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  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Grasshopper
  • Barbara Vine
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9780375726507

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    Grasshopper is a thrilling crime story, but what really makes it stand out is its peculiar yet engaging Pylon , a small yet enigmatic setting explored by a girl and her friends.

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    As is usually my custom, I will not write a synopsis of this book It is easily found elsewhere To classify this book as a mystery, is somewhat of a misnomer, but there are some elements which suit this label Briefly, the title, Grasshopper refers to the pylons, the structures which support the electric wires in an area Early in the narrative the main character, Clodagh,as a young teen and her friends found their excitement in climbing these frameworks As she grew older, she moved to London, where she and a group of aimless individuals spent much time climbing the rooftops of the areas around them I have read several Rendell Vine novels and have always felt admiration for her astute ability to pinpoint the large and small foibles of human behavior Her writing is clear, beautifully descriptive and generally involves some suspense This was a rather long, meandering book, which generally held my interest, but it lacked much of the tension and appeal that I have found in others My rating of 3 stars denotes, of course, that I liked it.

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    My first book by this author, and it s already on my favorite authors shelf Really enjoyed it Terrific characterization and I love her psychological insights I fell in love with the protagonist right away and had to learn about her The story shifts from present to the past and there is so much foreshadowing that just tantalizes you all the way through She even leaves a few questions in your mind that are never resolved I really enjoyed it and I only dock a star because I felt the plot was a bit farfetched at times Just a bit too neat here and there But I ve already checked out other books and audiobooks by this author, and I m glad she has quite a long book list Re the audio performance by Jenny Sterlin I really loved it, but I do like my audiobooks a bit on the slow side She is a wonderful reader and does the different voices convincingly and IMO uses pauses effectively Her reading made a really fine book that much better I m looking forward to From Doon With Death, which is Ruth Rendell s first installment in the Inspector Wexford series Not sure why she used a pseudonym and I do find it interesting that both authors names are probably equally well known I was sucked in from the start with Doon, and I think the audio will be enjoyable for that one as well Different reader, but he made a good first impression.

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    Anyone seeing my praise and high ratings for other Vine novels will no doubt be surprised at this book s two star rating quite simply, it s my least favorite Vine, period I was not enad of it when I first read it upon publication which involved putting it down and picking it up again several times over the course of at least a couple of months , and I remain so to this day although I did finally get through GRASSHOPPER, it s the only Vine novel that has defeated me on attempts to re read it, and I ve tried twice getting halfway through on one attempt.Why attempt to re read a book I didn t like the first time Because with Vine I ve found that sometimes a book that didn t quite get me the first time is much satisfying the second time around this was the case with KING SOLOMON S CARPET, for instance.But, alas, there is nothing in GRASSHOPPER for me to like not plot, not characters, not situations, other than the fact that it s by Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine otherwise it wouldn t even get its two star status.But, considering that this is for me the only out and out disappointment in an output that comprises some 58 novels with a 59th on the way , that s saying a lot for the quality of Ruth Rendell s work.

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    I read this book when it first came out, and had forgotten how amazing it is smart and moving and mysterious and strange in the best possible way I suppose it is a mystery, but only in the quirky way that all Barbara Vine s books are mysteries not traditional, but deeply compelling This one involves claustrophobia, adoption, love, electricity, the architecture of London, roof walking, kidnapping, betrayal and the plot is so bizarre, in some ways, that describing it would make it sound completely unbelievable, and awful as well But Barbara Vine s genius well, one aspect of it involves throwing all those things into the mix and making it seem true and real and geniunely moving I particularly love the two main characters in this book, who are young and vulnerable and trying hard to figure things out And I love the way that, even on the level of individual sentences, there s beauty here, and so much intelligence, so much tender attention to the world pretty unusual qualities in a mystery really, unusual in a book of any genre.

