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    Imagine standing close to a large mosaic You reach out and touch one small piece, marveling at its beauty Then your eye is drawn to another exquisite tile so delicately formed such a rich color Before long you are pondering another piece it s like nothing you ve ever seen Only after delighting in each marvelous fragment do you step back to appreciate the whole picture.That s the experience of reading The Coffeehouse Resistance Each memory Sarina Prabasi shares is a tiny wonder, drawing her readers into ordinary moments from her extraordinary life Even if you ve never chattered with family around a dining table in Kathmandu, studied while homesick at a funky caf in Massachusetts, fallen in love over perfectly crafted cups of macchiato in Addis Ababa, or been stunned by the sweltering summer heat of a Manhattan studio apartment, Prabasi s artful writing makes you feel like you were there.You will root for Sarina as she and her husband open their first coffee shop, risking family peace and financial security grow a business in their adopted country And you will agonize with her in the wake of the 2016 election, as Caf Buunni becomes than just a place for great coffee Only by the end of this compelling mosaic of memoir does the full picture emerge Sarina Prabasi, a passionate wife, mother, neighbor, entrepreneur, activist, writer, and citizen of the world, and of these United States.

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    What a difference we can make, understanding our neighborhoods as we do, and having a real relationship with people in our communities What could we accomplish if we could make the coffeehouse politically relevant again Not partisan, but politically engaged and active Sarina Prabasi, The Coffeehouse ResistanceNo stranger to immigration, Sarina Prabasi was born in the Netherlands, raised in Nepal, and educated in Massachusetts before settling for years in Ethiopia, where she fell in love with the culture of coffee, the community surrounding it, and a man who would later become her husband and business partner When political unrest brought her back to America with her husband and young daughter, the relief was short lived In the wake of the 2016 presidential elections, they and much of the nation were left shocked, bereft, and seemingly powerless in a situation that few had prepared to face Suddenly, the future of the nation and of her family was undefined.Through small acts, her mindset emerged from that post electoral fog as that of an active citizen She started using her voice, her vote, and even her dining room table, where she and her children wrote to their local representatives, to better embody her ideals After getting her feet wet by phone banking for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez s campaign, she was struck by her ability to promote change both at the government level and right within her own community It wasn t long before this passion flowed over into Buunni, the coffeehouse founded by Prabasi and her husband, Elias With the government officials, she wrote postcards, made phone calls, and attended rallies With her customers, she shared a love of coffee, a safe space for their voices to be heard, and connections with friends and strangers alike Eventually, she found a balance, dismantling the isolating issues she saw racism, gun violence, and corporate greed from both ends of the spectrum.In an effort to bring the coffeehouse back to its original status of communal hub and a place of enlightenment, free thinking, and debate, Prabasi has written a book detailing her experiences as a New York immigrant turned U.S citizen, a small business owner, a mother, and a political activist pining for representation in Trump s America The Coffeehouse Resistance is a forward thinking memoir, told in an empathetic voice, that shines light not only on the harsh realities of recent years but, importantly, onto the bright future which is made possible when one acts in accordance with their ethics toward a true democracy Despite such divisive times as these, the book s power to resonate is palpable its ability to motivate as strong as the morning s first cup of coffee This book is for everyone, but especially for those who have felt themselves unrepresented, unaccepted, or even unwelcome in the place that they themselves call home, this is a must read.

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    This is a very readable story of vignettes, from childhood to now The pacing is well plotted and big themes, such as the decision to move to America, starting a busines, getting an education and meeting her now husband are told over a series of memories, memories that really draw you in and make sense of far flung places and cultures It captures lots of moments in time and I read it in two sittings Two

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    This is a book we all need right now a powerful memoir of a mother, business woman and activist who tells a coming of age story around the idea of coffeehouses as a nexus of family, community, and political action I m buying copies for friends and family.

