent And Unpredictable Henry Stagg As Their Religion Grows, It Takes On A Life Of Its Own While Jason Struggles To Keep The Faith Pure, Shin Obsesses Over Writing Their Bible, And The Explosive Henry Schemes To Make The New Faith Even Exciting And Dangerous When The Chutengodians Hold Their First Ceremony High Atop The Dome Of The Water Tower, Things Quickly Go From Merely Dangerous To Terrifying And Deadly Jason Soon Realizes That Inventing A Religion Is A Lot Easier Than Controlling It, But Control It He Must, Before His Creation Destroys Both His Friends And Himself

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    Read for my young adult literature class.

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    It s easy to create a new religion.All you need is a god and some disciples.

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    I never would have thought that I ll have the chance to read this book, for the reason that I don t even know that this book exist However, when I once again attended a meet up by The Filipino Group in Goodreads last April 10 2011, which was also a celebration of the first anniversary of the group, Kwesi and I had the opportunity to swap books.I have given him the book 1st to Die by James Patterson and he gave this book to me, which I don t have any idea what the book is all about But judging on the title Godless I have a feeling that it will delve on Religion and Atheism.Reading the backcover of it I was already fascinated, a teenage boy bored of his parent s religion Catholicism decided one summer to create his own religion, which was Chutengodianism, a new worship which fundamentally believe that the Town s Water Tower was the one and true God.A big part of me immediately relate to that kid I would say that I also found going to churh, listening to priest, praying rosary, reading the bible etc boring Most of the time, I believe I am a non believer, an atheist, but no I think a Skeptic is the perfect word for me I want to believe in God but I wanted proof, I want to see it before I believe it.I find it really funny that this book is so natural There are a lot of things the character said about Religion specifically Catholicism that are really offensive I m thinking if you re a believer of Christian Faith you might find it blasphemous or the book was like questioning Religion and it puts Religion on a bad state and there are a lot of the propaganda but for me it doesn t felt contrived or it doesn t felt like I was forced to believe in it It s like here s the thing, think about it and it s not like here s the thing, believe in it If that even makes sense.I also love that the book is very funny and sarcastic It s like reading this, I laughed out loud and I can t stop it I even think about it s like a long time ago a book made me feel that way And yeah I found books that made me laugh, special It s like a very nice friend that could lighten up your mood and will give you a stomachache for its dry wit.It s a very nice read and I really recommend it, just be open minded especially if you re a Catholic I don t find questioning faith and God wrong or even found Atheists bad people It s a very thought provoking and imaginative book that would really got you thinking about your own faith as well.I also find the ending of it satisfying and it s a great way to end the book Jason, the main character ended it with an epiphany or a reflection about himself, and there is that uncertainty about him and what he really believes in, that I find amazing and haunting.

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    Imagine this On a hot summer day, a 16 year old, rotund boy invites you to join a new religion The rules are simple you don t have to wear robes like the cult you see in movies you don t need to sacrifice virgins too , it s quite informal and Tuesday is the Sabbath Your god will be called the Ten legged One, the town s 207 feet water tower Will you be one of the converts So, Jason Bock is a highly imaginative teenager who can ruin his chance with a girl by criticizing her habit of using so to start a sentence He s fed up with his parents devoutness to Catholic and starts to doubt his faith Agnostic and just steps away to atheist, Jason concocts his own customized religion It s god is a water tower Water is Life he reasons And coming up with much of its doctrine off the top of his head, he names the religion Chutengodianism, the Church of the Ten legged God He also creates its own commandments Chutengodian Commandments1 Thou shalt not be a jerk.2 Get a life.3 Thou shalt not eat asparagus.His bestfriend, Peter Shin Shinner is his first recruit As the founder and the Head Kahuna of the religion, Jason names Shin as the First Keeper of the Sacred Text Shin is a dorky snail farmer who, I think, is presenting the qualities of OCPD He even begins to write their scripture, portions of which precede the chapter Jason also converts the cute as a button, Magda Price First Priestess , just normal Dan Grant First Acolyte Exaltus and Jason s nemesis, Henry Stagg High Priest And as the religion grows, conflicts emerge And Jason struggles to control it.The quote Why mess around with Catholicism when you can have your own customized religion printed at the back cover of this book and not to mention the National Book Award sticker is the reason why I bought and decided to read this How often will you find a YA that objectively discusses agnosticism and religion Not often, for sure.Godless is straightforward, fun and well written particularly to its target audience I gave it 4 stars because I can easily relate to it I think, there s really a stage in your life when you doubt your religion and your faith As an agnostic and there s nothing wrong being atheist myself, I find Jason s thoughts easy to follow I also asked some of his questions Perhaps, the lack of character development and the simplicity of the plot will make some readers dislike Godless But I think the book s message is enough to cover it.This is not an atheist book nor an anti Christ though not a pro religion either This isn t also a book that criticizes Catholic churh though some rites have an issue with Jason It is about the effect of an organized religion to the people who support it Some turn into an obsessed believer like my Physics professor and others become Protestant We see schism in leadership and doctrine We see the consequences of an action taken on a basis of presumed faith alone.Here in the Philippines, where 85% are Christians most are Catholics and 10% are Muslims, talking about the possibility that there s no God or you believe in other holy entity is laughable Remember those semi cult religion who believes that Rizal is god Media s laughing stock Here, we don t ever know the separation of the church and the state And reading this is kinda refreshing.I like this book because it makes me think of my ah faith No, Godless is not a critique whether God exists, it is an exploration of one s struggle in faith It is easy to say that you don t think God exists But if you don t believe in God what do you believe in My father sighed and sat back and said, You think you re an atheist then I m not sure what I am He looked at me for a long time then I think it was the longest time he has ever looked at me without saying anything Finally, he spoke I m sorry to hear that, Jason Why Because it means you ve got a long lonely road ahead of you Will I have a long lonely road I don t really care, at least this is my road I just hope that I don t have a god as steel and as rusty as Jason s I ll just take a nap, then I ll try to write a review Now, I wonder if I have narcolepsy.

