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Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith txt Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith, text ebook Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith, adobe reader Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith, chapter 2 Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith, Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith a3536b Charles Darwin Published The Origin Of Species, His Revolutionary Tract On Evolution And The Fundamental Ideas Involved, InNearlyYears Later, The Theory Of Evolution Continues To Create Tension Between The Scientific And Religious Communities Challenges About Teaching The Theory Of Evolution In Schools Occur Annually All Over The Country This Same Debate Raged Within Darwin Himself, And Played An Important Part In His Marriage His Wife, Emma, Was Quite Religious, And Her Faith Gave Charles A Lot To Think About As He Worked On A Theory That Continues To Spark Intense DebatesDeborah Heiligman S New Biography Of Charles Darwin Is A Thought Provoking Account Of The Man Behind Evolutionary Theory How His Personal Life Affected His Work And Vice Versa The End Result Is An Engaging Exploration Of History, Science, And Religion For Young Readers Charles And Emma Is ANational Book Award Finalist For Young People S Literature

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    I picked up this book mostly because Charles and Emma The Darwins Leap of Faith is both the National Book Award and Printz runner up I don t know if it s because my expectations were too high or because this book is my first YA non fiction, but I wasn t as wild about it as I expected to be.Charles and Emma The Darwins Leap of Faith is basically a story of Charles Darwin s marriage to his religious wife, which, keeping in mind that Darwin was a founder of the theory of natural selection, is an interesting subject to explore The book narrates Charles initial hesitation to even get married, the couple s ultimate decision to put their religious differences aside and trust in the ability of their marriage to work in spite of them, and Charles s and Emma s life together.The book is written in a very engaging manner, easy to read and hardly ever gets boring It provides curious details about Darwin s life and 19th century living in general I especially liked the story about Charles week long visit to his first love, during which he partook in so much kissing, that he had to be prescribed medicine to relieve the swelling of his lips Who would have thought this kind of vigor was allowed 150 years ago I also enjoyed learning that taking breakfast in bed was an actual medical treatment The reason I couldn t give the book than 3 stars is that ultimately Charles and Emma The Darwins Leap of Faith doesn t live up to its premise the struggle to find a compromise between an atheist husband s and religious wife s beliefs isn t sufficiently explored Besides Emma s initial fear that her beloved husband will go to Hell for not believing in God, the subject doesn t come up too often in the course of the story Rather, it explores Charles s hesitation to make his beliefs public, his fear to go against popular religious views.Nevertheless, the book will be of interest to those who want to know a little about Charles Darwin and his ideas, but who don t feel like plodding through other massive biographies of the scientist For me the most fascinating part of the story is that even now, 150 years after Darwin s theory was published, there are still people who find it absolutely impossible to reconcile their religious beliefs with scientific findings As if science and faith are mutually exclusive

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    I wanted to rate this book higher, but the I considered its qualities, the I opted for liking rather than really liking Numerous parts of this book were highly interesting, and some I found quite moving but two features kept getting in the way of an overall very satisfying reading experience for me One was Heiligman s seeming desire to work in every tidbit about the Darwins that struck her as interesting, even if that bit of information ended up being obtrusive to the forward movement of the book In addition, however, there inevitably appeared later, another discussion of that tidbit that endeavored to justify its inclusion The bit about D s dog was one example for me Never could quite figure out why she felt compelled to include that one, even though the second time the dog this discussed, there is an tie in just didn t work for me.The second issue is a very tricky one in a book like this As H rightly claims, in all the books about Darwin, this is the one that tells the story of Emma But in the end I felt the title was right Charles and Emma It wasn t Emma and Charles The book was centrally about the issue of faith science or creation natural selection in the Darwins relationship, and that is the very interesting and very strong part of the way Heiligman crafted this book wonderful I felt, however, that I kept experiencing everything about Emma and her perspectives fears etc through the lens of Charles And perhaps that is as it must be with a figure like CD in one s book I frankly am not sure how H could have succeeded in not making Charles the central filter, but I ended up wishing I had a Emma centric view of a number of things.After finishing the book, one thing that strikes me is the magnificent job that Heiligman did throughout the entire work of letting us see so intellectually powerful a force as Darwin through another, intimately personal, lens And the personal was central this book was not about how Darwin, giant of science, operated in the scientific and intellectual worlds of his time, building networks, negotiating the academic and other communities that he did in order to become the Charles Darwin that is Charles Darwin of today though she does build a very satisfying picture of the context for how his career unfolded This book shows Darwin in his everyday interactions with and feelings for his wife and children And that is what I did came away from this book loving Okay, I changed my mind 4 stars.

