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Artificial Light files Artificial Light, read online Artificial Light, free Artificial Light, free Artificial Light, Artificial Light 9c67776a0 Stunningly Written In Prose That Is Poetic, Gripping, And Highly Adventurous, Artificial Light May Be The First American Novel To Successfully Treat The Alternative Rock Scene Of The S As A Subject For Serious LiteratureJames Greer, A Novelist And Screenwriter, Has Written For Spin, Tennis Magazine, Sunfish Holy Breakfast, And Paris Hilton He Is The Author Of Guided By Voices A Brief History Twenty One Years Of Hunting Accidents In The Forests Of Rock N Roll Grove,He Lives In Los Angeles

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    nce kitaba yap lan yorumlar okudum o u olumsuz y ndeydi Buna ra men ald m kitab Her insana ait olan duygular, i sesler ve sa r hayatlar n konu ald bu kitaptan bu kadar etkilenece imi tahmin etmezdim A k as bende herkes gibi bu kitab Kurt Cobain i daha iyi tan mak ve intihar sebebine giden yolu bulmak i in almad m da de il Fakat s rf Kurt Cobain ile kalmay p ba ka hayatlar n, suskun ama l k atan bedenleri tan mama sebep oldu Kimi sayfalar g zlerim dolarak okudum, kimi sayfalar s r tarak. Bu hayat n d zenine yeter demek i in Yahut bunu ba aramay p i mek i in En az ndan unutarak Bunlarla birlikte arad m cevab da buldum Kurt u biz ld rd k

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    Give this book a chance It s pretty interesting Unlike this review.

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    What an odd, beautiful book, the guy at the Mercer Street Books counter remarked when I bought it I should mention that I bought this book after I d already read half of it, in a copy I borrowed from the library When it became clear that I was dogearing too many favorite pages to return it in good faith, I figured I d better buy my own It s one of the most haunting things I ve read lately, haunting in a good way, like a foggy nightI m not sure how to sum it up, except that it s sort of an angular, Nabokovian tale of, well, 1990s alt rock And yet it s not as pretentious as that soundsI m not doing too good a job of selling this, am I Well, look, if you ve ever been in a band, or in a bar, or had friends in bands, or in bars, you might enjoy this book If you find yourself still prowling the used record CD bins in search of that perfect sound, you might enjoy this book It s a hell of a thing, and I dug it intensely And I m not just saying that because its author was in G B V , either.

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    Ben Kurt e a m Cidden Ke in teki olmas na ra men filozof Kitab n sonunu pek anlamad m ama Fiat Lux denen k z n Courtney Love oldu unu d n yorum Belki de de ildir bilmiyorum Zaten nemi de yok.

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    early nineties era guilty pleasure.

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    Strange and broken Dreamlike in many ways, yet constantly searching for a hint of some truth, whether rooted in actual fact, or in what the narrator perceives as fact There is the cliched sense of writing towards a universal truth from the point of view of the truly mundane At approximately 330 pages, it s a slightly over written, and Greer sometimes waxes poetic far too much in character monologues that don t seem entirely real However, I liked the book, and I think it was well put together and the right intention was present when building it But the idea of this book is, in my mind, far better then the execution of it I think the same story could have been told in less than 200 pages.

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    I really dont think I liked this book But then I remind myself about the pages with Kurt in it and then I say Oh..Okay then But then I remember the fucking , idiotic ending and I think We should burn this book Yeah anyways this wasn t a great book.It was an average book and finished it in an average time.Dont want to think about this book any.Everytime I think about or see this book my reaction will bi Ugh

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    1913 selinde ok fazla insan n ne kadar do ru oldu unu bilmiyorum ama benim ya mda ok ta fark etmiyor ld n sanm yorum Daha ok mala zarar getiren bir felaket ya da Tanr n n lanetiydi Tanr n n b ylesi bir iddet eylemine giri mesi anla l r gibi de il nsanlar yeterince y k c zaten, d ar dan yard ma ihtiya lar yook Ya ad m s re boyunca d nyadaki mezarlar iki kat na karacak kadar ok zarar verdik N kte yap yorum Kendim n ktelere kapt rmamal y m

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    i had serious doubts before reading this book,since it is about Kurt Cobain so it was hard for me to get into the book ,at first but as i read i was attached to it and i find it pretty interesting.it worths every minute of your reading.i love this book and i highly recommend it to people who love Kurt Cobain.

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    I struggled to get through this book for quite some time, but pressed on because the author is a very lovely person whom I had the pleasure of meeting It s a very interesting book, but moves a bit slowly at times I enjoyed the grungy, 90 s setting and characters, and enjoyed the feeling of watching the character s lives unfold and fall apart respectively.

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