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A Good Day for Salad pdf A Good Day for Salad, ebook A Good Day for Salad, epub A Good Day for Salad, doc A Good Day for Salad, e-pub A Good Day for Salad, A Good Day for Salad a04f63783c8 Once Upon A Time, Salad Meant Lettuce, Tomato, And Cucumber Covered In Thousand Island Dressing Today Its Succulent Fish, Seasoned Meat, Crispy Tofu, Herb Pasta, And Anything Else You Want To Toss Together In A Saladlike Way In A Good Day For Salad, Jeannette Ferrary And Louise Fiszer Get Creative, Offering An Intriguing Array Of Starter Salads, Dinner Salads, Party Salads, Picnic Salads, And Dessert Salads, As Well As Classics And Ingenious New Takes On Old Favorites Here Are Salads To Delight The Gourmand, The Health Nut, The Dieter, The Vegetarian, Hurriers, Worriers, And Even People Who Hate To Cook Complete With Helpful Cooking Tips And Entertaining Anecdotes, A Good Day For Salad Is A Celebration Of The Contemporary Salad And A Tasty Answer To Just About Any Mealtime Dilemma

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    As a librarian I have an opportunity to peruse a great number of books both fiction and nonfiction and one of my favorites areas of our library collection is the 641.5 s Being somewhat of a recipe collector, I find that when paging through a cookbook, looking at recipes which do not require a wide array of unusual ingredients on hand makes the recipes in the book a little appealing This book has a nice variety of easy to assemble yet tasty combination s of salads that are quick and easy to prepare, and who doesn t love quick and easy Favorite recipes in this book are the Caesar and Waldorf Salads on p 82 83 This book is aptly titled.

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    I found only a few recipes I liked, but then, I m a very picky eater What I really liked was the history of salad, and the fun descriptions and historical facts about some of the salads in the book My mother in law would love this book I had fun flipping through it, and I m looking forward to trying a few of the recipes.

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    With the amount of mayonnaise and meats most of these recipes call for, the salads are not necessarily vegetarian or healthy Also, as someone who is so bad at making salads, these all seemed a little intimidating I think I need an even basic salad book to start with.

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