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The Brimstone Wedding summary The Brimstone Wedding, series The Brimstone Wedding, book The Brimstone Wedding, pdf The Brimstone Wedding, The Brimstone Wedding 987979d6d4 Jenny S Marriage Is Loveless, And She Is Having An Affair She Works At An Old People S Home, Where She Is Especially Fond Of Stella, A Gracious, Dignified Woman Dying Of Cancer Whose Own Secrets Parallel Jenny S With The Difference That She May Have Been Involved In Murdering Her Lover S HusbandBoth A Finely Crafted Mystery And A Disturbingly Honest Depiction Of The Kinship Between Love And Madness, The Brimstone Wedding Tells An Unsettling Story About The Power And The Poison Of Love

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    You can t go wrong with Ruth Rendell The late great Baroness Rendell has left behind a hugely impressive body of work when it comes to psychological thrillers Barbara Vine is slightly trickier Rendell has used that pseudonym for her serious, dramatic work and some of the books lack the delicious dynamic of her other ones This one was definitely a winner, though A story about affairs, specifically affairs of married individuals, different players, different timelines, invariably well mannered individuals doing terrible things politely the British way , various, variously devastating results After all, building one s happiness on unhappiness of others is a tricky business This book has all the standard Rendellian propsstrong atmospheric writing, terrific attention to details, meticulously rendered psychological states, even a body or twoand as a bonus features notably likeable characters not all, of course, this isn t Downton Abbey It isn t always the case, the author s known for some genuinely abysmal amoral scum of main players, but here, refreshingly so, it isn t the case You ll actually care about them Lovely read and a delight for any fan of dark psychological fiction Strongly recommended.

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    There is something very addictive about this story of love affairs and bad marriages set in the past and the present Vine certainly knows how to keep her reader interested even as she slowly feeds out plot details and that reader begins to see the inevitable conclusion Stella is a 70 year old woman who has come to a residence home to die, having late stage cancer She forms a bond with Jenny who she calls Genevieve, who is her caregiver, or carer as they are called.The two form a bond, both having gaps in their lives, and through that bond we learn of Stells s past and Jenny s presence in her unhappy marriage This is a suspense novel, as all of Vine s seem to be The reader is led on a twisted path to find the truth Highly recommended.

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    They say when you fall off a horse you should get right back in the saddle and having crashed prematurely from A Dark Adapted Eye I m glad I followed this advice.I have been seeking to understand the nature of Barbara Vine and my conclusion is less gritty and literary than Ruth Rendell writing in her own name Notwithstanding, in The Brimstone Wedding she delivers a page turner through the simple device of hope, and demonstrates that suspense is by no means dependent upon the ever present threat of harm.Indeed, the theme is one of romance, as the love lives unfold of lower class care worker Genevieve and in a clever time warped parallel her elderly upper class female charge, Stella But, almost unnoticed, as the twin strands of the tale slowly entwine, and their differences narrow, a creeping sense of unease begins to cast a shadow over events past and present.The drama at the heart of the story the mystery, if you will is also twofold So that Genevieve can be with her lover, Ned, will respective spouses move aside And just how did Stella apparently achieve the same outcome with her forsaken childhood sweetheart The delicious sense of impending d j vu is enhanced as Stella encourages Genevieve to use for her trysts a house about which nobody knows The isolated property stands frozen in time its walls surely guarding some dark secret.The multi layered plot is most ingenious, and even has room for one remarkable twist at its very end The first person narrative shifts with great skill from one protagonist to the other, sensitive to their divergent intellectual capabilities and social s And there are not too many characters, for an altogether comfortable ride

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    What makes ordinary people do creepy, psychologically disturbing things, and then retreat to a life of the ordinary, covering up the events of their past Jenny works at a retirement home and becomes close to Stella, one of the patients They both have their secrets, and this brings them closer as they reveal to the other Jenny is just beginning her secret life, but dreams of being close to the unordinary, in touch with superstition and the macabre In the unfolding events of the story she loses this particular yen, accepting the mundane even she becomes ill at ease with the events of her life.Stella s past is the kicker As she little by little explains her secrets to Jenny, we see how an ordinary person can get swept up in larger events and things can turn ugly in a moment s notice.And love is the key to both of these stories, illicit love with men already married, promises that are made, but with little intention from the beginning of being kept And the hurt that results makes the subsequent events inevitable.It s great Gothic stuff, complete with a spooky old house in the country where much of both stories is set.

