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No Shame, No Fear files No Shame, No Fear, read online No Shame, No Fear, free No Shame, No Fear, free No Shame, No Fear, No Shame, No Fear 7c7875d75 A Young Quaker Girl And The Son Of A Wealthy Merchant Face Intolerance And Persecution In This Gripping Historical Novel That Evokes The Passion And Idealism Of Young Love Don T Cry We Won T Be Parted I Promise It Is , And England Is Reeling From The Aftereffects Of Civil War, With Its Clashes Of Faith And Culture Susanna, A Young Quaker Girl, Leaves Her Family To Become A Servant In Town Seventeen Year Old Will Returns Home After Completing His Studies To Begin An Apprenticeship Arranged By His Wealthy Father Susanna And Will Meet And Fall In Love, But Can Their Bond Survive No Matter What Theirs Is A Story That Speaks Across The Centuries, Telling Of Love And The Fight To Stay True To What Is Most Important, In Spite Of Parents, Society, And Even The Law

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    After seeing this in the Friends House bookshop, and in Meeting House libraries, for years I finally decided to borrow it from my Meeting House library I m looking forward to reading Forged in the Fire, the next book in the series, which I can also borrow from the MH library I was also pleased to discover that there s a 3rd book in the series due out next month Serendipity.I believe this is the 1662 law mentioned in the book, if you wish to read it If you search the same site for quaker 1662 you also come up with a lot of other historical references and reports that may be of interest.I found it to be a good blend of fictional story and Quaker history, although I would like to know about Quakers in Shropshire in the 1660s 1662 being a mere 10 years after the official founding of Quakerism I wasn t quite convinced by the fact that they met in a public room in an ale house, as most Quakers of that time were still meeting in private houses, fields, or barns such as how the Eaton Bellamy Meeting is described , but I guess this was used as a storytelling device so that their Meetings could be broken up publicly and forcibly and therefore dramatically Nor was I sure that there would have been quite so many Quakers in the area at that time, but I have no knowledge of Quaker history in Shropshire for that time so I trust the author did her research.There was lots of Quaker history to like though The mention of Elders which did exist then, although not in a formalised way as they do now , the descriptions of plain speech and dress, and the wonderful explanations of hat customs and oath taking Overall I thought the Quaker aspect was well researched and well presented.Looking forward to the next book This has also made me keen to track down fiction featuring Quakers to read I ll have to see what else I can find in Meeting House libraries

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    He s not for thee, Susanna Thorn s mother tells her after she looks back at the handsome young man who made sure little Deb was unhurt after a fall on the road But Susanna cannot keep his kind action and pleasing countenance from her head, even though he is clearly not a Friend And William s thoughts, as it turns out, keep turning to the fascinating, pretty maid whose gaze lingers with him still, though she is a Quaker What a surprise for both Will and Susanna when they happen upon each other again at a Quaker meeting at the Seven Stars, an alehouse in Hemsbury The bookshop where Su has begun work makes for a convenient meeting place, and the two fall quickly and deeply in love But troubles arise in the town new laws are passed which make it illegal for Quakers to meet, and prejudice against Susanna s faith grows stronger Meanwhile, Will s father, a wealthy merchant, is much against his son finally showing his long time interest in a different faith With such strains added to William and Su s relationship, will the words Susanna s mother spoke be proven true or utterly wrong The issues of family, faith, and feelings that this exceptionally engaging book deal with make this love story one that can be enjoyed for the good writing and depth alone Find out of if true love really does exist for Susanna and William in Forged in the Fire.

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    England, 1662, at the beginning of the Quaker prosecution 15 year old Susanna Thorn decides she s old enough to get a job in town in order to support her Quaker family 17 year old William has just returned from Oxford, and his rags to riches father is encouraging him to be apprenticed to a good connection in London Their paths cross accidentally one day in the middle of the road, and their lives are changed forever.William finds himself inexplicably drawn to Susanna and her Quaker tradition He begins to attend these illegal Quaker gatherings with the full knowledge that if his father finds out he will have a heart attack and probably disown his only son Meanwhile, the prosecution of the Quakers is hitting Susanna hard, hurting those she loves, and she fears for her beloved William s life.William and Susanna s relationship is a love that by all means should not occur, and yet with true love, they just might be able to make it out alright Their story is sweet and full of the tense detail of excellent historical fiction Anyone who likes historical fiction and a good love story should read this book.

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    The narrative is told from the perspective of Susana, a young Quaker girl who moves to the city to find work and falls in love with the son of a rich merchant The story takes place in England during the time when the Quakers were persecuted since they were regarded as heretics It is an interesting plot which presents good examples of courage and standing up for what you believe in However, as the love story between Susana and William progresses a lot of emphasis is put on the physical aspect of their relationship Maybe they don t go all the way, but there are a couple of scenes that are too descriptive for the young audience the book targets.

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    England in 1662 is a country struggling with the aftermath of a civil war Susanna is a fifteen year old Quaker girl who has left her country home to become a servant in the city Seventeen year old Will, who comes from a wealthy family, has finished his studies and has now come to the same city as Susanna to begin his apprenticeship When Will and Susanna meet, they fall in love But they are of completely different social classes and religions, and there are many obstacles standing in their way Meanwhile, persecution of the Quakers is increasing, and Susanna begins to fear for her safety and that of her friends and family Can Will and Susanna find a way to be together, or will they be kept apart by the society they live in This book was a wonderful historical romance for teens I particularly enjoyed reading about this historical setting, which the author brought to life in detail, because I have not read many books set in this time period I truly enjoyed reading about Will and Susanna and their struggle to be together I highly recommend this book to teen readers who enjoy historical fiction.

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    No Shame, no Fear, is a poignant and sensitive account of the persecution of Quakers in the 17th century in the early years of Charles II reign 15 year old Quaker Susanna goes to work as a servant in the home of a Quaker woman who runs a print shop Will the son of a wealthy local man, converts to Quakerism a faith he has found himself interested in for some time The two young people are from different worlds, and life is anything but easy for Quakers at this time, frequently arrested and attacked for their beliefs and way of life Yet Will and Susanna are determined to follow their hearts and stand up for their faith I found the details of the lives and beliefs of Quakers to be fascinating, and, it is what made me want to read this book in the first place Very enjoyable read, not too heavy and the historical details seemed well done too.

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    Historical fiction, detailing events that occurred between the Quakers and the authorities Church of England during the 1622 on It s interesting to learn some of the events that may have taken place, however, the characters don t really develop until the very end This makes for a story that is mediocre at times The love story aspect is fun at the beginning, but starts to lull and doesn t really drive the story line like it could A better book giving information on the religious persecution people went through during this time period is Exiled the true story of John Lathrop.

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    I didn t know anything about Quakers other than what I d picked up reading about other stuff, mostly the Underground Railroad so that I didn t know they were persecuted It s a very good book, not as depressing as most British kids lit, and it made me want to research about Quakers during the 00s, and how they were persecuted I mean really was it that bad Seems to me it s like killing Canadians, or hunting baby geese, but obviously someone felt threatened Dumbasses.

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    About 16th c Quakers in England, and the persecution they endured My favorite historical fiction novel EVER, maybe, since I don t read that many of them , possibly because it also has a great romance The sequel is good, but not as good as this one.

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    I liked this book and will probably read the sequel but it lacked a little in plot development I could relate to the quakers and their convictions through persecution though.

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