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The Meaning of Revelation txt The Meaning of Revelation , text ebook The Meaning of Revelation , adobe reader The Meaning of Revelation , chapter 2 The Meaning of Revelation , The Meaning of Revelation f1e7c6 This Reissue Of A Twentieth Century Classic By H Richard Niebuhr Emphasizes An Understanding Of God S Revelation That Takes Seriously Both The Bible Itself And Modern Ideas About The Nature Of History The Book Argues That God S Revelation Is Confessional History The Source And Setting Of Basic Christian Convictions Lie Within A Historical Framework By His Focus On Revelation As Personal Experience, Niebuhr Served As The Igniting Force For Views Of Future Theological Movements That Are Still Prevalent Than Forty Years After His Death First Published In , This Masterful Work Is Now Enhanced With A New Introduction By Douglas F Ottati, Which Sets Niebuhr S Work In The Context Of His Other Writings And Explores The Significance Of This BookThe Library Of Theological Ethics Series Focuses On What It Means To Think Theologically And Ethically It Presents A Selection Of Important And Otherwise Unavailable Texts In Easily Accessible Form Volumes In This Series Will Enable Sustained Dialogue With Predecessors Though Reflection On Classic Works In The Field

About the Author: H. Richard Niebuhr

Helmut Richard Niebuhr was one of the most important Christian theological ethicists in 20th century America, most known for his 1951 book Christ and Culture and his posthumously published book The Responsible Self The younger brother of theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Richard Niebuhr taught for several decades at Yale Divinity School His theology together with that of his colleague at Yale, Hans

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    Changed my mind in the sense of renovated my mind when I read it in class with Jerome Soneson, a great teacher at the University of Northern Iowa.

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    Fantastic and absolutely critical source for the subject of the meaning of revelation Niebuhr provides a broad overview of the relevant issues, and provides a concise argument for how revelation must be perceived in order to apply both to historical event and ongoing human experience He argues for revelation as a distinctly Christian idea anchored in a distinct and specific Christian history Although this Revelation, as the divine revealing of God Himself, is evident in the world around us, it can only be truly understood within repentance and forgiveness conversion In this sense, in the act of forgiveness and repentance we come to understand what we remember and remember what we have forgotten , the continual action of revelation in its essence He discusses the relevance of internal and external history, the internal being the focus of revelation as the recognition that a historical event Jesus Christ resulted in the changed lives of the person who encountered the external act in a physical sense He sees this as common practice in the application of any historical event in which ideas and realities that apply personally do not demand one to have direct, physical interaction with author of an idea The Church through the ages need not be witness of a physical event in order to encounter this internal history Further, he suggests that this internal history is not bound by or interpreted through an individual but rather through a community, and community by nature is unified by a common memory shaped by a historical action This leads one to understand the nature of self as revealed only through an other , which in the definition of the Church is Christ Himself who came to reveal the Father Therefore revelation is the revealing of God Himself so that in Him we can understand the self We can only understand and recall the story of the Christian life on a personal level by analyzing what Christians see from their limited point of view in history and faith , and in so doing come to know what revelation ought to mean for all men, everywhere and at all times The challenge for Niebuhr I think remains in applying this to the ongoing function of community as the expression of the divine revealing in individuals He has a passion to see a unified body, as it is only in the unified body that we can understand the nature of the divine But a unified body has through all of history found resistance in ongoing human experience He sets what I believe is the right track in suggesting that we cannot understand Christian thought in the great men and women of faith by seeing their interpretation of revelation in the influence of the great men women who came before them the adoption of John Wesley by Anglicans and the adoption of Calvin by Zwingli for example Ultimately all must be traced back to the person and action of Jesus Christ as a historical and revelatory external event that shaped the inner history of those who encountered it But the difficult assertion is showing this in practical and historical example The farther removed we get from a historical event the difficult it is to navigate the nature of divine revelation and it s impending impact on the community of the Church Niebuhr maintains the a discussion of revelation may be one of the most important discussions regarding the Christian faith He speaks of the challenges posed by the modern intellectualism and rationalism, but also contends that rationalism in itself is entirely limited He also speaks of the ongoing movement and perspective of conversion to which revelation plays a key role in defining emphasis between faith and works His mantra unfolds as one which proclaims our past is our present , the foundation upon which he looks to see the challenge of rationalism and experiential or religiousity faith It is an admirable notion indeed, even if it faces some great challenges Highly recommended read.

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    A small but incredibly valuable volume for those convinced that narrative is the key for how we understand ourselves and the Bible Also a provides helpful reflection of the many discontents that have continued to beset Christian thought both Liberal Conservative since the rise of modern biblical theological scholarship I heartily recommend it.

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    A layered read with roots for pacifism and radical social justice Also a wonderful read for putting oneself to sleep If you re like me, you ll need to read it at least 3 times before you have any idea what Mr Niebuhr is trying to say But it s worth it.

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    Focuses on the problem of relativism in religious knowledge This will challenge all that you think you know A must read.

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    Quite a good read a little dense a little dated The last chapter was the best of all.

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    This is a useful book and one of my favorites from my seminary reading list.

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    An amazing book that discusses what revelation is for the Christian community today.

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