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    I actually really enjoyed this book a lot than I expected I found it well researched and just a great short read Can you imagine how difficult and the personal berating Darwin had to have went through when he was having the internal debate of his work going public Some still find his work controversial even though it is widely accepted so can you imagine how it was taken when it first went out into the world Anyways, I found the story entertaining and a delivery of the story was done well by the author but I am far from an expert of Charles Darwin but I did enjoy reading this little book.My quick and simple overall quick and entertaining and truly makes you wonder just how much anger and curiosity came up when his work first came to the public s eye.

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    This book isn t fantastic, but it s good An enjoyable description of the Darwins as a family Though they had their fair share of illness, loss and struggle, they seem an uncommonly happy family They had an uncanny ability for finding joy in each other and in their work It is strange to read about the family and to know there are butlers, maids, servants of various kinds running around, doing a lot of work, and barely acknowledged, though at least some of them named I guess is is just part of the times for people their class, but just a bit odd.Some of my favorite parts The overall playfulness of the family and Emma s intelligence and open mindedness Darwin and Emma wrestling together over the question of God and religion, and the larger cultural rumblings around these questions The description of Darwin s work with barnacles, and the little story of one of his son s asking a family friend When does your father do his barnacles as if studying and writing about barnacles is something that someone in everyone s family does I think doing one s barnacles should be code for something I have no idea what Obsessive tinkering Nothing too nefarious The family obsession with worms and the trip to Stonehenge during which Darwin was much interested in digging in the ground for worms than looking at the stones According to the biography, Darwin wrote a book about worms, which I now want to read Though I still haven t gotten through the Origin of Species The writing wasn t great and sometimes it felt a little repetitive, but all in all I think Charles and Emma is well researched and offers an entertaining little window into the life and times of the Darwin family.

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    I had no interest in either Charles Darwin or his wife before reading this book, but Heiligman s biography kept me riveted from start to finish Darwin took a very pragmatic approach to marriage, compiling a list of pros and cons, before he decided to take the step that would radically change and improve his life and did this before he decided on the woman Emma Wedgwood was a deeply religious person and Darwin, her cousin, had embarked on a course of biological study that caused him serious doubts about the literal truth of Christian beliefs But they were both such open minded and loving people that they found a way to accept their differences, and their marriage thrived for years, bringing them 10 children, seven of whom lived to adulthood This is a fascinating, mature biography that I think many adults will enjoy.

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    While this targets young adults, it s appropriate for any adult who is interested in Darwin and or his theory of evolution but doesn t want a heavy read I ve read quite a bit about Darwin, but still enjoyed this book and I learned a little Especially well done is the way Heiligman handled the tension between the Darwins about the connection between science and religion There are many quotes from CD s books, letters, and notes, all of which contribute to an understanding of the man.I marked several passages, a few of which I m mentioning here.Both Charles and Emma enjoyed a good novel.p 91 Usually Emma read to Charles while he rested from his work Charles liked novels with happy endings, and he once wrote, I often bless all novelists A surprising number have been read aloud to me and I like all if moderately good, and if they do not end unhappily against which a law ought to be passed A novel, according to my taste, does not come into the first class unless it contains some person whom one can thoroughly love, and if it be a pretty woman all the better p 231 Emma spent much of her time reading, and in 1894 she wrote, I am rather ashamed to find I use up rather than a volume a day of novels She read the Brontes and Robert Louis Stevenson She read of the novels of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell. Mrs Gaskell was one of Darwin s friends And here s a piece of good advice.p 197 Although Charles discussed religion and science with Gray and other close friends, he demurred when strangers wrote to him asking what he believed about God He said that theologians should answer questions about religion, scientists about science.Heiligman may well have had to resolve similar tension in her own marriage She majored in religious studies in college, and is married to science writer, Jonathan Weiner.

