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Captain Blood pdf Captain Blood, ebook Captain Blood, epub Captain Blood, doc Captain Blood, e-pub Captain Blood, Captain Blood a4826dacc34 Beneath The Good Life Veneer Of Los Angeles, In An Urban Wasteland Of Drugs And Death, A Brutal Enforcer Stalks An Unforgiving Avenger Who Strikes Hard Against Killers, Junkies, Pimps, And Pushers He Is An Obsessed, Self Appointed Champion Well Versed In The Art Of Murder, Dispensing His Own Brand Of Justice To Those Who Have Broken His Personal Laws Prepare To Enter His Nightmare World For His Vengeance Is Swift And Savage, And His Final Reward Is Blood

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    This books sucks on so many levels, but I m giving it five stars because I know someone is going to love it It ll be that person who loves to talk up lost classics, which have usually been forgotten for good reason that person who watches certain movies because they re so bad they re good that person who scoffs at Hemingway, Faulkner, and Updike, but won t shut up about how great, well, Captain Blood is This book is terribly written and terribly structured, yet it dragged me along to the bitter end, mostly because I couldn t believe what was happening and wanted to see how much crazier it would get And the answer was Really crazy There s also the fact that it s set in 70s L.A., a place and time that interest me It s basically a Jim Thompson esque slog through the mind of a psychopath written by an author with none of Thompson s sly wit or natural talent The buddy who turned me onto it says he s heard that people read their favorite passages from it aloud at parties I can see that it s that kind of bad If this sounds like your thing, read it, but don t tell anyone I told you to.

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    Read in the 80s

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    It came late in the book, the protagonist is incestuous with his sister and is too lazy to get up to urinate, but I plowed on and finished the book.

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