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Call It What You Want summary Call It What You Want, series Call It What You Want, book Call It What You Want, pdf Call It What You Want, Call It What You Want 7b2fdbb1b6 When His Dad Is Caught Embezzling Funds From Half The Town, Rob Goes From Popular Lacrosse Player To Social Pariah Even Worse, His Father S Failed Suicide Attempt Leaves Rob And His Mother Responsible For His Care Everyone Thinks Of Maegan As A Typical Overachiever, But She Has A Secret Of Her Own After The Pressure Got To Her Last Year And When Her Sister Comes Home From College Pregnant, Keeping It From Her Parents Might Be Than She Can HandleWhen Rob And Maegan Are Paired Together For A Calculus Project, They Re Both Reluctant To Let Anyone Through The Walls They Ve Built But When Maegan Learns Of Rob S Plan To Fix The Damage Caused By His Father, It Could Ruin Than Their Fragile New FriendshipThis Captivating, Heartfelt Novel Asks The Question Is It Okay To Do Something Wrong For The Right Reasons This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ISBNAn Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found Here

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    4.5 stars Rob, a once super popular lacrosse player, has fallen from grace but not on account of his own actions His father, the local financial planner, was caught red handed swindling from clients and everyone suspects that Rob knew Although he did intern at his father s office, he swears he had no idea what was going on.As everything begins to be taken from his family, his father attempts suicide, leaving him in a state where he requires 24 hour care Now a social pariah, Rob finds himself at rock bottom.Maegan, a classic overachiever, has been living in her older sister s shadow for years Feeling pressured to succeed, Maegan cheats while sitting for her SAT causing consequences for everyone in the room Branded a cheater, Maegan sees her social standing slump as well She now keeps her head down and just tries to make it though each day without too much embarrassment.When they are matched together for a calculus project, neither Rob nor Maegan are happy about it Begrudgingly, they begin to meet up to start their project and pretty quickly learn that you cannot always believe what you hear about people They begin to confide in one another and discover they have in common than they ever could have guessed.Nobody writes teenage angst quite like Brigid Kemmerer She puts her characters through hell but the growth they are able to achieve is truly a beautiful thing Rob and Maegan s relationship has its complications but it is also sweet, kind and pure The writing is smooth and highly readable The friendships were so well done Rob and Owen So many feelings.There are a lot of hard hitting topics included in this too So much The thing that I found most moving was the idea of learning to forgive yourself of not letting one mistake define who you are I think a lot of us should be reminded of that Be kind to yourself We are all human, we all make mistakes and it is okay to let go of that and move forward.There was also a strong narrative between Maegan and her sister As with many sisters, they certainly were not lacking in the drama department I did like how much their relationship evolved over the course of the story and how they learned to see one another as they are, not how they imagine each other to be.Overall, I felt this book has a lot to offer and is quite moving I would definitely recommend it to readers looking for a hard hitting contemporary Kemmerer is an autobuy author for me and yet again, she did not disappoint Well done.

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    Rob and Maegan s story is out in the world today, friends The idea for this book started when I said to myself, What if I took Robin Hood and put him in a modern day high school I hope you love the story, and I can t wait to hear what you think Thank you all so much for being a part of my dream.

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    4.5 I m gonna need Brigid Kemmerer to never stop writing her contemporaries Her stories fill my soul right up They re always so intense, so heart aching, with such wonderfully flawed and beautiful characters that are alive on those pages She has a knack for writing stories that centre around broken teens coming from broken homes and having the readers follow them on their journey What I like is that by the end of it, these characters aren t healed But they are on their way to carving their own path after having been beaten down and harshly and unfairly judged I like that she focuses on offering different perspectives and outlooks, shattering the outer images that people base our entire lives on, and truly forming relationships with others for who they are To judge less and focus on your own faults instead Perspective is everything Perspectives provide you with meaning and truth and the source I just really appreciate it when characters are taken apart like that and Kemmerer is at the top for me for character analysis and incredible character arcs She writes it so damn well I could not stop reading this book I wanted a story that could leave a few bruises on my heart and I got exactly that I couldn t get enough Kemmerer, I m ready for you to punch me in the heart again Buddy reading with Azrah We re proudly obsessed with this author.

