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A Fatal Inversion txt A Fatal Inversion, text ebook A Fatal Inversion, adobe reader A Fatal Inversion, chapter 2 A Fatal Inversion, A Fatal Inversion ed32ff A Fatal Inversion A Classic Thriller From The Queen Of Crime Barbara Vine An Absolute Winner A Gripping Read From Start To End Daily Mail Brilliant Vine Has The Kind Of Near Victorian Narrative Drive That Compels A Reader To Go On Turning The Pages Sunday Times In The Long Hot Summer Of , A Group Of Young People Are Camping In Wyvis Hall Adam, Rufus, Shiva, Vivien And Zosie Hardly Ask Why They Are There Or How They Are To Live They Scavenge, Steal And Sell The Family Heirlooms In Short, They Exist Ten Years Later, The Bodies Of A Woman And Child Are Discovered In The Hall S Animal Cemetery Which Woman Whose Child I Defy Anyone To Guess The Conclusion The Clues Are Cunningly Planted, So That It Seems One Should Have Known All Along A Most Satisfying End Daily Telegraph Nimbly Written With All The Dickensian Values Of Vivid Characterization, Fine Prose Style And A Cunningly Devised Plot That Shifts And Twists And Keeps You On The Edge Of Your Chair Val Hennessy, Daily Mail A Fatal Inversion Is A Modern Classic Of The Crime Genre If You Enjoy The Novels Of PD James, Ian Rankin And Scott Turow, You Will Love This Book Barbara Vine Is The Pen Name Of Ruth Rendell She Has Written Fifteen Novels Using This Pseudonym, Including A Fatal Inversion And King Solomon S Carpet Which Both Won The Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award Her Other Books Include A Dark Adapted Eye The House Of Stairs Gallowglass Asta S Book No Night Is Too Long In The Time Of His Prosperity The Brimstone Wedding The Chimney Sweeper S Boy Grasshopper The Blood Doctor The Minotaur The Birthday Present And The Child S Child

About the Author: Barbara Vine

Ruth Rendell.Rendell created a third strand of writing with the publication of A Dark Adapted Eye under her pseudonym Barbara Vine in 1986 Books such as King Solomon s Carpet, A Fatal Inversion and Anna s Book original UK title Asta s Book inhabit the same territory as her psychological crime novels while they further develop themes of family misunderstandings and the side effects of secrets kept and crimes done Rendell is famous for her elegant prose and sharp insights into the human mind, as well as her ability to create cogent plots and characters Rendell has also injected the social changes of the last 40 years into her work, bringing awareness to such issues as domestic violence and the change in the status of women.

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    This is one of Barbara Vine s earlier richly crafted novels Her writing is elegant and skillfully constructed A Fatal Inversion is not an ordinary mystery with a familiar plot, it is a chilling psychological study which gives the reader insight into a horrifying murder It is compelling and certainly thought provoking.A landowner in the English countryside discovers an old pet cemetery on his vast property, where he finds human bones also buried This fact and the subsequent police investigation set this story into motion The manor house had been previously inherited by a nineteen year old young man During an idyllic summer, he and a group of young people lived a carefree, irresponsible existence there, selling household contents to provide money for sustenance and entertainment It was here that the murder occurred, which is evident at the outset of this book Vine has masterfully woven this suspenseful tale back and forth from that summer to a dozen years later when the surviving members fear revelation Character development is richly drawn, adding to the atmosphere of tension.

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    Probably not the best Barbara Vine Ruth Rendell book to get started with For me, it didn t flow as well as I could have hoped Plus, although I certainly don t require likeable characters to keep me engaged, I have to care about who did what and why I found all of the characters in this novel to be unpleasant to say the least and I couldn t care much about how they ended up.It was odd gathering the details gradually and making assumptions about who the woman and the child found in the pet cemetery could be and how they got there I ve read books where I ve known the perpetrator from the beginning, but still was intrigued by the story, but this book didn t grab me the same way It wasn t until the very last pages that I found myself engaged That s a long time to wait.I was reading AFI largely on my work coffee breaks It helped to have no alternative reading available, as I found myself reluctant to pick up the book and yet anxious to get finished and move on to something rewarding Truly, cognitive dissonance.Perhaps I was just in the wrong mood for this mystery I m a bit off of mysteries right now, I think perhaps I ve read a few too many of them in the last while But it was one of the books that I chose for my 2018 reading list and so I forged ahead with it Your mileage may vary.

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    Not a fan of the writing style The plot was slow moving, but did pick up toward the end None of the characters were likeable Although this was probably intended by the author, it still was tedious to read, as they were shallow and self absorbed I skimmed some of this book especially in the first half just to get to the explanation of the murder There s a bit of a surprise at the end, which made me give the book 3 stars instead of two An OK read.

