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The Greenprint summary The Greenprint , series The Greenprint , book The Greenprint , pdf The Greenprint , The Greenprint 0d94739243 New York Times Bestselling Author And CEO OfDays Nutrition, Marco Borges Introduces One Of The Most Inclusive, Practical, And Revolutionary Plant Based Lifestyle Plans The Greenprint By Following ItsProven Effective Guidelines, You Will Shift Your Mindset, Improve Your Health, Lose Weight, And Impact The Planet For The BetterAccessible And Easy To Follow, The Greenprint Is A Movement To Embrace Your Absolute Best And Healthiest Life Through His Than Two Decades Of Experience Working With Clients, Including Some Of The World S Biggest Celebrities, And Spearheading Exercise And Nutrition Research, Borges Developed The GroundbreakingLaws Of Plants, Which He S Determined Are The Most Important Plant Based Diet, Exercise, And Lifestyle Secrets For Losing Weight, Increasing Energy, Boosting Metabolism, And Reducing Inflammation, Not To Mention Helping Minimize Your Carbon Imprint To Help The Planet The Greenprint Outlines Three Simple, Step By Step Plans To Implement TheLaws Into Your Life, Depending On Where You Are On Your Journey Whether You Are Ready For A Gradual Shift Or Excited To Tackle Them All Full On, In Just Weeks You Will Be On Your Way To A Healthier, Cleaner Approach To Eating That Includes Plenty Of Whole Grains, Bountiful Veggies, Legumes, Nuts And You Ll Also Find Meal Plans, ThanDelicious Recipes, Countless Tips, And Inspirational Stories To Help You Along The Way Take Control Of Your Diet, Create Your Own Greenprint And Forever Alter Your Weight, Your Health And The Planet

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    I don t care if Marco Borges is the personal friend and dietitian for Beyonce Jay Z.he s not a good writer and at one point was literally yelling at me to be vegan or die Which, might be true But this book only convinced me that Marco Borges is not the person with whom I want to discuss it Hard pass.

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    One of the best health books I ve read so far The Greenprint is a plant based nutrition book which also includes sections on fasting, dealing with emotional eating, and doing what s best for the planet s health as well as our own All in a gorgeous package with glossy pages and a nice font Well done, Mr Borges 5 Stars

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    I was keen to read about transitioning to a vegan diet as I had read a lot about the environmental benefits of veganism This book appeared to be about how to transition to a vegan diet Unfortunately, there is not a lot in it about the mechanics of transitioning, which wasn t really mentioned until half way into the book, the first half of the book is an argument for veganism That s fine as far as it goes, though there were descriptions of cruelty against animals that I felt needed to be signposted, as they were upsetting This part of the book was very repetitive.The transition advice was just to switch one meal at a time, and a list of substitutions that can be made I was expecting than that really, at the very least I was expecting to hear about other people who had transitioned, and the things that they struggle with, and how they overcame those things Some accounts were related, but not in the people s own words, but only giving the benefits that those people had after transitioning, which isn t that useful to me now The stories that were given were sometimes contradictory Going plant based means never having to go hungry again, I was advised, then the story of a person transitioning was given, and it said that he admitted to being hungry on the diet No explanation of why Serving sizes are suggested, but was he eating those serving sizes and still hungry Was he eating low calorie density food and not giving himself enough beans, or fats Is hunger a normal part of transitioning Who knows Don t eat anything that your Grandmother wouldn t recognise as food Well my Nan would not have recognised nutritional yeast, ground linseed, or quinoa as food And I didn t like the effort to squeeze everything into some sort of resemblance of 22 The suggestion that people do 11 days one vegan meal a day 11 days 2 vegan meals a day and 22 days 3 vegan meals a day is weird You can t tell people when they are ready to move up to the next step Surely if you want to suggest a timetable, you want to make sure it allows planning, and food prep time, both of which are highlighted as important, though not explained in depth So switching up midweek seems just dumb The suggested diet is very plant heavy Most people when switching would be increasing their plant consumption considerably Is that going to cause digestive problems Gas from beans is mentioned, but nothing else about how a person with a biome used to very little fibre will fare when they suddenly start consuming a great deal of fibre Maybe the writer just doesn t know how to advise, but the book seemed to be marketed as a guide to transitioning, and it was disappointing that the advice given was to just get on with it.I felt that this book was like getting advice from someone busy doing other stuff and talking to you over their shoulder, rather than something that was like someone supporting me, individually through transitioning.Last, but not least, why not reference your sources properly Yes, there is a list of sources, but if I wanted to find out about something mentioned in the book, I would have a lot of work to find what source it was from Be kinder to your readers.