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    I am always impressed when authors are able to successfully alternate between genres I have read A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY from this author not so long ago and it was an incredible fantasy CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT is a contemporary romance devoid of any magic and curses, but it s a gripping story nonetheless and proof that authors should be encouraged to explore multiple genres and topics Sometimes they fail, but they still deserve points for trying In her case, Brigid Kemmerer can write anything and everything because she fully understands emotions, compassion and the concepts of intention, motivation and dedication She manages to breathe that knowledge into her own characters so that they, too, can be three dimensional human beings who have a purpose This isn t an easy story to read It s fast paced, so technically the amazing reader in you could potentially finish it in one or two sittings, but personally I needed to take a couple of breaks here and there It has been a while since I ve read a YA book so heavy in content I m not new to conflict and tension or any topic that makes you feel anything but happy, but it s rare for characters to face so many struggles in one story Every single main and secondary character has something going on here For instance, Rob needs to take care of his father who tried to commit suicide He also needs to deal with his new status as an outcast and his former best friend placing a target on his back He and his mom also face money problems Then there s Maegan who is caught between being the good girl and following her instincts that tell her to give Rob a chance and to help her sister who is pregnant and alone.I m not sure I smiled once reading this but it was a very realistic, dramatic and overall captivating story There are beautiful moments, of course, especially between Maegan and Rob and Maegan and her sister The emphasis is less on the action, the plot, and on what the characters are feeling and thinking about what happens in their lives at any given moment and what they themselves make happen It s slightly predictable but the characters managed to surprise me at times, too I can t wait for the author s future release, whatever genre it may be Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    My hEART belongs to Brigid Kemmerer contemporaries ok I will full on softly cry on your arm right now, because I really loved this book, plus it stressed me most wholly out And then the ending was the perfect mix of heartbreak and satisfying roundedness that I just want melt into this book and thank it for existing I did actually think this was part of the Letters to the Lost series, but it isn t So you can read this one without having read LTTL except tbh you should go read LTTL because it is one of my all time forever favourites, so if you haven t tried it yet and you want to ugly cry into your sleeve READ IT What could go wrong plotWe have two story lines interweaving here Rob, who s treated as a class criminal because his father was caught for embezzlement and then tried to commit suicide and Rob found himso he s super, super messed up And then we have Maegan, who has the Perfect family and the pressure totally cracked her and she cheated on her SATs, got caught, got hundreds of other kids tests cancelled and.is basically lowkey hated at school as a cheat They are SOFT SAD MESSES, but in very reserved ways I do admit I fell for Rob s storyline He broke me in all sorts of ways, and there was a lot of weight to what he was dealing with vs Maegan s had lower stakes charactersalso can we frikkin take a moment for how amazing the characters in this book are Even the secondary characters I love contemporaries that make you feel in the book, give the characters distinct voices and complex layers and personalities, and also smoosh in moments to make you laugh and ugly cry a little Just here to say t h a n k s Rob Look he is an utter disaster and watching him make bad decisions STRESSED me out Everyone had such low expectations of him, such utter disdain for something he had no control over because his DAD was the criminal, not Rob , that he almost felt like he should just be a criminal anyway And he was also soft and chivalrous, and could have such a snipey attitude ERMASGOH I loved him a lot Also stan boys who cry and are vulnerable Also he READS He loves BOOKS Meagan The nerdy relatable girl who very quickly won me over to loving her because she s just so real I honestly felt I knew Maegan and 10 10 would have liked her for a friend She also has a really steadfast streak and doesn t get pushed around And also her relationship with her sister, Sam, who used to be the Golden Child, but turns up home pregnant and angryGAH I love sister stories and they were SO realistic They fought and then they d totally be willing to die for each other This is the most relatable content ever.Also shout out to OWEN, my son, I loved him so He s so sarcastic and just sort of makes friends with Rob by reading An Ember in the Ashes over his shoulder and complaining when he turns the page too fast Like dude has so much reason to hate Rob Rob s dad screwed Owen s family over but they somehow end up friends Like I just LOVE how Brigid Kemmerer always does such epic friendships in her books ahhhh themesLook, this one gets me because it has so so many beautiful messages to explore, but also really important ones It talks about loneliness and how you can lose yourself in your own silence And there s a lot of discussion about money how some people can treat it so flippantly and how others are clinging to their last dollars, not sure what they re eating next It made me ache so much to see the comparisons and parallels of privilege and suffering Also it says REALLY good things about not judging people Argh we can all have such high horses sometimes oh you re poor but you have an iphone pfft but you NEVER NEVER know someone s full story, what they ve lost or gained or saved for or been gifted It is never anyone s place to judge someone who is poor.we could all do to have so so much compassion the messages totally wrapped up my heart and made me think and I love when books do that endingI won t spoil it I JUST REALLY LOVED IT AHHH Just clenches fist am such a fan overallIt made me ache, in the best possible way, and it had such an incredible and heartfelt story linewith so so many topics that were discussed with such nuance Including conflicted feelings Like the ability to love someone and hate what they ve done, how life is sometimes an uncontrollable trainwreck, how finding someone to hold onto is so powerful I just will be here, holding tightly to this book.

