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Where Willows Grow files Where Willows Grow, read online Where Willows Grow, free Where Willows Grow, free Where Willows Grow, Where Willows Grow ebb367e2b Her Heart Aches For His Return But Is The Distance Between Them Measured By Than Miles Anna Mae Isn T Sure Her Husband Is Being Completely Honest About His Job With The Works Progress Administration They Re Building A Castle In Kansas Harley Promised He D Be At The Worksite Only Long Enough To Earn Enough Cash To Keep Their Farm But The Money Hasn T Arrived, And Anna Mae Fears Harley May Be Gone For GoodHarley Phipps Has Never Been A Man In Need Of Luxuries, But He Wants To Do Right By His Wife And Two Little Girls He Was About To Lose All He D Worked For If He Didn T Do Something There Was No Way He Could Pass Up The Government Job, Even If It Meant Leaving His Family For A While Anna Mae Was Awful Mad When He Sold The Mules, Packed His Bag, And Headed Out If Only She D Send Him A Short Note To Let Him Know She And The Girls Are All Right

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    I haven t read a book by this author in quite sometime and it s so wonderful to revisit this author s writing On the Kansas plains in the early 1900 s it s a very hardscrabble life People have very little and appreciate all they have Luxuries, like shoes are very hard to come by and pinched toes from too small shoes are than likely what your children will have Rain, what is that but a distant memory The crop is withering and dying in the fields and dust chokes and coats the throats of all When Anna Mae discovers she is pregnant with her third child she is afraid to tell her husband It s not that he doesn t want another child but how will they afford it When she tells him and they argue about it she feels terrible Her husband says he has found work building a castle a few hours from home on the Kansas prairie A castle on the prairie Anna Mae isn t sure Harley is telling her the truth Does he really have a job doing this or is this his way of escaping the stress of not being able to financially provide for his family A neighbor man, Jack comes to the rescue and offers to do the heavy chores on the farm while Harley is gone Are his intentions pure or does he really want from Anna Mae since they had a past relationship when she was a teen When she receives word her husband has been killed in an accident how will she go on and what about the mortgage on the farm that s due Reading this just reminded me of how much I enjoy reading this author s books and how realistic her books are.Published April 1st 2007 by Bethany House Publishers Owned book

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    Read meWell another charming story set on the Kansas plains in the early 1900 s A story full of love and sadness and in the end a happy ending This is the 10th in the Prairie series and I enjoyed every book Kim you rock Thank you for enriching me with your accounts of your homeland.

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    The book was interesting but too cheesy for my tastes I m Christian and enjoy Christian oriented books but this one was over the top cheesy The story isn t too slow but doesn t have any heart stopping moments either It was easy to guess where the general story line would lead.

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    Great book I can usually get an idea of where a story is heading, but this one had me guessing This book had just enough of everything relationship life problems, romance, God s grace, friendships, family I really enjoyed reading this.

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    Slow in the first three chapters or so, I almost gave up, but then it picked up and I couldn t put it down I enjoyed this book 4 s

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    I thought this book was great A man leaving his prairie home to find a way to make money for his family during the great depression and in Kansas during the Dust bowl Tryin to make money he leaves and finds work building a Castle But as he is away his neighbor seeks to turn his wife away from him He had wanted to marry her when they were young and he hopes that he can make her see that he is a much better husband.

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    This was my first Kim Vogel Sawyers book, and I fell in love with her lyrical yet concise prose In few words, she s able to let me feel what her character is feeling right down to the texture of the woman s kitchen Wonderful writer.

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    Another great story I enjoyed it very much

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    Where Willows GrowThis book held my attention so much that I read through the night I kept thinking, well, just one chapter That s all it took and I was done reading the book quickly The story line was true Many families struggled through this drought Many moved, separated or stayed out and truly struggled.The characters feel like you knew them, making reading the book almost like a letter from family Kim captured all the emotions from each character and was able to bring those feelings to life as you read I ve been impressed with Ms Vogel Sawyer s work for a while now I know that I ll always have a good story to read if her name is on the book She actually, in my opinion, really stepped up for this book Of course I do feel this way about almost every book of hers.If you enjoy an accurate and Christian books, Kim Vogel Sawyer is one of a handful of author s that you will come to respect and see all that she puts in each book she writes.READ this book, you ll be taken on a journey that you won t forget Her Christian values and story line will sooth your soul.Excellent book.

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    Him Vogel Sawyer is one of the best authors around anywhere, she brings each of her books to life As you read you are totally transported until it feels as if you are living it You laugh,cry and worship along with the characters She has a simple yet dramatic way of presenting the Lord that makes you hunger for I give all of her books a five star rating Where Willows Grow was one of the most exceptional one of her books yet Loved it I read them She has a way of transporting you in the middle of it I love the way she teaches faith and the love of Christ She always leaves you hungry for Loved it

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