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    Preaching to the choir really here yet I do like that he really broke down the costs in acerage land to produce meat and that he offered choices than others I m allergic to the main ingredient in many of the options I still have a problem going all the way vegan because the cheese, the cheese call me hangs head Have you tried some of the Irish cheeses or the new ones coming out of New Zeland, even their goat cheese The good part is that dairy cows and goats aren t as hard on the land and we aren t as hard on them, especially when we are talking small or specialized cheesemakers.Totally related yet off topic, years ago, my roommate s 13 year year old was trying to get me back to eating meat and said, But then all those cows would be running free everywhere You could have heard a pin drop in the room as all of the adults made eye contact in turn and then busted out laughing so hard that we all had to take turns trying to explain to him that if fewer people ate meat, we would raise fewer cows and you get the point We lived in an agricultural area but mostly greens like lettuce or vineyards and orchards, it was still a lesson in that we need to really teach kids our kids where and how our foods end up on our plates So, even if you don t go whole hog pun intended with Marco Borges and The Greenprint, make sure you are explaining, in detail, where each ingredient comes from and what goes into growing it to your kids They will be better prepared to make their own choices and not silence a room with their naivete The kid raised and butchered his own chickens for gosh sakes

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    This book is a long pep talk written by Marco Borges who helped various clients transition to a plant based lifestyle Two of his most famous clients, Jay Z and Beyonce, introduce the book We want to challenge you, as we challenge ourselves, to move toward plant based foods The first half of the book is a explanation of the 22 Greenprint Laws Marco Borges basic approach The first is Eat More Plants and less of everything else If you want to make the change to a plant based lifestyle for your health or the planet s and you ve balked at the size of the change, Marco does a great job of breaking the whole challenge into small steps and encouraging you to make just one He also lays out some of the nutrition and climate science underlying his approach.Marco is an exercise physiologist so not a medical expert, but I have read much longer and science based tomes and he is following the best in nutrition writing while also making it much easier for you to read and digest his words If you are looking for a change, this book, with its consistently upbeat approach, will be a big help.The second half of the book is a recipe collection, sharing easy ways to Eat More, Weigh Less Rule 3 , which is a simpler way to talk about the standard American diet s lack of fiber.

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    Borges created this truly beautifully designed book that explains in details the benefits of changing to a plant based diet Like Borges, I also transitioned to a completely plant based diet rather than suddenly making the change I became a pescatarian vegetarian fish in 2002, then I gave up gluten and dairy in 2016 due to illnessleading to a celiac diagnosis , and finally giving up fish and eggs to be full vegan in 2017 Borges presents 22 rules to begin living a healthier livestyle, including transitioning to a full plant based diet He goes through all the health and other medical benefits associated with eating plant based while also debunking myths commonly brought up against a vegan lifestyle Borges also includes a ton of yummy and easy recipes in the back of the book for those wanting to try out plant based meals without knowing where to start I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the either the health benefits, environmental benefits or animal welfare benefits of a plant based diet I also recommend this book to current vegetarians or flex itarians who might want to try going completely plant based.

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    I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to trying out the recipes There was a ton of info in here it was easily consumable, but I marked it as a 4 star because it still felt like a lot of the text was either content that had been repurposed from earlier in the book or was info that is readily available constantly regurgitated by everyone else in the whole foods, plant based field.That being said, this would be an excellent book for those who are just being introduced to this way of eating or who are even a bit curious Marco s no pressure stance on making healthy choices super easy in most instances easier than the un healthy ones is perfect for those who are a bit unsure of where to start or even why they should be interested in any of this at all Highly recommended if you re just starting down the path of conscious consumerism, health, nutrition, environmentalism or even just raising your kids This book is a great into into all these areas has plenty of delicious meal ideas to support you on your path.

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    Marco Borges, CEO and founder of 22 Days Nutrition created Greenprint, a set of guidelines helping people to make the transition to plant based eating This book is not only packed with those helpful guidelines, but it s also packed with tantalizing recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans to get you started I especially appreciated the introduction that included specific studies illustrating the health benefits of eating plant based live 4 7 years longer and the positive environmental impacts of going plant based cut down your carbon footprint by 1,560 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually A great resource for those starting out on the transition to either plant based meals or a complete transition or those of us who just want recipes I also loved reading this book as my favorite plant based protein bars are made by 22 Days Nutrition Sarah M Marathon County Public Library

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    Continuing my current obsession with nutrition, I read this book which is essentially a guide and encouraging push towards plant based eating If you want to get healthier and clean up your diet, there is a lot of good info here in easy to digest chapters laws about the Greenprint how your choices affect not only your health, but the environment and the health of our planet Whether you want to replace one meal a day with a plant based meal, or learn about the vegan lifestyle, there is a lot to learn if you are new This is a pretty good guide the author is obviously vegan and encourages everyone to do the same, but acknowledges that small steps are ok too and that everything you can do to educate yourself and make better food choices will benefit your health.

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    Plant based eating takes off pounds rapidly and consistently.Fights diabetes Keeps your heart healthy.Naturally detoxifies your body against cancer causing agents.Eases arthritis and joint pain Strengthens your immune system.Boosts your memory and wards off dementia.Preserves your vision and protects your eyes against cataracts.Makes your skin, hair and nails glow.I do not eat anything produced by something that has a face.Plant based eating is the most powerful, most effective and easiest way to lose weight and keep it off.Think about the earth before you eat.Perfection can be the enemy of progress.Focus on what you can eat not what you cannot.

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