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    This story was pretty simple, but it got the point across Being a YA Christian fiction book, of course the focus was on Chloe s relationship with God Along with that, though, there was also the tour, her friends, and of course, Jeremy There wasn t really anything scandalous, though she made a super big deal out of her and Jeremy kissing, which by today s standards is not a big deal at all Though them both being in youth Christian bands and him being a couple years older could make it a big deal The big moment was Tiffany s death I get why Chloe felt so guilty, and I would too I do think she rambled about it to the audiences too much and there wasn t much point to that There could have been depth to the book but it kept to the wholesome theme it was meant to and taught a couple good lessons as it went.

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    This book was a little hard to get into However, the Author made it clear for me to understand what the characters had gone through Which was good for me because I haven t read the previous books in the Chole series Interesting dilemnas and concepts were proposed in the plot I was really interested in the situation between Chole and her Iron Cross member crush My favorite part of the book was where one of Chloe s friends died It really helped me to understand that we have to love each other, like God loves us and try really hard to touch the hearts of others, despite our dislike for them It gave me the true meaning of love your enemies.

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    Face the Music was good Not amazing, but not horrible There were times where I had to go back and reread things to make sure I knew where they were and what they were doing I guess I am not one to truly judge this book because I haven t read the books before this one When I got to the part where Tiffany died, I was like, HOLD UP It was like Melody Carlson wanted to kill someone off suddenly I wish I saw of Tiffany before she died Oh well I did like how it affected Chloe through Christ The romance between Caitlin and Josh was nice, but there maybe could ve been excitement from Chloe when she heard about the proposal Good book.

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    I thought that Face the music was a good book, but I would recomend reading the first ones in the series Because when I started reading it i was kind of lost because i hadn t read the previous books Over all a great book I thought Melody Carlson had a great message when writing the book I really liked the last paragraph of the book I liked how she talked about that we have to be responsible for ourselves and not be responsible for other people I didn t really like how she made Tiffany just all of a sudden die, and it would have been nice to know if Tiffany accepted christ before she died I still thought it was a good book

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    I liked this book a lot, but maybe not as much as the book or two before it I can t believe it s the last of the Chloe books But, with the Jeremy situation, I think the author left it open for another book, similar to I Do about Caitlin.Death of a friend was the main hard topic in this book, but that wasn t even covered until the last 1 4 of the book.Well, setting healthy boundaries in relationships and making God a priority was the other main point of the story.Overall, a good read.

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    I absolutely loved this book It talked about abstinence until marriage and mono from kissing It was my favorite book to this point It was last one in this series but great It went right along with the Caitlin Oconner series The band is on the road and doing great and things seem right THere is a death at the high school and it shakes up the band pretty hard It talks about treating everyone like it is the last time you may see them.

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    I really liked this book Heck, I like all the Diary books I love how relateable these books are I love Chloe s spunk Alot of the stuff discussed is the stuff teens go through, not just Christian teens but all teens Really helps teach God s way and direction in our lives Every part of our lives Even if we are a teen rockstar Chloe or not I recommend this to all teens, even guys, although it might look funny for a guy to be reading Diary of A Teenage Girl.

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    I really enjoyed this book, even though it is intended for teenagers Because this is the only book I have read in the series, I want to find the other books so I can appreciate and understand this one even For any of you out there with teenage daughters, I highly recommend this for them

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    Stellar book I can totally relate to Chloe about crushes and getting head over heels when you don t even see the guy and all of that controlling your heart and mind stuff Been there, gone through that and decided I never wanted to go through it again And have pretty much succeeded I lke how these books are so relaetable Like the Christ Miller Co books.

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    I have to admit, I cried with the book Either I m pathetic or it really moved me, you choose It s a teen book, so it s simpler than an adult book I also feel like it s too good to be true I went to a Christian high school and we never had experiences like this.

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