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    This book is always up there among my favorite Top 5 Vines along with ASTA S BOOK, BRIMSTONE WEDDING, A DARK ADAPTED EYE and HOUSE OF STAIRS and, like those, it s one I ve pretty much lost count of how many times I ve read.As with most of the other Vines of which this was the 2nd , old sins have long shadows that cast themselves on the present, and Vine moves effortlessly between 1986, when the skeletons of a woman and child are discovered buried in the pet cemetery of a country estate, and 1976, when a diverse group of young people some of them college students sets up housekeeping there for one carefree summer that will ultimately have tragic consequences and cast those long shadows.Mystery writer and historian Julian Symons wrote that A FATAL INVERSION had the most brilliant ending of any mystery he d ever read.

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    A Fatal Inversion is about When bodies of a young girl and baby found buried in Wyvis Hall animal cemetery This incident sparks memories for four friends Adam, Rufus, Shiva, Vivien and Zosie when they use to camp at the hall on hot summer nights The readers of A Fatal Inversion will continue to follow the investigation into the death of the woman and the baby Also, the readers of A Fatal Inversion will be surprised with the ending of this book.A Fatal Inversion was the first book I have read of Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine I enjoyed reading A Fatal Inversion However, I do prefer books written has Ruth Rendell better because I engage with the plots and characters better A Fatal Inversion is well written and researched by Barbara Vine I did like Barbara Vine portrayal of her characters and the way they interacted with each other The readers of A Fatal Inversion will see the devastation of kleptomania has on the sufferer and everyone around them I recommend this book.

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    My second of Vine s psychological suspense novels The word mystery just doesn t describe what happens in this book The central event occurs in 1976 but is discovered with the uncovering of human bones in an animal graveyard 10 years later The most recent owners of this suburban estate have begun a process that will lead to the unraveling of several lives.Vine Rendell is expert at the slow disclosure of facts and feelings, the essence of the psychological novel This particular novel is written so well that the unraveling is slowly reflected in the structure of the story itself Wonderful I was on the fence about 4 vs 5 stars as I seem to be giving many 5 star ratings lately But of the book deserves it, why hold back.Highly recommended.

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    I was drawn into this murder mystery It was a great experience listening to the book during my daily jogs Am glad that I listened to the audio version because otherwise I would have just rushed through the book, in my usual speed reading mode, sometimes even missing certain aspects A wonderful psychological thriller, which shows how even gentle, normal people can commit crimes, if circumstances arise I loved the descriptions of Acalpamos not sure of the spelling and wished i owned it I would have loved a remote bungalow in the wilderness as a holiday home I was drawn into the lives of Adam, Rufus, Zosie, Shiva and Vivian for the past few days.

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    Listen HereDescription A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine Ruth Rendell was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 14th December 1991 The year of the long, hot summer 1976 Adam and some friends spent it in idyllic circumstances But when the weather at last broke their lives had been wrecked A dramatisation of Ruth Rendell s Gold Dagger award winning crime novel Dramatised by Michael BakewellDirected by Jane Morgan.Adam Verne Smith Andrew WincottRufus Matthew MorganZosie Siriol JenkinsShiva Tariq Alibai

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    I put this book on my TBR years ago because I read somewhere in a blog or goodreads maybe that this was a better, realistic version of Tana French s The Likeness My assumption was that this was also a mystery with a doppelgangers a la Brat Ferrar , but it s not that The book opens with the remains of a human skeleton being found buried on the grounds of a country home in Suffolk Naturally the police investigate The story then slowly unfolds in flashbacks and forwards between 1986 London and 1976 Suffolk Fatal Inversion is an intense psychological suspense story There is a murder but the focus is less on who did it and why although that is eventually revealed and on how this murder has poisoned the lives of those who were witness to the crime and its cover up I can see the Tana French comparison a bit, you have young adults 18 25 living in a house which is sheltered and suspended from the outside world and a lot of emotional manipulation going on in that close environment But personally if I had to compare this book to any other that I have read, it would be Sarah Water s The Little Stranger because of the ever building sense of dread and the way the survivors are figuratively haunted in the aftermath.

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    Probably the best Barbara Vine novel I have read It was also the first of her books I read The almost palpable sense of time and place she created was so convincing I can clearly remember the feeling I had reading this book She always features such detailed and convincing characters it is apleasure to follow the story which often involves a mystery or curious event This book was thoroughtly satisfying if you enjoy this type of book.I have given this 5 stars becasue of the pleasure it gave me and I admit it inspired in me an interest in this novelist and this genre for a good while.

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