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    Interesting take on how different people approach faith and religion As a teacher in a fairly conservative community, I wonder how many parents would truly appreciate the ideas discussed in the story More than a few, I would guess, would feel threatened that it would give their children ideas contrary to their belief system Worth reading and discussing, especially in how each character approaches Chutengodianism differently.

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    Pete Hautman has a way of addressing weighty philosophical issues in oblique, readable ways In Godless, Hautman tackles religion as a group of intelligent teenagers create a cult based on worship of the Ten Legged God, known by non believers as a water tower The book doesn t necessarily attack religion, as the main character is actually somewhat envious of the surety with which his father and other Christians cherish their faith It does, however, provide a critique of fanaticism as well as the ability of religion to move people to action they d normally not undertake.In a world troubled by fanatical zealots capable of acts of terrorism and war, this relevant book should spark lots of discussion and provoke thoughts in any reader.

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    Hautman gives us an original take on organized religion and breaking away from the norm GODLESS is young adult book which is enjoyable for adults I really liked it.

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    The book Godless is about a boy that is not satisfied with his Catholic religion, so he created his own Jason created the religion of the Ten Legged God, or Chutengodism He got a couple members to join with him The members were Henry, Dan, Shin, Magda, and of course Jason One night the kids decided to climb on top of the tower with the help of Henry Stagg Dan, Shin, Magda, Jason, and Henry managed to get up to the top Shin couldn t conquer his fear of heights though, so he went home The members that got to the top decided to take a dip in the tower and go swimming When Jason jumped into the tank he knocked the flashlight into the water It was completely dark The kids finally managed to find the ladder to get out of the tank That s when Henry slipped He fell onto the catwalk, and was hurt bad The rest of the kids were into a lot of trouble, and they blamed Jason.Towards the end of the book, Jason realized that it s up to everyone to decide what they believe in, and you can t force anyone to truly accept a religion.The book Godless was great I really enjoyed the point of the book It proved that you need to make your own decisions when it comes to faith You can force beliefs, but it won t ever be the same Another part of the story that I liked was that Shin said You have to believe in something to understand it There is a crazy amount of atheists that are atheist, because they don t understand Christianity or any other religion I would definitely recommend this book to someone that needs to open up their perspective on others or even religion The age group that would probably enjoy reading this book the most would be teenagers That s when you can really decide what you believe in, if you believe in anything This book was very good

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    It can be hard to find young adult realistic fiction that isn t about Issues While I totally understand the import of books on serious topics, sometimes teens are interested in regular kids with regular problems This book is relatively straightforward there s nothing supernatural, probably nothing that could trigger something overcoming trauma except for a short aside about how one character s dead father was physically abusive , and just deals with a regular guy navigating his social circle and, oh yeah, his struggles with faith I particularly enjoyed the way that aspect of the book worked, because it seemed like a non traditional approach to growing up in a religious household but believing.

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    Jason doesn t like having religion forced on him, so he creates his own Everyone knows that, Water is life, so it make sense that god should be the town s water tower Jason somehow manages to get the bully, the beautiful girl, and his two best friend to follow him in his new religion Humorous, easy to access YA fiction.

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