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    I just I just need Kemmerer in my life okay Review to come.Buddy read with

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    Edit I was lucky enough to meet Brigid at a local singing

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    4.5 STARSAAHHH I LOVED THIS SO FRIGGIN MUCHAlso, I m crying I don t know if it s a happy cry or sad cry, but I am crying.I ll probably write a review when the level of my adrenaline has lowered and I m not sobbing like a crazy any Storytime My best friend gave me this book as a birthday present and I asked her out of curiosity why this book in particular because it was already in my tbr but I never told her about it so she said Easy, I know your favorite genre is young adult and I know you love pink I guess I taught her well This is my first time reading a Brigid Kemmerer book, so I m very excited

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    i did not succeed.review to come me attempting to enjoy a Brigid Kemmerer book, take three andaction mucho thanks to Bloomsbury for the ARC

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    But sometimes I think everyone needs to take a long look in the mirror before they go main an issue about someone else s life Rating 4.5 5 starstw suicide attempt, talk of abortion, bullyingHands down, this is my favorite Brigid Kemmerer book so far Her contemporary novels feed my soul every damn time And I should have known that this would be the cure to my reading slump, considering I was hooked on this story by page five Kemmerer has a way with words that makes her books almost impossible to put down The relateability of her characters, their struggles, and the worlds she builds will have you done with her books in no time and craving .Maegan and Rob are both just trying to keep their heads down and make it through the school year after two scandals change their lives Maegan, the A student, is branded as a cheater after getting caught cheating on the SAT s, causing her and hundreds of others to have their results considered invalid Rob, the ex lacrosse superstar, is now known as the thief who helped his father embezzle money from families in their town And to make matters worse his fathers failed suicide attempt has left Rob s father in a vegetative state that requires constant care from Rob and his mother Right off the bat we have A LOT going for this storyand yet that isn t even the half of it Call It What You Want is literally a Lifetime movie on steroids and I was here for every second of it.As usual, Kemmerer s story has two unlikely people finding comfort in one another and there is literally nothing wholesome than that to me Her contemporaries typically have a slower burn romance where the two characters grow as friends first before taking the next step in their relationship, and it works so well every single time I was rooting for both Maegan and Rob individually and together throughout the entirety of this book Now before you think that this story is solely based on two people finding comfort in one another, let s talk the rest of the story Maegan s sister comes home from her freshman year of college pregnant, which creates some pretty big tension in her household Maegan s sister, Samantha, is faced with the decision of keeping her baby and potentially losing her full ride scholarship, giving the baby up for adoption, or having an abortion And while Maegan and Sam get off to a rocky start in the beginning, it was so amazing to see their relationship come full circle by the end to this story I absolutely adore strong sister relationships.Over on Rob s side we have his ex best friend bullying him and trying to humiliate him in front of the school, even though Rob is innocent While trying to keep his head down Rob makes an unlikely friend, Owen, who comes from a struggling familyall thanks to Rob s father Rob and Owen then begin a rather dangerous game of playing robin hood by trying to help out those who have less but taking from the well off families who won t miss whatever is taken from them This puts Rob in a position of finding out that maybe there is to what happened with his father than Rob originally knew Did you think I was kidding when I said a Lifetime movie on steroids Favorite Quotes See You know I m right You cheated on the SAT and you didn t even get suspended You get to take it again No questions asked You think that would have happened to a black kid Hell, my freshman year, some other kid lost his wallet in gym class, and they searched my locker first When you ve lost everything, sometimes you don t see anything wrong with taking a little back All those memories are part of who I am The good ones and the bad ones All in all, I am so happy with the ending of this story and the growth of the characters Kemmerer s contemporaries will always tug on your heart but the endings are sure to leave a big ol grin on your face I sincerely hope we get of her contemporary novels in the future because y all know I will be first in line to pick them up Thank you Bloomsbury for sending me a review copy in exchange for an honest review Blog Twitter Instagram

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