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Versace (Universe of Fashion) pdf Versace (Universe of Fashion), ebook Versace (Universe of Fashion), epub Versace (Universe of Fashion), doc Versace (Universe of Fashion), e-pub Versace (Universe of Fashion), Versace (Universe of Fashion) 95451392dbd Gianni Versace Has Said Of Himself, I Don T Care For Half Measures I Believe In Making Clear Cut Choices Versace S Fashion Is About Such Bold And Unequivocal Choices Unafraid Of Being Denounced By Those Less Daring And Fearful Than Himself, He Makes Fashion Meant To Be Worn By Those Who Share His Desire For Risk Who Share His Honesty About Sexuality And His Self Confidence In Aesthetic Choice Traditionally, Fashion Designers Begin With Innovations In Their First Collections, Develop Fans And Followers, And Ultimately Settle Into A Style That Is The Designer S Trademark, With Modest Adaptations To The Season And Fashion Currents Gianni Versace Is Different The New York Times Remarked On A Showing Gianni Versace Ended The Day With His Collection, Dedicated To A Woman Who Listens To Classical Music But Enjoys Rock, Who Reads The New Yorker And Calvino But Can Have A Laugh At Gossipy Chronicles, Who Adores Wearing Versace With Calvin Klein Jeans Or Versace Jeans With A Chanel Jacket If That Sounds Like A Personal Ad It Could Be, Because Mr Versace Is Not Setting Up Housekeeping With Clients Who Have Married Him In The Past He Is Always Courting Someone New Indeed, Versace Is An Uncompromising Designer One Who Develops And Expands Not Only In The Public Arena Of Fashion But Also In The Even Larger Area Of Popular Culture Versace S Energy Has Become Famous He Makes It Clear Both As A Designer And As A Human Being That He Prizes Life Already By The Late S, Gianni Versace Was In Command Of His Distinctive Style He Was Able To Combine Absolute Power And Authority With Comfortable Materials And A Relaxed Silhouette Even Then He Was Designingthe Most Confident Clothing Of His Time Who Else, After All, Would Combine Silk And Leather With The Panache Of American Sportswear Who Else Would Have Let The Pleats In The Silk Blouse Become The Center Of Ever Widening Ripples That Make Troughs In The Soft Leather Skirt While Versace S Designs Are Celebrated As Unabashedly Sexual, They Nonetheless Possess A Strong Sense Of Personal Grace Versace Shows An Unerring Talent For Bringing From The Street Those Extravagant And Graceful Elements That Represent The Best In Contemporary Style No Major Designer Living Today Has Successfully Transfigured The Street S Reality Into Convincing Style All The While Keeping In Sight The Extravagant Possibilities Of Baroque And Renaissance Motifs Versace Understands, Perhaps Better Than Any Designer Of His Time, That Fashion S Place In The World Is At The Center Of Visual Spectacle With Intelligent Commentary And Celebrated Photographs Of Versace Designs, This Book Presents The Versace Spectacle In All Its Boldness And Sensuality In This Volume, We See Versace At Once As The Designer Of The Byzantine Madonna, Of The Performer Of Madonna, Of Modern Sportswear Infused With Italian Renaissance Pageantry, Of S Inspired Slinky Gowns, And Of An Entirely New S Couture Vision

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    This book is a fashion book There are 80 pages and only 12 pages of text Everything that is talked about is Versace and this fashion they is no mention of this personal life I liked the last few pages the best There was a chronology chart then thumbnails of all the pictures that were in the book with an explanation I enjoyed it but I would have liked to learn about Versace himself.

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    What I was expecting was a brief and regularly illustrated history of Versace and his fashion house Instead I got fifteen pages of advertisement, and the rest of uncaptioned photographs, sketches, and mood boards Very disappointed.

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