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    I clicked Read on my Goodreads bar and it promptly nudged me to 1 rate my own book, and 2 answer the question, What did you think Well to the first part I won t rate it other than to sayyou know, my mom and I kind of like it.To the second What I think is that I wrote To Best the Boys for the girl I ve been and still often am I wrote it for the daughters I have who ve lived so much of this book, and for my sister who recently returned to school and earned a bio chem degree I wrote it for our mom who s struggled with dyslexia her entire life and is one of the most successful women I know I wrote it for every girl who s been told to quiet down, calm down, sit down, or has been intimidated by another because they could not handle her strength I wrote it to honor those who ve had to break a mold just to get places and be heard I also wrote it to honor the heart of my 12 year old son who understands what it is to be a good, good man And I wrote it for certain other dear family members and friends Author note You ll notice a variety of individuals, families, and situations represented in To Best the Boys, particularly some reflecting learning struggles and different needs These Rhen, Ben, and Lute s family specifically are based upon specific loved ones within my own family and close friends, and it was their desire and mine to represent them accurately and with honor in this novel For this reason, they were given absolute control over their word choices, scenarios, and representation within To Best the Boys and in this note and final say on its finished version However, we are aware that not everyone agrees on language, word preferences, or portrayal With that in mind, if anything rings as inaccurate, hurtful, or insensitive to you, please accept our very deepest apologies Our hope is to honor the beautiful people and stories in this world And in doing so, we hope we ve honored you, dear reader.Humbly, m and since some have asked, the preorder gift info is here

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    I swear trying to keep up with all these 2019 releases is basically like having a second job But this sounds so insanely good girl scientists refusing to fit the small space the world leaves for them and competing for an esteemed scholarship against the boys WHERE DO I SIGN UP

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    March Fairyloot Book Of The Month Click on link below the picture to see the wonderful goodies THE GOODIESThank you to Thomas Nelson for a hardback of this book Partial quote from the author For the girl who s been told to quiet down, calm down, sit down, or just leave it to the men this is for you And to those who told you such things Watch Us Rise I feel like this will be an inspiration to young girls The book will show them they don t need a man to make it in life and to think for themselves Rhen wants to be a scientist and she creeps around the town collecting things to try to find a cure for a disease that is killing people Some of her loved ones have the disease Rhen and her father both want to find a cure Meanwhile, Rhen and her cousin Seleni enter a maze that is supposedly for only boys It doesn t specifically say that in the invitation so there is that The two girls and boys go up against each other in the maze and there are some deaths But in the end will get to see Rhen make life choices that include a boy but not primarily a boy She s going to do HER thing I liked the book well enough, I just felt there was bit lacking in the maze department and a few other things that kept me from giving this than 3 starts Enjoy MelMY BLOGMY REVIEW

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    hm there is a solid foundation present within this story, with really creative ideas, but it isnt developed as well as it could be in other words, this isnt bad but it could be better strong feminist vibes and women empowerment are very present themes in the story, but its a little too overpowering every word and action by rhen is basically to prove men wrong i get it, i think it will inspire the target audience of this story, but it was just a bit much for me and took too much attention away from the plot there is a really unique urban fantasy atmosphere filled with ghouls and sirens, but the world building is lacking there is a really odd shift between quite formal language and modern terms phrases, which confused me in terms of figuring out the time period of the story and there really isnt any sort of background on why the world is the way it is the way to win a scholarship to uni is by being the winner of the competition, which is a maze fun, right except the competition itself is only a couple chapters long the book blurb makes it seem like its the focus of the story, when its actually not i was very underwhelmed with it there is also a really interesting side plot regarding a disease that affects rhens mom its the main motivation for her to enter the competition, but its not really resolved other than discovering the origins of the disease, its seems like an abandoned idea towards the end a bit odd so while there are a lot of really great individual elements to the story, it missed the mark by not developing into the fully cohesive story it could have been 3 stars

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    If you thought getting into university was stressful, w o a h, take a step back and read this book This is basically a maze competition where the winner gets a scholarship and PTSD Kind And I really enjoyed myself with this one The author is so lovely on instagram and has reached out and said kind things to me during my debut year writing is hard, folks so I was super excited to read my first book from her It definitely didn t disappoint it s a very apt discussion of today s world tooLike coming from an angle where they live in a world of magic and ballgowns and ghouls The society in this book has a very early 1900s vibe and it was all Males Rule and females can go have babies or whatever I usually chaff at these story lines, because I m so tired of sexism, it makes me ill But this was brilliantly done It hit us with discussions on what feminism is, how it is valid for girls to want to be in university and want to raise children How there is no one way to be a strong female character How being rich and privileged can poison you if you don t actively take charge of your own thinking It was really on point for today s world too and I loved this Rhen is our STEM girl who is the actual loveliestI m just sitting here feeling so full and warm with the fact that it featured two main girls Rhen, who is into science and cutting up corpses and will instantly hack off her hair to fake being a boy for a chance at a better education And also Seleni, who is soft and a little giddy about her boy crushes and is intelligent and forthright and takes risks and loves frills It was so so nice omg thank you for girls who are badass and don t scorn femininity as well Also their friendship was LIFE They re cousins and so there for each other 10 10 for epic female friendships so let s talk about the boys we need to bestWe get basically two camps 1 the rich privileged snobs who are utter assholes and treat women like property, and 2 the soft and gruff boys who are full of respect and hope I would be totally ok if Vincent and Germaine and Co all fell into the sea and got eaten by sirens Lute and Beryll were adorable I also loved that Beryll was the toffy stuck up boybut learned and listened and checked his privilege And Lute was just a SWEET FISHERMAN BOY He has a disabled little brother too and the disability rep was not ablest at all afajsdklafd I m so happy and their relationship is here to make your heart do all sorts of floppy happy things now for university scholarships and ptsdIt honestly gave me Caraval vibes We have this rich old man who runs a contest every year to award scholarships Only boys can enter, which is why Rhen and Seleni fake being boys to get in The contest only takes a day and it s not the bulk of the book, but it is the stressful part They go through a maze and locked rooms and get attacked by monsters and visions They have to invent things and mix chemical compoundsand avoid getting backstabbed by the other competitors I loved the magic and wildness of it Also 10 10 to the fact that all the relationships were set up already, so we didn t have any mad 1 day romances forming It was actually REALLY light on the romance too But it was sweet And I found the costumes as being boys realistic because everyone was fighting for their life in the maze, so you wouldn t exactly be peering at everyone else _ _ The writing was so easy to be absorbed in I just found myself flying through dozens of pages and losing timewhich I looove while reading The world felt easy to absorb and Rhen s voice was dynamic and winning I loved her and when you love the characters, it s for the book to take up firm residence in your heart.this is definitely a story of feminism and love, and it deals with the fear of girls striking out in places they ve been told to stay away from, but how one girl can truly cut a path for It s equal parts sweet with the family bonds and friendshipand vicious with the maze and monsters And that cover I LOVE that cover.