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    This seemed a much lengthier read than the actual 400 and something page count would have me believe It might be that picking it up and putting it down for about three months isn t the best way to read it but it did seem to drag Altogether too much foreshadowing of the if only I d known then what I know now type which rather than heightening the suspense leads you to not be surprised by many of the events in the book

    I m making it sound like I hated it which I didn t It was a much interesting, unputdownable, book in the last hundred pages than it was in the lead up and I enjoyed seeing all the various threads intertwine and play out Just too much set up for not enough pay off in the end though

    The main spinal theme of the books is scaling heights but the recurring theme of relationships, especially those between parents and children, is absorbing on the whole The thing about heights gets your attention but I felt it diverted me from the real matter of the story Clodagh Brown is the narrator telling the story about eleven years after the events happen when she was 19, mainly when her and her friends lived in Maida Vale and took to gallavanting around the local rooftops I think it s the looking back narration style that really annoyed me since she s looking back she can hide things from the reader but it didn t feel artfully enough done I don t mind being able to guess the ending but there seemed to be too little that I couldn t guess at here

    I love many of Barbara Vine s books but other are just eh for me This was one of the second type

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    Grasshopper was, I think, less dark than other Barbara Vines I ve read, perhaps because it was clear from the outset that the ending would be a mostly happy one The ending doesn t tie up all the loose ends, though, which is good It definitely kept me turning the pages and, when I got to the last page, I experienced that little pang of sadness that you do when you ve become attached to the characters in a book and you have to let them go That kind of surprised me because none of the characters were particularly likable But I suppose that was precisely it their unpleasant qualities made them seem like real human beings and I got used to them being around.

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    I didn t plan to read this book, but once I opened it and read the first 2 to 3 pages, I knew I was trapped A very well written book, with a really attractive style The writer doesn t keep you waiting for the next event, doesn t bore you with unnecessary details Instead, there are always hints to the next events, which make you want to know , and to continue reading There are always small details that will trigger your imagination Its a story about Clodagh, written by her, in a form of Diary, told after 11 years of the events that happened The only thing I disliked is Silver That character seems really unrealistic 1 I doubt someone will accept half a dozen of people living in his house without paying rent, with all the problems they caused him.2 Why would an event that he can t remember, that happened when he was 3 years old, affect him so much Why would he spend that much on strangers Other than that, the whole story was one of the best I ve read It tackles many psychological problems, how would our childhood affect us and dictate the way we act later in life, how we can always have another chance I d definitely recommend it, and I m excited to read stories written by the same writer.

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    Opening with a secret and a compelling and unexplained claustraphobia sounds like a great start, but unfortuneatly for me, it never really progressed from there My main problem with this book was I really disliked the heroine, whom I presume we were supposed to empathise and sympathise with After she is blamed by her parents for the death of her friend in a climbing a pylon accident pylons being the grasshoppers of the title Clodagh goes to London, where she gets her kicks climbing on rooftops and hanging around with the odd folk that Vine enjoys creating Their exploits include attempted murder, robbery, agoraphobia, suicide and child abduction However, Clodagh herself never seems to get any personality of her own, her only interesting element is relating what is going on around her Well written, but essentially dull and soon to be forgotten.

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    I have all of Barbara Vine s previous novels on my bookshelf and retread them periodically Normally I am pleasantly creeped out by Vine s work but not this one Mi found it plodding Too much run up and foreshadowing and not a strong enough resolution Back to the drawing board Barbara Ruth

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Grasshoppercharacters Grasshopper, audiobook Grasshopper, files book Grasshopper, today Grasshopper, Grasshopper 244e1 They Have Sent Me Here Because Of What Happened On The Pylon When Clodagh Brown Writes These Words At The Age Of Nineteen, She Believes That She Is Leaving Behind The Traumatic Events Of Her Youth But Clodagh Soon Learns That You Can Never Entirely Escape Your PastIn The Aftermath Of The Incident On The Pylon One Of The Great Electrified Structures That Dot The English Countryside Like So Many Gargantuan Grasshoppers Clodagh Goes Off To University, Moves Into A Basement Flat Arranged By Her Unsympathetic Family, And Finds Freedom Trekking Across London S Rooftops With A Gang Of Neighborhood Misfits As She Begins A Thrilling Relationship With A Fellow Climber, However, Both Clodagh And The Reader Are Haunted By The Memory Of The Pylon And Of The Terrible Thing That Happened There And By The Eerie Sense That Another Tragedy Is Just A Footfall Away

About the Author: Barbara Vine

Ruth Rendell.Rendell created a third strand of writing with the publication of A Dark Adapted Eye under her pseudonym Barbara Vine in 1986 Books such as King Solomon s Carpet, A Fatal Inversion and Anna s Book original UK title Asta s Book inhabit the same territory as her psychological crime novels while they further develop themes of family misunderstandings and the side effects of secrets kept and crimes done Rendell is famous for her elegant prose and sharp insights into the human mind, as well as her ability to create cogent plots and characters Rendell has also injected the social changes of the last 40 years into her work, bringing awareness to such issues as domestic violence and the change in the status of women.