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    I only picked this book up at my local library because the book by another V writer wasn t where it was supposed to be Then I saw this fat book with Vine s name on it and I had to read it Glad I did.The story of two women, one a caretaker at a nursing home, the other an older woman dying of cancer They become than caregiver resident as they talk about their lives, loves, and what might have been, finally moving on to something even worse what was The minute detail of this book kept me going going going Even something as small as two women sharing tea and watching butterflies in a garden can take on immense significance in a book by Ms Vine Also known as Ruth Rendell This is a paragraph rich book, with excellent and never wasted dialogue in between Set in the English countryside of winding, hedge bordered roads, fields of cows and flowers, and small houses set here and there, it was a wonderful, breath taking read I almost knew what it was all about until I didn t.It s one of those books hard to describe, actually, as its two main characters are women one approaching middle age and the other well past it, but it just sweeps on and on and I wished it was still sweeping One of those books I hated to see end.Five stars.

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    I am loss for words at the moment as I try conclude this book for a review Right now I just want to savor what I just read.First of all I love the title Very fitting after learning the meaning of it.Secondly, I love how the author took her time presenting the stories especially with two women whose lives seem somewhat similar.Third of all, I m very well pleased how well it was written in order to bring English county, characters and etc come alive and vividly I also love how the author was able to do the past and present without losing me I m surprised the reviewers were saying the story could have been fast paced or shorter The purpose is seeing through those ladies perspectives It wasn t supposed to be a story to be solved it was a tragic secret which needed to be confessed to someone before she died This is the first book I ve read by this author If she writes this well, then I look forward to reading her other books.

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    It s official now Ruth Rendell is now one of my very favorite authors At first blush, the premise of this story is a bit hokey THE BRIMSTONE WEDDING is about a seemingly reserved and proper housewife, Stella Newland, who begins to confide in her carer, Geneieve Warner, about her secrets They are both women of secrets Stella s 30 year old love affair and Geneieve s brand new one Stella reminsence of the past, however, isn t all roses she hints that she knows about the disappearance of Gild Brent, a hasbeen movie star from British war films of the 40s The heart of this book can be summed up by a simple line Love justifies everything This story is really about how far people will go for love.Other than Rendell s astute observations on love, I must say she knows how to write old people Stella is one of the most remarkable characters I ve seen in a mystery novel She is a perfect example of an otherwise normal individual with morals and education who gets entangled in a bloody situation Unlike the other Rendell novels I ve read, Stella is the furthest thing from creepy She s that nice next door neighbor who finds herself in a horrible situation and makes a decision based on love and well, I ll let you find out Moreoever, Rendell s handy trick of mixing retrospective and contemporaneous storytelling is amazingly effective here Reading the parallels between Stella s and Geneieve s lives is startlingly moving This is a lyrical, engrossing, and atmospheric mystery for anyone who likes to think about the mystery of the soul rather than psychopaths.

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    Barbara Vine and alter ego Ruth Rendell often starts her books at the end It s a brilliant device in her hands, making her novels whydunits rather then whodunits The dark stories become darker as the narrative unfolds.My favorite Rendell opening line, from A Judgement in Stone, is Eunice Parchman killed the Coverdale family because she could not read or write There s the ending, right there But as you read on, not only do you have even questions Why is she going to kill them Why all of them And what does it have to do with reading or writing , but the sense of doom in knowing that the whole family is going to die is pervasive The Brimstone Wedding doesn t quite give away the ending at the beginning, but the hints are far from subtle It does become pretty obvious pretty early on that someone was murdered, and it s fairly obvious who, and it s not a hard guess as to why But there s the genius of Vine Rendell it s in racing to the end to see if you re right And there s always enough gruesome detail to make it really worth your while to get there and see how it all went down.There s a moment in this book when I honestly felt gut punched It may be for personal reasons that made me identify strongly with one of the women, but it s testament to the world she creates I was emotionally invested enough to feel physical pain This isn t Vine s best it s a little simpler than some of the others, but it s solid The Wexford mysteries excepted While well written, they usually follow a traditional forward moving storyline.

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    I never write reviews but this book sucked I read it because I was out of books and it came up on an list for the week or month s lower priced books for my Kindle The summary seemed interesting enough but the book was written in such a confusing way There are 2 points of view throughout the story Stella and Jenny Normally, that s not a problem in a book if its made clear when the POV is changing but with this book, I found myself rereading sections because I d realize that I had been envisioning the wrong person as the narrator It s not hard to stick a name at the beginning of a POV change as a new chapter I had an easier time understanding The Time Traveler s Wife with its changing timeframe and older younger version of the same character overlapping The summary suggests that there is a surprising plot twist at the end The surprise ending was so lame and so short that I read over it without even realizing what it was partly because I thought the wrong person was talking I was hoping the book would get better when this big finale came but it was a dud and was why I ultimately gave this book 1 star No redeeming qualities Womp.

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    Vine Rendell at her very best Unputdownable.

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