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Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) summary Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) , series Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) , book Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) , pdf Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) , Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert #1) 44996cd300 A Homicide Detective S Violent Family History Repeats Itself In Charts And Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Melinda Leigh S Novel Of Murder, Secrets, And RetributionFor Than Twenty Five Years, Philadelphia Homicide Detective Bree Taggert Has Tucked Away The Nightmarish Childhood Memories Of Her Parents Murder Suicide Until Her Younger Sister, Erin, Is Killed In A Crime That Echoes That Tragic Night Innocent Witnesses And A Stormy Marriage That Ended In Gunfire There S Just One Chilling Difference Erin S Husband, Justin, Has VanishedBree Knows How Explosive The Line Between Love And Hate Can Be, Yet The Evidence Against Her Troubled Brother In Law Isn T Adding Up Teaming Up With Justin S Old Friend, Former Sheriff S Investigator And K Handler Matt Flynn, Bree Vows To Uncover The Secrets Of Her Sister S Life And Death, As She Promised Erin S Children But As Her Investigation Unfolds, The Danger Hits Close To Home Once Again, Bree S Family Is Caught In A Death Grip And This Time, It Could Be Fatal For Her

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    Melinda Leigh has topped herself and goes to the top of my must read author list CROSS HER HEART is everything I love in a thriller, and Bree Taggert is everything I love in a heroine READ THIS BOOK You won t be able to put it down Review to come

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review.So I really liked this first book though I think that things got a bit too convoluted towards the end I will definitely read the next book though because I like how Melinda Leigh set this up and I adored the characters of Bree and her partner from the Philadelphia police, Dana I was okay about Mike the other lead I guess you could say but not that focused on him while reading this Cross Her Heart starts with a bang Bree Taggert grabs and hides her little sister Erin and and her baby brother Adam when their father starts hitting their mother In one dark moment though both parents are lost to Bree We fast forward decades later with Bree dealing with a stake out with her partner Dana We know that Bree lost her parents and due to that it has left her feeling shy about romantic relationships She also doesn t have the closest relationship with her siblings either When Bree gets a call that something has happened to her sister, she s thrown about the fallout and wants to do what s necessary to figure out who is behind it.Leigh also shows us the third person POV of Matt Flynn Matt is best friend s with Erin s husband, who has gone missing after Erin s murder Matt previously worked as a K 9 unit with the sheriff s department before something happened that had him leaving I really liked Bree She is very good at her job and it shows in this when she starts investigating her sister s death I also was relieved there wasn t any big romantic things with Matt in this first book Obviously Leigh is setting it up this way, but to me this book read thriller suspense Some authors I have found have a hard time balancing romantic suspense in their books I thought the other characters like Dana were great and I look forward to reading about the sheriff department characters and the town.

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    Melinda Leigh s an old hand at this by now writing taut and tight thrillers, I mean With cleverly plotted, smartly paced narratives that scarcely let you blink, the new Bree Taggert series following the Morgan Dane one which I loved is promising to be a good one, particularly if you re into the suspense than the romance Bree Taggert s never really far from her violent past, but history seems to repeat itself in her sister s murder, bringing her back to a place where she finds herself saddled with new responsibilities while dealing with fresh grief Former investigator Matt Flynn helps her to unravel what happened that night, though it s not one that s easily undertaken both for Bree and the reader Carnage, gore, complex characters, shady motivations and convincing legalese do make Cross Her Heart an intriguing read from the start and it s one that s solid Heavy topics are par for the course death, guilt, murder and Leigh cover this well and with sensitivity There are tangents and off shoots as Leigh pulls secondary characters under the microscope and hints that anyone might be a suspect as we re taken on a winding journey of unravelling what seems like a domestic dispute case of a spouse killing his wife But the overall murder plot is a little bizarre when all s revealed, admittedly, as though it s something that you merely give a side eye to when you re finally introduced to a pivotal turn of events, then are left incredulous when it finally untangles in front of your eyes There s strong friendship here, mature protagonists and barely a hint of romance, but if I know Leigh s writing style, this is merely a slow burn, with a deliberate and understandably, appropriate build that will continue over the rest of the series It s a solid introduction however, to a couple that will just grow stronger over the next few books and I for one, can t wait ARC by the publisher via Netgalley

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    An already favorite author introduced a new series set in the same universe as her Scarlett Falls trilogy and her Morgan Dane series I was eager to encounter the new character, Bree Taggert, homicide detective in Philly and the dark murder that brought her home after so many years.It was fantastic from beginning to end I ll return closer to the release date to share a detailed review.I rec d this book from Net Galley to read in exchange for an honest review.My thanks to Anne Books Are My Heart blog for doing a COYER Winter Friends Buddy Read with me and giving this one 4.5 stars with me It was fun to swap opinions and share our guesses and the exciting moments Linky 24

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    A good suspense is always one of my favorite genres I didn t read any novels before from this author, but I heard about her And I m very glad that I got the arc from netgalley, I really liked the story Bree Taggert is the heroine that I want to read in suspense novels She s smart, strong and good in her job Her childhood was hard, and now she is in that town again Her sister Erin is dead and she will do anything to find her killer and be with her children I liked the writing I liked both hero and heroine, they are really a good match I will wait for the next book This could be the one of my favorite romantic suspense series.