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I love Mary Weber as much as her food recipes she shares with us every single month I don t usually decide whether to read a certain book by its cover, but this cover made me want to find out about it When I read the synopsis, I had to read it, as it captures women fighting for their rights in a young adult format, and it simply was something I couldn t miss I will be honest with you and say that this book didn t deliver Maybe it was my expectations, after all, that got me too excited for my own good. Let s start with Rhen She is a girl that loves science, and her father has taught her everything he knows They are poor family and don t have all the equipment in the world, but that doesn t stop them to keep discovering and learning every day In their kingdom, an unknown disease comes around, and Rhen s mum is ill, with no cure yet Rhen wants desperately to find a cure, and a rich boy wanting to marry her might promise her all the equipment she needs, but now it s time that she lacks.When the men s annual tournament is about to begin, with boys fighting for the science scholarship, Rhen knows that she has no choice but to enter, disguised as a boy, and try to win this for her, for her dad, and most importantly, for her mum.The book flows really slowly We get to about half of the book when Rhen decides to enter the tournament I expected this to happen in the first couple of chapters, and to then have the adventure from within the labyrinth For me, it was quite a slow beginning, but some of you might enjoy that The writing is beautiful throughout.I loved the fighter within Rhen She is a fierce person, determined to fight for what she wants Even though throughout the book she has trouble with realising what is it that she really wants, we can see a bit of character development in her.As a book that is supposed to cover gender equality, and women fighting for the same rights as men, this book didn t really deliver The letter states that every gentleperson not gentleman Which means, that inequality never truly exists at all Women could have entered this competition, but they just chose not to.The whole competition, the labyrinth and the scholarship lacks details and has enormous loopholes one scholarship is given to one person the one that wins the labyrinth And after the winner is chosen, we have a scene where they all take a test, including the winner The disguise was a huge and important part of this book, as Rhen and her friend are pretending to be boys Rhen cuts her hair, and her friend just pins it and ties it with a hat They both wear boy clothes and barely remember to lower their voices And that is all they do to not get recognised And somehow, the people that know them their whole life fail to recognise them A bit unbelievable I wish I loved this book, because I truly fell in love with the cover and the synopsis But the whole labyrinth set up seemed to be a side story, with the illness being the main story, and the realisation of what Rhen actually wants to achieve Random characters were introduced, that didn t drive the story one bit, and the author also happened to throw in an inconsistent romance and a love triangle.I hate to say this, but the book seems like an unfinished draft It seemed so promising, and all I thought I would get out of this was non existent.I am not sure if I would want to recommend this book to you guys If you want to give it a try, I encourage you, and would love to talk about it and hear what you think, but if you are here because you loved the synopsis, this book will probably not satisfy you.Thank you to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley, for giving me a complimentary ARC e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    To Best the Boys by Mary Weber is a young adult fantasy that I couldn t help but think was a bit like taking The Handmaid s Tale and mixing with The Hunger Games This is a lighter read than either mentioned but it does take place in a male dominated society which runs an annual competition.Rhen Tellur is unlike other girls her own age who only train to run a household and please a husband Rhen instead is out surveying corpses and trying to come up with a cure to her mother s disease working alongside her father in his laboratory wanting nothing than to become a scientist herself.Every year the citizens receive an invitation for all teenage boys to come compete to win a scholarship to the all male university The labyrinth is by no means easy to complete and not all entering will make it out but Rhen decides that she needs to do whatever she can to change her own future and win that scholarship so dressing as a boy along with her cousin Rhen enters this year s competition.The world building in this one with the treatment of women in the society could really remind you of any time in history that has women barefoot and pregnant and off in the kitchen Heck what am I saying There are still areas and women treated as less than in today s world so as far as that goes it gave it a realistic feel Rhen then became that voice in the crowd that refuses to be treated as less and stands up for what she wants in an interesting fantasy story way by competing in the male tournament There was plenty of action and adventure to the story to keep the pages turning and you can t help but root for Rhen to best the boys I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Kind of was expecting a cliffhanger because, well, this is Mary Weber after all I guess this was a standalone, which is somewhat disappointing because I would have loved to have spent time in this world.Rhen, Seleni, Lute, Beryll, Sam and Eric 3 3 3 3 I loved these crazy kids than I can say.And I am so appreciative of this portrayal of strong females They don t all have to kick bums or sass every nearby males They can take care of their family and have different dreams Whether it be to get a higher education or start a family And I love how this books showed that these dreams are equally important And also the labyrinth Meep.Needless to say, I loved it.

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