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    Prabasi comes across as a trustworthy go getter Beyond her formidable accomplishments as an entrepreneur, humanitarian and parent, perhaps she commands even respect with her warm, earnest voice and belief in virtue for its own sake Her story gifts the reader with profound lessons and beautiful settings so many gorgeous moments, as in the portrait of Ethiopia When do gooders like her are leading the resistance, we know it s time for change High recommend.

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    I so enjoyed reading The Coffeehouse Resistance a memoir by Sarina Prabasi I read nearly the entire book in one sitting It is a beautiful story that crosses multiple cities and covers various significant times in the author s life I very much enjoyed how coffee served as backdrop and connector weaving together various chapters of the story I especially enjoyed learning about the culture of coffee in Ethiopia The author s writing is lovely and painted such amazing images of the setting that I felt as if I was there Overall I found this book to be one that so many people will enjoy The themes of home, love, connectedness, and optimism shine through And, I think every reader will relate to these universal topics and feel inspired by the author s bravery and vulnerability in sharing her hopes and fears.Definitely pick up this book you will enjoy it

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    Saw the title and high reviews and thought it d be a good read I was interesting in reading on what the author who I am not familiar with was working in the coffehouse resistance Women have been leading much of activism and movements throughout history What does coffeehouse activism look like today, in the United States post the 2016 election I don t really know The book is really a memoir of the author growing up, moving around the world, etc Her experiences in different cultures plus what it was like living in the US post Trump election era, from the sadness that has come with it to the highs and the slowly and steady work that chips away at the hate and anger.Honestly, I thought the writing was incredibly pedestrian I am surprised at people who thought it was good or compelling Watching someone take a seat from the same party vs flipping a seat from the other party isn t exactly a huge win some people like to think it is, either, especially with low voter turnout.It could be that I m so used to reading a wide variety of experiences and other, on the ground histories of how seats were flipped, how legislation has passed, how activists and others got elected officials to back away from bad legislation or decisions, etc It s great for getting involved and glad that people liked her story but I also cautious people to read and understand there might be a lot the reader doesn t understand if they re new to any of this.Borrowed from the library but it s skippable.

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    Promote it, love it and feel certain that you ll find it as timely and beautiful as I do.

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    The first section of the book is her memoir of growing up in various places around the world, which is interesting enough in itself Some of it feels a bit disjointed and jumps around in time, makes some references to things like Ethiopian politics that aren t fully explained but aren t essential to the memoir either The third section of the book is where it really comes together She and her husband are establishing and growing their business, at the same time Trump begins his presidency Her perspective on American culture and politics at this time is enlightening to read, and confirms what I already knew.

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    This book was recommended to me by the author s friend and it caught me by surprise It resonated with me in many ways as a wife, as a business partner, as someone living in an unfamiliar culture, as a mother, etc It is a quick read, broken into digestible chunks and peppered with lovely metaphor and social commentary She speaks passionately on issues of modern day American society, notably around immigration, from both a political and personal angle I was sorry that it ended I wanted to read about the adventures of Sarina and her family.

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The Coffeehouse Resistance download The Coffeehouse Resistance , read online The Coffeehouse Resistance , kindle ebook The Coffeehouse Resistance , The Coffeehouse Resistance eafef5301d2d Part Coming To America Story, Part Lyrical Memoir, And Yet Another Part Activist S Call To Action, The Coffeehouse Resistance Brewing Hope In Desperate Times Is Timely, Funny, And Poignant Writing As A Mother, Immigrant, New American, Coffeehouse Owner, And International Nonprofit Leader, Prabasi S Story Weaves Between Nepal, Ethiopia, And The United States When Prabasi And Her Husband Move From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, To New York City With Their Young Daughter In , They Start A Thriving Coffee Business, Grow Their Family, And Are Living Their American Dream After The Election, They Are Suddenly Unsure About Their New Home Reclaiming The Tradition Of Coffee Houses Throughout History, Their Coffeehouses Become A Hub For Local Organizing And Action Moving From Despair To Hope, This Story Is Ultimately About Building Community, Claiming Home, And Fighting For Our Dreams