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    One of my favorite female mystery writers is Melinda Leigh, so when I saw her latest for review on Netgalley, I jumped at the chance to read it The only thing I have to say which was a personal thing was I didn t like the surname Taggart as after watching a few TV shows including Eureka Taggart seems like an old person name, though as she is a Detective it does work as often than not cops are called by their surname alone so in that aspect it did work Cross Her Heart is the first book in a new series by Melinda Leigh which introduces us to Bree Taggart and her siblings The story starts when they are young children and tragedy happens to their parents, it then jumps about twenty years and Bree is now a Homicide Detective and is semi estranged from her brother Adam and her sister Erin who still live in their hometown The book moves from the past into the present when Bree gets a missed call and voicemail from Erin it sounds like she s in trouble She tries calling but no answer, eventually she feels the need to visit her hometown She arrives sadly in time to learn her sister has been killed and that they are looking at her current husband Justin Justin s best friend Matt doesn t believe he would harm Erin and as the new Police Department is a little short staffed and not exploring all options we read as Bree and Matt pair up to solve the crime of who killed Erin and where Justin is I did like the support that Bree had with her friend and police partner Dana and did wonder if there was some underlying possible romance as they give off this lesbian vibe but then we see her chemistry with Matt which chucks that theory out the window Anywho, looking for a new female mystery writer to sink your teeth into Then check out Melinda Leigh and her array of series as you will not be disappointed.

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    What a great start to a promisingly addictive series Ms Leigh has crafted the main character of Bree Taggert so deftly that the reader will immediately connect and become involved in both her struggles and her strengths She is heart breakingly sympathetic and admirably resilient The possible love interest of Matt Flynn is also a masterful move His character compliments the tortured and closed Bree in all the perfect ways paving the way for fabulous future possibilities, both personally and professionally The murder mystery aspect is also neatly done, as the reader follows each step, question, possibility and frustration the characters experience The final conflict was the only small drawback It was hard to really buy into the villain and the extreme response he or she had can t give anything away Without delving into that character , it is impossible to truly understand and believe the actions Still, it keeps readers on their toes and turning those pages And, once that last page is turned, looking anxiously forward to of Bree, Matt and their world

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    A new series that kicks off with homicide detective Bree Taggert s world being turned upside down another violent death of a family member similar to the one that shattered her world as a child Three children were left orphaned when their father murdered their mother in front of them and then killed himself after The oldest left the small town of Grey s Hollow and became a homicide detective in Philadelphia The younger sister and brother were raised Greys Hollow and never left When Bree gets a frantic call from her sister in fear for her life she drops everything and races back to the town with horrible memories only to be to late when it turns out her sister was murdered leaving her own two children without a mother As this is the first book of a new series somethings are on a fast track the murder and investigation and some on a slow track the romance between Bree and former K9 investigator Matt Flynn who happens to be the best friend of Bree s sister husband who is missing and suspected as her killer I enjoyed all the characters family we were introduced to over the course of the book and think the author has another winner on her hands with his series Looking forward to the next in the series.

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    Loved it Definitely reminds me of the Morgan Dane series Bree, Matt and Dana are going to make a great team Everyone needs a Dana in their life She is a great friend to Bree, wonderful with the kids, makes amazing food and was willing to drive with a howling cat for five hours Lance Kruger even makes a very brief appearance Many twists and turns I wasn t sure who killed Erin Erin didn t have the best judgement with men, so her exes were on the top of my suspect list Loved Vader, Ladybug and Brody When the truth comes out about Erin s killer and the reasons behind everything, it felt a little rushed with everything coming out at once It was not what I was expecting I like not being able to guess the entire plot from the very beginning So excited for the next book in the series Definitely recommend the book This was a great mystery thriller Loved the story, characters and writing style I can t wait to find out what is next in store for Bree Taggert Look forward to reading books by the author.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Montlake Romance through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review4.5 stars.A gripping introduction to a new series, with fabulous characters A romantic suspense story featuring a strong, compassionate heroine, Cross her Heart , by Melinda Leigh Montlake Romance , shows how facing grief and loss can be the path to healing and making peace with one s tragic past.Bree Taggert and her family, including close friend Dana, are such relatable, lovable characters Despite her resilience, Bree has doubts and flaws and Leigh s talent shows it, for example, with the heroine s fear of dogs.More than the thriller plot, with merits of its own, Cross her Heart presents a cast of complex characters and relationships that readers can relate to.The romance is still beginning, but it s lovely to have a wounded hero so honorable, supportive and understanding That the slightly Viking like hero, Matt, is attracted to Bree and still so loyal to his childhood fried only adds to his strong personality.I can t wait for the second installment and to know about these characters and the family s present and past history, because there were some exciting questions left answered in this story.

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