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    Name Josephine WoldAPA Citation Heiligman, D 2009 Charles and Emma The Darwins leap of faith New York Henry Holt and Company.Genre informational Award 2009 National Book Award for Young People s Literature Finalist2010 Michael L Printz Honor BookL.A Time Book Prize FinalistWinner of the 2010 YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction AwardFormat PrintSelection process 1 Starred review by Booklist Reviews by School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews2 2009 National Book Award for Young People s Literature Finalist3 2009 ALA Michael L Printz Award for Best Young Adult Book Finalist4 Literature for Today s Young Adults Honor List The Best of the Best, 1980 2011 p.22 Review Charles Darwin is famous for his voyage on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands where, as the expedition s naturalist, he collected specimens that lead him to discover the process of natural selection and the theory of evolution Emma Wedgwood is not famous However, by presenting the details of their lives together, the main theme of this remarkable book unfolds as a very important message for readers today people with different beliefs and philosophies can live happily, even enhancedly together Heiligman paints out the picture of the details of the life of Emma Wedgwood, her childhood home life, family, loves and losses, and religious beliefs Drawing on letters, diaries, and notebooks by both Emma and Charles, the reader is privileged to follow along as Charles Darwin decides how to live his life as a person, and how to pursue his calling as a scientist, applying his studies in natural history to such considerations as love, passion, desire, jealousy and devotion What comes out from all this thoughtful, intelligent reflection is a long, beautiful, loving relationship which includes the creation of a rich home life, ten children, and, of course, Charles Darwin s many scientific publications, of which Origin of the Species is the most well known.This book is so much that a biography It includes descriptions, details, and insights into 19th century English life, religion, philosophy, and science, and would serve as an excellent book to integrate subjects, provide context and depth, and generate discussions in high school classrooms The book is well documented with many pages of source notes, family trees for both Emma and Charles, and photographs.Recommendation Highly Recommend

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    Starting my career as a science teacher, I have always been fascinated with Darwin s work I did not know much about his personal life, though I enjoyed learning about the Darwins, their marriage and family life, and the tension they both felt about reconciling their religious beliefs with his scientific discoveries.

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    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd Short and Simple Review This book was really out of my comfort zone I don t really read biographies, but I challenged myself to read all of the Printz award winners and this book came recommended by my YA lit teacher a while back I had to change the way I typically read books because I found when reading this book that I need to take breaks than when reading fiction Even though I kind of slugged my way through this book, I ended up finding it interesting The book focuses a lot on the Darwins themselves rather than focusing on just Charles Darwin and his research It was a personal side to his story and it included the rest of his family in the story While the book did discuss what he did in terms of science and research, it mainly discussed the normality to what he was doing and showed the reader how his research fit into his family life, rather than the other way around Overall, it was an interesting read, although I can t say whether I enjoyed it.

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    It is disconcerting to my unspoken preconceptions that one can be likable, curious, enthusiastic, humble in most respects, and a great husband and parent all while defying the Gospel one knows better than most believers in it Nevertheless, I should not be surprised at these descriptors of Charles Darwin as he comes across on these pages Jesus said, did He not that we, evil apart from His intervention, know how to give good gifts to our children The author does a good job conveying the combination of grace and tension Both are evident as these unequally yoked partners consider marriage and in each step along the way They are inspiringly honest with each other, even as they look at the world from such different places Worth reading in a polarized age.

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