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    I read this book because it was listed as one of the two most deeply sick and depraved books of SF, at least according to the readers of rec.arts.sf.written Unfortunately, it s not really that depraved Or if it was, I was so overwhelmingly bored by it that the supposed sickness didn t make much of an impression.Perhaps the best thing I can say about I, Weapon is that it isn t a novel at all it s the plotter s synopsis for a Marvel comic about the same year as the book Doing a synopsis of the synopsis will be difficult, but here goes it is The Future The Morlocks excuse me, the Progs live on the Moon and on habitats about Jupiter Their agents, the Stafi and Landed, do the grunt work and raise the Eloi excuse me, the Unguls humans so mutated after Terra s first nuclear war that they are fit only as foodstock Humanity had spread throughout the galaxy, only to be forced back to a few dozen worlds by the villainous Vim A desperate Prog, consulting The Computer, learns that the only possibility of success is a breeding cycle to create a godlike human who can crush the Vim The first half of the book deals with her struggles to reach her goal she has to collect the sperm of an Ungul, an Unchanged, and an Evolutionary Variant , mix them all together, and then carry the product to term herself all the old fashioned way, without the use of a breeding tank or gene equipment, The Computer tells her The end of the book is an unchallenging narrative of her offspring s heroic success after success I won t spoil the ending, such as it is, for you.Is it depraved It certainly may have been once upon a time we have flat, drab, colorless passion meandering across the page as our blue skinned, bug eyed heroine the lights are low in those sublunarian bases to preserve power mates with these various creatures Runyon takes particular delight in displaying the ranches where human stock meat is raised and butchered, and spends inordinate amounts of time when the hero starts making it with a Vim female.So you got your cannibalism, your pornography, your vague sense of bestiality There s even a snuff scene for those with that kind of bent There s a hint of lesbianism when the logic driven Prog heroine tries to describe her feelings for her oh so useful and beautiful illegally gengineered to be a sex toy, but now free and educated Stafi assistant, but then puts them aside as irrational and never acts on them pity, as the Stafi seems to be the only real human in the place.But it s all so boring Runyon is a complete hack his exposition goes on for page after page after page His dialogue is completely as you know, Bob When the hero gets into Vim territory he discovers that he is carrying a psychic inhibitor without it, he is a God and an unimaginative one at that, and the book is really over when Runyon has another 80 pages or so to fill Terrible read.

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    A fun and original read In the future, humanity has split off in many specialized races To combat an alien menace, a scientist from the Venus colony decides to create a human weapon by combining the best genes of the different races Not realistic at all, but an exciting read.

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    One of the most memorable and interesting books I read in my teenage years I recall it being a pretty wild ride Would I recommend it NOPE

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    Book from my childhood Rated it out of nostalgia then anything.

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    I loved this wild and crazy bookit is a lost classic of gonzo New Wave scifi

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    The first 25 pages is the most jaw droppingly bad 25 pages i have ever read This book has scarred me for life.

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  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • I,weapon
  • Charles W. Runyon
  • English
  • 22 June 2019
  • 9780445041271

About the Author: Charles W. Runyon

US author of thrillers and some sf, who began publishing the latter with First Man in a Satellite for Super Science Fiction in December 1958 sixteen further short sf fantasy stories followed, chiefly for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction His first sf novel Pig World 1971 depicts a Near Future USA governed by a right wing tyranny challenged by a vicious would be demagogue Soulmate