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Witchcraft in Yorkshire chapter 1 Witchcraft in Yorkshire, meaning Witchcraft in Yorkshire, genre Witchcraft in Yorkshire, book cover Witchcraft in Yorkshire, flies Witchcraft in Yorkshire, Witchcraft in Yorkshire 5822e292c9269 A Small Book Of The Region S Lore, This Important And Detailed Book Described Customs, Legends, Spells, And Beliefs Of The Yorkshire Area Of The UK Initially Published In The UK In , This First US Edition Is A Facsimile Reproduction Of The Original, But With A Beautiful Copper Metallic Finish Cover The Foreword To This Th Anniversary Collectors Edition Puts This Book In Modern Perspective, Stating, The Small Book You Are Now Holding In Your Hands Was An Early Effort By One Of The First Publicly Announced Practitioners To Contribute To A Fuller Picture Of The Witch, And Of Witchcraft The Text Provides Samplings Of How Witchcraft And Folk Magic Manifested Themselves, Over Many Years, Within The Borders Of Yorkshire

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    This book reminded me of Doreen Valiente s Sussex based Where Witchcraft Lives it is a fascinating and intriguing collection of the region s folktales and legends that center around the enigmatic witch of old as conjuror and shape shifter Some accounts of various witch trials are also included, along with stories of the infamous Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins I love little books like this one I read quite a few stories that were unfamiliar to me, which is always a pleasurable surprise.I think it took a little over an hour and a half to read through this one It s a short, enjoyable little read with a number of well done line drawings by Patricia s late husband, Arnold Crowther Due to a limited print run of 750 copies, it s becoming hard to find A worthwhile keepsake for my personal library.

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    Interesting collection of information about witchcraft, folklore, and cunning people in Yorkshire almost 40 years ago This is a facsimile edition with no edits, no apologies, no updates, so it gives a precious view of thoughts and beliefs of not only days gone by in Yorkshire, but in 1973 when it was published.

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